A Beginner’s Guide to WebSockets

A gentle introduction to the web-socket protocol, how it works, it’s intended usage and a number of examples where it can be used with Python and it’s popular web frameworks – topped off with a rapid demonstration of the speed and ease of which it can be implemented with Python.

Talk given by Dion Misic at PyCon Australia in August 2018.

This talks is under the creative commons license. freeCodeCamp is not associated with this talk but we are excited to bring it to a wider audience.

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  1. N

    Thx, Dion. I saved it to watch it again

  2. Bojan Istvancic

    This dude is awesome! Short and precise without needless details. The tempo of the presentation and the accent is just fantastic. 10/10
    We need more teachers like him.

  3. Carlos Eduardo

    Video: I'm Dion Misic
    What I heard: I'm doing music

    …sorry 🙁

  4. Colin Maharaj

    I am trying to convert Python to C, because python is slow for certain operations.

  5. LGEnt

    Hello, can websocket technology be used in mobile application?

  6. Mohamed Sylla

    This is language agnostic regardless of what you're working with you'll benefit from watching this amazing vid.

  7. M. Kaschi

    Perfect introduction for me. Thank you very much. Can't believe you were 18 years old when you did this.

  8. Hammad Ur Rahman

    Spent needless time on explaining HTTP, Internet Protocol, TCP/UDP. In the end time was up for important stuff for which I was watching the whole video….

  9. Mr. X

    All that work for a coffee mug…? Someone cut that kid a check ffs.

  10. Randy Tang

    Websockets seem cool but is it scalable? What tools/frameworks/technologies are now sort of obsolete with advent of websockets?

  11. aviv ran

    on time 3:30: the order of the protocols is wrong. quite embarrassing

  12. Cigomba Miler

    Thanks for this nice talk bro. This really helped me connect a lot of missing links for this chat app I'm making in flask!

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