You are currently viewing A GOOD $600 Gaming Laptop! FINALLY!!!

A GOOD $600 Gaming Laptop! FINALLY!!!

Dave2D review of the Acer Aspire 5 with the Nvidia GT 1030 / MX150 GPU. A cheap Gaming Laptop!
Acer Aspire 5 –

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  1. Dave2D

    This laptop impressed the hell out of me. $600 for ~60 FPS in modern AAA titles. Thanks for watching 2d fam =)

  2. DHANJI.

    Does anyone know if you would need to buy a cable to install a secondary HDD. I just opened my a515-51G up to install an HDD and there is not connector cable in there. Please help please.

  3. Martin Milata

    I have this laptop with i5 8250U and it is locked at 1600mhz in every game with high performance power option. Only solution to this problem is Throttlestop. Even Intel XTU can't help. Does anyone knows why is this happening?

  4. Harvey brooks

    I am getting the 17.3 version with the i5 8250u, mx150 2gb gddr5, 8gb ddr4 and 1tb hdd. I am going to put a old 128gb ssd into it. but idk if someone can help me to see if it is m.2 capable? mz-mpa0320/0h1

  5. venom 12

    Make a review on acer nitro 5 2020 version

  6. Derek Williams

    I like it鍵 The screen is fantastic and it was packaged securely. I love the keyboards and it lights up when you type. My 9 year old Toshiba died last week and I needed a new laptop pronto. Glad that I bought this. I also like that you can upgrade your ram down the line. Although 4 GB is fine for me because I don't play games. I only use it surfing the internet, home schooling for now will buy a Chromebook soon and shopping. So it fits my need. Also it was easy to switch out of the s mode to windows 10 home.

  7. christian

    Don’t waste money on it, buy Acer nitro 5 instead for same price !

  8. moshi

    what are the specs of this one?

  9. anton

    fuck you @dave2d this laptop is fucking dogshit. the keyboard just breaks after short use and the performance just fucking plunges. i saved up for 3 years and in the end i get this useless shit what a waste of money fuck you for recommending it. it just overheats above 100° and you say temps are okay what a fucking joke you are

  10. giorgi jugheli

    I'll brobably get the
    The core i5 10500 if I'm not wrong with the Mx 250 GPU

  11. ahmed tharwat

    if you want to buy Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop, 15.6 inches Full HD IPS Display, AMD Ryzen 3 3200U, Vega 3 Graphics, 4GB DDR4, 128GB SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Windows 10 in S Mode, A515-43-R19L,Silver

    from amazon
    with only 470 $
    click the link :

  12. Jade

    I’m getting mine tomorrow!

  13. tomas Svantner

    I have it but for some reason it runs Minecraft on 6fps so pls I need help why

  14. BH Ark

    I found this laptop for about 400 dollars I'm planning on buying it soon.

  15. selim faggal

    the laptop just got an update and has a intel 10th gen so it will have better performance and better battery life for the same price

  16. Ritzzy

    I'm planning on getting a acer aspire 7 with 16gb ram amd ryzen 5 3000 series and gtx 1650 it should last me 3-5 years easily as I'm gonna be playing midrange type of games

    Why am I confident? Well my old shitty laptop still works ok after 6 years and that was between low end and midrange @ the time.


    I watched this video and bought it. 3 years with this thing and i am very happy with it, yes display and build quality isn't great but provides vey good value for money and runs most of the heavy games at 40 – 60 fps 👍❤️

  18. Nino

    I own this laptop for about 2,5 years now, and it still works well for everything I throw at it (games, photo and video editing) The battery is still good and replacement batteries are easy to find (no need for one yet) I will probably add a 16GB ram to make it 20GB since I use Adobe After Effects regularly (20GB is the max the laptop can have). Gaming seems to be similar to Xbox One S from my experience (GTA 5 framerate feels almost the same, if you play with low settings it's much better than the Xbox, playing games like Minecraft, CSGO, LoL and many other is a good experience. I think that if you find it second hand for a good price, it's still worth it. EDIT: The trackpad and keyboard also holds up well, the screen is OK but better than worse.

  19. SolarSophie

    I use a Dell Inspiron 15 3501.
    I just got it a week ago and the performance has been really nice for both school and light tasks like chatting with friends. The fans can get a little loud sometimes but since I have a cooling stand it helps it multi-task more. Although the laptop came with the headphone jacked bugged I fixed it recently and it's been really good. it's also around 650$ and i think it's great for some light use.

  20. Santhosh Mane

    If anyone reading my comment then ill keep it short, never buy acer – i own this laptop and using it for a while now and its garbage, although it comes with sufficient graphic card and ram still you cant play games in 30fps or resolution 1020×960. if you even put YouTube video to 4k then fan start spinning, and the noise my god. its gets heated up so fast if you are keeping on your lap or on your chest while sleeping then you are done. so big no.

  21. KaWaaiiD

    I have a acer aspire 7.I got it at 500$ brand new.It got amd ryzen5 5500u gtx 1650 8 gb ram 512 ssd and i tell you its a beast.Add 8gb ram more then it becomes a monster.Buy if you wanna huy a cheap gaming laptop.

  22. Noah

    Aaaaaa this thing is almost 1000 US dollars in the UK

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