A Convertible GAMING Laptop! – Acer Nitro Spin 5

Dave2D review of the Acer Nitro Spin 5. The best laptop from Acer for convertible/hybrid users who want to game with a GTX 1050!
Available Here – http://amzn.to/2tP5mGw

The Nitro Spin 5 is a great laptop for college, university, or any student looking for a decent gaming laptop that has strong multimedia functionality. The convertible hinge allows this to be use for presentation and as a tablet when needed.

Music Credits: Fili – WGF

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  1. pashokk

    Seems like Dave is lucky cause my device overheats in 1 minute with throttling down i7 CPU to 0.9GHz. Thus framerate drops from 60 to 30 in Destiny 2 (

  2. Hermian official

    Dave, I have the i5 8250u version, but I'm unable to sustain 60fps on GTA V on the lowest settings, I think it's thermal throttling after 10 mins or so, what would you suggest I do?

  3. anonymous anyone

    So is the m.2 slot just for sata or can it drive a nvme drive as well?

  4. Zain Alabdly

    i want to buy an active pen for this but don't know what to buy

  5. Valentino

    Wow ist a good computer for gaming my laptop for Christmas
    Ist acer nitro 5 spin too
    But with 16gb ram
    512SSD 1T HDD
    A Intel core I7 8550U
    And gtx 1050 4gb

  6. Ben

    Do the i5 version comes with an SSD slot ?
    anyone ?

  7. Sultan Ushery

    Douse anyone know the perfect laptop for gaming drawing and making beats

  8. Cl6ck

    one thing i dont like is the glossy screen its like a mirror

  9. Mischa Angst

    Red is perfect, don't tell your color preferences as it would be a measurement for good taste. I think your strange.

  10. evan nisan

    Dear friend which one do you think is the best 2 in 1 laptop for gaming

  11. Evan r

    I am getting something little more cheaper

  12. Evan r

    The Lenovo yoga 530 2in1 laptop

  13. Irsh_official

    Is it worth buying now at half of the price
    Please let me know

  14. Just Bean

    The reason for the hinges being so stiff is so they last longer so if it gets looser it’s still fine

  15. Anna Zemanová

    So good so far lnfo.help/AcerSpin?х love this 2 in 1 for great deal Excellent Specs. Really putting it through the test and passing with flying colors…startup and restart time less than 5 seconds, does not overheat or have fan noise, backlit keyboard awesome, crisp HD display touch screen with bonus night light, tablet mode great for reading on Amazon App and battery life 8-10 hours. Delete bloatware without any problem but lots of space for my use. Had been searching for good 2 in 1 for last 6 months and this Acer Spin 5 fit the bill for quality and price.

  16. F.B.I

    I wish the update this but blue

  17. sanjID

    Wow you thinks $900+ is not that much.


  18. Ben Bateman

    How well would this laptop run rocket league also very helpful thank you

  19. Asuzen Fonas

    if I had loads of money, I'd buy this just to have this cool looking gaming laptop.

  20. Clistzツ

    Thanks for the computer idea! I have a similar devise and did the computer thing.

  21. THE DUDE

    question is there like a newer model of this(tats just has more preformance not anything crazy just a bit more preformance)

  22. alice rose

    Nice videos Dave. Scared to watch it "convertible" – i had an acer touch screen laptop (ACER NB SP3-I5-8265U). Whenever I open the screen, there is a huge gap that formed between the base & screen. This foldable laptop is not supposed to be used a it is made for. i don't recommend acer foldable/convertible laptops, very bad quality and their customer service don't respond.

  23. Jason David

    I'm looking forward to the 2021
    Acer spin 3 and spin 5 sounds amazing for creators digital artists and light gaming.
    Didn't realise they did a nitro spin
    Think if they did a 13 or 15 inch version with better cpu and gpu dedicated graphics will there qhd screens that would tick all my boxes
    And I would definitely get one.
    Hope they do a 2021 spin nitro! 😜

  24. cool monkey

    plz help 😭
    can we change the resolution to 4K in nvidia dsr 🙄

  25. Hassaan Mian

    Hi Dave, i know is a really old video of yours. but could ou suggest the best budget 2 in 1 laptop focused towards creators (video editing) we can buy these days?

  26. Brandon

    3 years later, im still waiting for the next generation, i think they'll never continue it

  27. Goat

    Is this laptop discontinued? Someone please reply

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