You are currently viewing 8 Tools to Delete Files Permanently in Windows 10

8 Tools to Delete Files Permanently in Windows 10

8 Tools to Delete Files Permanently in Windows 10

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If you want to securely delete or erase files or folder in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 I will show you how.

There are a number of different software that you can use to delete data and make it impossible to recover that data.

Links to software on how to securely delete files in Windows 10 Trash (Recycle Bin) in Windows

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    Is it possible to recover data after this deletion process? Please confirm?

  2. old 0uys channel

    Thanks for all the file shredders (data explorers i guess..) You deserve a subscribe! 😀

  3. Ccleaner is the most amazing tool in order to clean cache, temporary files etc, however if you just want to delete your files permanently then you just need 2 keys from the keyboard i.e: shift + del

  4. McLovin

    Can i delete permanently regeneratable files aswell?

  5. Banana

    I used tweaknow and it’s just what I was looking for simple and easy thank you

  6. Vertix

    What happens if i delete the files that are in the recycle bin

  7. BitsOfTruth

    This really does take a long long time in Power Shell. Is there a way I can specify only one file in Recycle Bin? If so how? Example $Recycle.BinMyInfo.txt. Because it seems to be wiping previous deleted files as well. Thanks.

  8. smg347

    Please help me, I downloaded a file and it's an exe file and it shows up in my programs and wont delete, even thought I already tried to delete it.

  9. ImKeys

    Bro wtf I’m not going to download bullshit I wanna delete stuff

  10. Anon

    just to be sure: I will use 3 of these programms, and let them do the 35 pass deletion.

  11. Brieanna

    File Shredder WORKS. i have a 1TB HDD that i used for windows and games but i upgraded to an SSD and couldn't delete my old windows 7 files. thank you. just make sure you run as Administrator.

  12. Thatssometea

    THANK YOU RECYCLE BIN ONE IS AMAZING you have a new sub ily (lol i deleted 32 gb)

  13. Tony

    I don't understand why multiple passes are needed to erase the files. I use AOMEI partition to completely wipe out some unallocated space which used to be my Linux dual boot. I have set 1 pass and I have set it to turn all data to zeroes. Isn't this enough to permanently remove all the data in the partition? Also what do I gain by having the wiped space be assigned random numbers instead of zeroes? What's the difference? In both cases its unreadable information.

  14. Tony

    Another problem I have is that, in my C drive I have deleted manually (recycle bin) all the files I didn't want. So now I can't (don't know how to) find them. What I want to do, is to take all free space in my C drive and wipe it, and leave the used space untouched. Is there a way to do just that? Or will I have to bring back the deleted files and folders and delete them using one of the methods above?

  15. eloy fn


  16. john david

    i was just about to download ccleaner but then there was a question on google saying if ccleaner was legit and it said No, it isn't. CCleaner is a Windows application, which is useful for system optimization and maintenance and unused/temporary files removal. It becomes harmful due to the malware that is hidden by hackers

  17. Carlos Rodriguez

    Bruh, WITHOUT installing 3rd party apps, I found it —> Disk Cleanup.

  18. kazem88

    CCleaner is no longer safe its been hacked in 2020

  19. nikRo

    Hey! i have ccleaner. when i check overwrite option how do i delete files? Should i do that with ccleaner for overwrite to work? or just normal deleting will work?

  20. AlexIsHere

    im using a PC ti]o watch this and i need to delete something from my files app so thx

  21. Yiaga

    why do yo make all your vids on a vm

  22. Onni Silander

    Hey i know this is an old video, but i hope u respond, i have a bidstacks file on my appdata locallow folder and it keeps re appearing , i dont know what that is or how to permanetly delete it

  23. syrai

    Two years later and im still watching this for my laptop,i love this so much and i hope you had a wonderful holiday vacation,have a nice day!

  24. Joan Giiesal

    man I've been using CCleaner for a long time, and I never knew about that secure deletion
    thank you.

  25. Lauren x

    Why is everyone here so nice? What’s going on?

  26. Marvellous Mars

    How do you further delete files on a PC? After putting files into Recycling Bin and doing a disk clean up, very little space had been freed. Files are stored on the computer even after deletion via disk clean up. So how can you access your computer and delete them again, thus freeing up more space?

  27. Jean

    Everyone is praising you but I am lost.

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