8 Easter Eggs in Recent Games That Seemed IMPOSSIBLE

The bar has been raised for hidden Easter Eggs in video games.
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0:00 intro
0:13 Number 8
1:47 Number 7
3:15 Number 6
4:32 Number 5
6:07 Number 4
7:14 Number 3
8:41 Number 2
9:49 Number 1


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  1. Tyler Arriola

    Why even add saints row to this list if the Easter egg was never even found? Lol

  2. MtT EXg

    Again with this Hitman cat Easter egg… Are content creators paid to include this one on every list?

  3. Professor X

    I love easter eggs whether they make sense or not. My favourite Easter Egg hunter is a guy called Captain Eggcellent. Well worth checking his stuff out if you love EE's and great game details. Him and gameranx are the only youtube channels I need for my gaming information.

    Oh and before anyone thinks I'm trying to advertise him, he doesn't need my help he already has over 800,000 subs and has been around for years.

  4. Dub It Loud !

    8:36 Is a "batman" suit or something who like a batman suit ?
    Maybe you have to wear this in pink ( "bring a bat" i think it's something like a batman suit or tool )
    Or maybe there is some real bats in the game ? ( animals , you have to bring here )

  5. Man "impossible" easter eggs? And you start with playing a star wars song on bells? Only reason I'd need a guide for that is because I'm nof musically inclined and won't get the order right despite knowing exactly what to do.

  6. i have a theory that we get the same titan fall easter egg mentioned again and again because falcon is actually like 4 different people, and each one is putting it into a video for the first time.

    his voice has changed again in this video

  7. NyteMyre

    0:13 – Goat Simulator 3 – Imperial Mausoleum

    1:47 – Titan Fall 2 – Time Cop

    3:15 – The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – Dark Souls easter egg

    4:32 – Vampire Survivors – Missingno

    6:07 – Hitman 3- Giant cat statue

    7:14 – Saints Row – Monolith riddle

    8:41 – Bayonetta 3 – Secret chapter

    9:49 – Dying Light 2 – Doom easter egg

  8. shanky

    Video idea. Top <x> games where you can pet animals. The likes of Far Cry Primal where you can pet your animal companion and Ghost of Tsushima where you can pet cats, monkeys, deers, etc. on Iki Island.

  9. AlphaXiro

    Vampire survivors was the easiest one to find. WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT LMFAO. Like that was my first secret character. πŸ€ͺ

  10. PandaSteak Media

    You know what game had some ridiculous easter eggs. Battlefield, they were super hard to do usually took multiple people. Some took hundreds of hours to figure out then hundreds more to accomplish.

  11. Playz

    Every call of duty zombies Easter egg is hard to complete

  12. panther

    I could have got the time cop Easter just had to spam for a little longer (was trying to see if I could phase/glitch through the wall)

  13. AntiAntagonist

    The Saint's Row pillar may actually be a reference to a real pillar that was found in the Utah desert and subsequently disappeared (steel colored, like Saint's Row; 2001 had a black slab). There's a wiki page for it: "Utah monolith"

  14. Indra D.

    Ugh the Imperial March easter egg was so cool until they had to shove "pride" in it. Ruined the game for me. Not gonna buy.

  15. Connor Donahue

    The goat simulator one I got totally by accident πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. ForFun

    missingno. = missing number
    why do people read no. as No its abbreviation for number right ?

  17. StlBluesE_W_G89

    Got a cold, Falcon? Voice sounds kinda rough. If so, get feeling better.

  18. LunarJellyfish

    I hate easter eggs like the one in Titanfall 2. The ones where it wants you to do some inane action x amount of times. Especially when there's no indication or hint that tells you you need to do it. You already defied common sense by jumping into the fire and switching to the past, why would you then need to switch 88 times?? Just have them do it once or twice. Easter eggs should be hidden and found using ingenuity, not spamming an input over and over.

    Easter eggs like the ones in Dying Light or Stanley's Parable are very good examples of easter eggs.

  19. dread speaks

    The titanfall 2 Easter egg has been known about for a very long time.

  20. William T.

    Is that… Falcon? You sound different. Got a cold?

  21. JackTradesman

    Imperial March is part of a song from 100 years ago that's been used hundreds of times, "Your Woman" by White Town and "Love Again" by Dua Lupa also use it. Also, I wonder if doing a Star Wars Easter Egg is a throwback to "Star Wars Kid" showing off his lightsaber moves in Tony Hawk (am I thinking the right game?).

  22. D. A. B.

    Oh no I hope you don't have bird flu. You sound a bit sick mate. Can a bird catch human stuff ?

  23. FAHJA17

    I just wanted to say thank you guys for always making such entertaining content. I've been suffering with severe depression for a long time now and watching your videos everyday helps me a lot ❀

  24. Now I wanna buy goat simulator just for that imperial March Easter egg XD. Like not kidding, as soon as I head Falcon say play the march, the song started playing in my head! (Often enterchanges with the godzilla theme). And absolutely wild there was a star wars Easter egg hidden in a doom Easter egg

  25. Sidhe Draoi

    You sound a bit off in this one, like with a cold. I hope you get better soon Falcon! Thanks for the vid!

  26. George Jung

    dude are you sick or something? get some rest man hahaha

  27. Koyrion

    How many videos do you guys make in a day?

  28. Quikiki

    The goat simulator one wasnt exactly hard if you know the imperial march

  29. Moextrippy

    Bro can we talk about cyberpunk I'm on PS4 and I hate to say it I love the game but plz let me just complete 1 mission without no lag nothin maybe just but damn just let me play the game I'm so excited but for what like the story is so good besides the part when I die because I'm a robot everywhere just let me play not older games have this many bugs it makes me sad

  30. Foxracing89

    Pressing the button 88 times, a nod to Back to the Future and 88 miles per hour. Hope you feel better soon Falcon!πŸ’«πŸ’š

  31. An Insane Moose

    Really? People had trouble with the Goat Sim one?

    The hints towards the imperial march are so obvious, and its such a recognizable song

    I was watching a YouTuber play it, and I knew what you had to do right away, as soon as I saw "Imperial" "Force" and "March" I was like "play the imperial march"

  32. bimotional

    The goat simulator one is easy ??? I did it first try how tf do you mess it up lmao

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