$750 PURE PERFORMANCE Gaming PC Build Guide

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Once again, the “aesthetics over everything” channel has to ignore all of our instincts and focus purely on the performance for this $750 build. No extra bells and whistles this time!

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CPU: https://geni.us/BgcprJ0
Mobo: https://geni.us/RgaiPi
RAM: https://geni.us/4G0Ljc1
GPU: https://geni.us/J6fZ9H
SSD: https://geni.us/Qwu9z
PSU: https://geni.us/52hWF
Case: https://geni.us/Lvc1nB
Cooler: https://geni.us/TP29

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
2:12 Parts List
8:50 Benchmarks
11:32 Conclusion

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  1. @ZachsTechTurf

    Special thanks again to Ugreen NASync for sponsoring today's video. Be sure to check them out for all your cloud storage needs!
    ► Ugreen NASync Private Cloud Storage Solution

    ► Ugreen NASync DXP4800 Plus:
    ► Up to 35% OFF during Mar 28-May 9

  2. @Bambus48

    When pc building Poland is like a debuff. Here that gpu costs 2100pln which is 525$

  3. @MrSamadolfo

    🙂 i dont like oem coolers and i dont like that case everything else is passable, Happy Easter 😇🙏🙏

  4. Zach, I can't find a concise answer on this, is PBO worth enabling on AMD CPUs?

  5. @unclem4626

    Nice pc! Tight look! But those cable extensions look so much better on that gpu.

  6. @VSPC

    Zach, why do you always use B450 motherboards when there are tests on YouTube showing that a B550 motherboard significantly boosts PC performance?

  7. @facelessuser0

    please help my sister if you can. we need 4000 dollars for her surgery because she is disabled
    here's my trust wallet TSK5PR6nfXhjHGbQXND8jWpJeB5pf2u6Y8
    USDT TRS20

  8. @SaturnWurm

    but isn't the performance loss too big if you use a pcie 4.0 graphics card with a pcie 3.0 board? wouldnt it be better to buy a cheaper card or can you ignore it and eventually upgrade the board later?

  9. @Genix5389

    in india the build you told is going for 1,139$

  10. @pauloazuela8488

    Now that in amazon that gpu is 399 usd makes the build completely around 750 usd budget

  11. @VIKHR9x39

    man the cheapest 7700 xt where i live 600 dollars

  12. @peta4635

    440 not the 550? why? did you flash the bios? how ? not many explain

  13. @samedagoat6034

    If anyone anyone wants a good deal for AN RX 6400 I’m selling mine on Facebook marketplace

  14. When do your drops happen? On the first at midnight or when? Looking to pick one up

  15. @KLO.-._.00000

    What RTX recommendation can i use to swap that RX7700 XT i want to use RTX

  16. @endless2035

    My pc keeps turning off when playing games and beeps on start up can anybody help me please ?

  17. @Moe-hs1yo

    this is kind of insane to see I built my first ever pc less than 2 weeks ago for about 1200 bucks and this build seems pretty similar. I used THE EXACT SAME GPU it's absolutely amazing I do have an upgrade on every other aspect. 7700x nzxt h6 flow 32 gigs ddr5 and a 2tb ssd. this kinda makes me pissed thinking I overspent at the same time I'm very happy with my build and it looks amazing, one thing to note i spent more but will have way more years of upgradability in the future so maybe worth.

  18. Can you help me? I am getting less than 57 fps in this game, and I have rx 7800 xt. Saphire pure edition is my card. That to 1440p. I have i7 12700k

  19. Want to buy my first gaming PC. A friend wants to sell me his rtx 4060 ti ryzen 5600 setup for $900. Do you think that's a good price or can I get something better for about the same budget maybe a little more. He's used it for a bit so it's all set up with Windows and everything.

  20. @Abyss-Will

    Hey Zach or anyone else, I have a question.
    I have a B660M Aourus Pro motherboard and I've just noticed there's a white light coming from behind the heatsink that's under the ram, I've no idea if it has always been there or if it has just activated.
    I've noticed that in the promotional pictures the motherboard has an orange glow there so Could it be a decorative led?? or is it indicating something???
    If it's just decorative then how can I change it's colour???
    Using my case's button to change it's lights has no effect on it, neither does using Icue to change my RAM's colour.

  21. @cianbreslin2195

    What is the difference in ram. i tryed to swap some ram from my dell to my lenovo and it dident fit i was just wondering what should i be looking for

  22. @Bill_v1

    Had to go to Amazon, NewEgg, and Walmart to get the items listed in your build. Even doing that, at least one item was backordered. Price came to $824 (Amazon wants to charge $7 shipping, no one else does). Maybe this video drove the prices up a bit.
    Btw: For a non-esthetic build, it looks good.

  23. The Helldiver's and Starfield benchmarks aren't accurate since they show that the games are being used with a RX 5700XT and not the RX 7700XT

  24. I was at wallyworld today and they had SSDs on clearance, sadly it was limited to 1 per person, i snagged a 1tb WD sn570 blue for 32$ really wish i i coulda gotten more

  25. @barney2159

    Just curious, are these prices before or after tax? Cuz the same build costs like 950 in my country (with tax)

  26. @darkslope_

    If you really wanted to you could probably squeeze in a Ryzen 5 7500F it was on sale on Ali for $110 recently

  27. @solarbeast1415

    Hey Zach, can you make a video about making custom PCs for people as a side job? Its something I want to do but I don't know where to start.

  28. @shrimppimp4509

    Don't you love it a day or 2 later these items are now 900$+, making this video age like milk

  29. @a2kaliance

    Bought a 12600k w msi rtx for 750 msi 690p -a motherboard 265 average fps mw3 160 plus warzone

  30. @thinhtran4653

    For me, the ryzen 7500F B650M 6650 XT (scatter volt reference) offers more upgradability, not to sure about you cutting corner on the PSU and motherboard is a good idea.

  31. @flumby6918

    Could you do a pure performance PC build with a Ryzen 5 1600?

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