A GENIUS Way to use ChatGPT for Presentations!

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The hardest part of creating #presentations from scratch is the initial brainstorming phase so in this video let’s go over how to use #ChatGPT to structure a strong presentation outline in minutes!

We’ll use a topic one of you submitted a month ago to show this method works for any type of presentation and we’ll even go over how to use ChatGPT to write Google Apps Scripts for automatic slide generation in Google Slides.

00:00 Life-Changing ChatGPT tip for Google Slides
00:35 Craft a Presentation Outline with ChatGPT
03:16 Use ChatGPT to Generate Google Apps Script
05:14 Import Theme and Apply Layouts
06:38 Pro Tip

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I’m Jeff, a tech professional trying to figure life out. What I do end up figuring out, I share!

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  1. @nikkig1146

    Thanks for the new video, Jeff! Love your enthusiasm, knowledge, and video editing skills. I'm also curious how AI will assist in website building. Perhaps an idea for a future video could be how to use AI to make your own website/portfolio.

  2. @ilyasstazi

    Thank you Jeff, for everything. You are amazing😎.
    Your editing style is magical and smooth. Please make a video about it.

  3. @charananala616

    Jeff I'm getting SCQA framework for each and every slide. Even if paste the same prompt without edit, its not getting right.
    What should I do?

  4. Jeff, can you do a video on how to create a script to generate Google Slides from Google Sheets? I have been trying to figure out how to do this for years with no success.

  5. @UlMik94

    Hi Jeff, I ran into the error while trying to run the script in the editor but even following the instructions ChatGPT isn't able to give me the right script

  6. Your videos are very informative and crisp. It would be great if you could create a video demonstrating data analysis using CSV or XLS files with the help of Chat GPT or Gemini. I am aware that you have a similar video involving Google Drive. However, I am referring to a video where you upload files and then ask questions to extract valuable insights from the data analysis.

  7. @manosioa

    Great and very helpful content as always 🎉

  8. Yes to covering Perplexity AI – maybe content covering some of the key differences between it and ChatGPT, some potential use cases in the workplace, for personal projects, or just using it for plain, fun learning 🙂

  9. @karim-G

    AI still can't create presentations. Stop forcing it

  10. @MayChen0413

    Hey Jeff! Thanks for sharing the “error” that sometimes occurs with ChatGPT codes and how to troubleshoot them. That’s actually super helpful! And also, I’m interested in trying Perplexity and seeing how it compares to Consensus (what I currently use).

    PS. You do have a really nice smile 😊

  11. @mohibquadri4053

    Jeff as you've said in job search shorts – Extra mile is never crowded ! So how to learn and do it effectively any book recommendations that teaches to stand out from the rest of competition..

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