A Better PRX For A Similar Price? – Certina DS-7 Review

In this video, I take a closer look at the intriguing new Certina DS-7 Powermatic 80, an integrated bracelet sports watch from a brand with no shortage of legitimacy in the sports watch arena.

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0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Background
2:09 – Case & Wear
3:58 – Dial
5:24 – Movement
7:19 – Final Thoughts & Who Is This Watch For?


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  1. @finesse49

    Too big for my taste. I'm still enjoying my 35mm PRX who's design I prefer, too.

  2. @Nintendo0994

    Powermatic 80 having a plastic pallet fork and other plastic components of the escapement makes this and the PRX a hard no for me unfortunately.

  3. @mancwatches

    This beats the prx for me, I recently wore the blue DS-7 for a while and loved it. Underrated.

  4. @Watchmade

    Tried the PRX and Tsuyosa. Sold them both. The 40mm & case shape was way too big for my 17,5cm. Plus this particular genre & style demands a more elegant look, that you can not provide, if you offer a bigger case design. Now I am very happy with my light blue Certina DS 7! You can click the endlinks even down and reduce the lug to lug span & the case design on the edges feels more „correct“ than on a PRX.

  5. @RudyG01

    This is Teddy's 911 video and he's gonna reach 1M in a few days, I think I know what the congratulatory gift is gonna be 🙂

  6. @apenay

    Teddy, I'm always curious about which watch you have on in each video. While stating in each video what is on wrist may not be something you want to do, I think having it in the description would be great. It'll give ppl an idea of how a particular watch wears naturally on a person with similar sized wrist. And I think ppl in general would like to know what you wear and what's in your collection. 😉 But seriously, the size for reference would be great from a zoomed out view.

  7. @jaaqqo

    Finally Certina, yes very underrated and a rare sight on watch channels. Another brand you seldom see on these videos is Eterna.

  8. @TheBoujiman

    They should release the green dial one with titanium, because the only option currently is that boring looking blue dial.

  9. @fastdays_1

    I know it costs more but the CW Twelve is still the king of integrated bracelets under 2k. Outstanding value for money, great design, amazing details, great finish overall. It gets a lot of attention on the wrist without being tacky or flashy. I own one and it's really one of my best buy recently.

  10. Does anybody know if Certina still uses that shock absorber around the movement as part of the “DS” system? I read some places they still use it, and other places they don’t use it anymore .

  11. @filipl5490

    Its quite funny because certina is very very popular here in sweden, but it is also a very popular brand in norway as well

  12. @ryancapps8958

    Any sub $5000 watch in which the user cannot regulate, is merely an upgraded Swatch. Hard pass on any Powermatic 80 movement.

  13. @IvMacCuts

    It's a nice watch but not as nice as a PRX. My personal opinion: the bezel ring is too thick, crown guards take away from the aesthetic of integrated watches, colors are fun but don't go well in this style watch and the bracelet seems underwhelming (maybe too thin on top?)

  14. @GabeFelix-uy2dt

    So regarding the esthetics, I think the bracelet in the certain is nicer the dial colors I actually like more. But the prx I just think overall, when you look at it …looks more unique

  15. @_RJ_Z

    Arent we done with these boring Genta watches yet? Come up with something new

  16. @justinseah4011

    The problem with micro brands is that in recent years its become super saturated. IMHO the watch industry is moving to a point where the premium brands will now become even more 'desirable' and 'luxurious'.

  17. @denis888red

    Good shout for anyone with a non-large budget but who wants something cool and authentic on their wrist.

  18. @voidifremoved

    The PRX is legendary. This is boring. Strictly a personal opinion, I dont own a PRX but that watch kicked off the integrated bracelet craze affordable to the common person. I also think they helped start the whole texture dial design that a lot of brands offer now with the waffle. I do hope the PRX line comes out with a higher end Powermatic 80 to eliminate the plastic parts, then I will purchase one.

  19. @Hrethgir

    Not all Powermatic 80 movements are created equal. This version in the Certina is serviceable, yes, but the version in the PRX has plastic parts and is basically non-serviceable. If it has a display caseback, you can service it. If it doesn't, it's because they don't want you to see the plastic gubbins in there.

  20. @agazindnamzo

    I copped the titanium model on Amazon for 750 it just ticks all the boxes for me and more as a titanium watch. I was almost getting a prx for a daily but this probably will satisfy me more than a tissot prx

  21. @VGMO17

    More than the PRX, it looks a lot like the Seiko SUR555

  22. @collarsncolours

    Tbh I think the dial looks too large. Would be much better with a larger bezel

  23. Not a fan of this style in general, but I always really appreciate the balanced perspective Teddy gives!

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