A month with the Apple Watch – My 4 week “review”

My 4 week experience with the apple watch.
Thoughts on things I liked and disliked. Enjoy!
Is this thing worth the $350?
Vector file: http://www.filedropper.com/watches

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Raneen Agbariah

    It's the first video I watched for you and I subscribed at 1:06 hhhhh your really nice

  2. Tech Labs

    You couldn't buy yourself an apple watch for the review?really strange,you have more than 120 k subs

  3. Dmitriy Burykin

    I guess my comment is a bit not objective in some things due to the fact that watchOS 2 has brought some improvements…but anyway…

    I use apple watch for already 6 month and have to disagree with almost everything which is said in this video. I had experience with android wear and I must tell you that apple watch in connection with iPhone and Mac is a way better than android abilities.
    Handoff function works great and very intuitive between watch, iPhone and Mac.
    Stability of iOS is better than android.
    If you consider apple watch as a toy from the beginning, you definitely think about very personal watch face (especially such as "hello kitty"), then it is not your choice…but if you plan to use it for sufficient things in your everyday working and sport life, you will find something convenient from the watch faces and adjustments offered by apple.
    Apple watch fitness abilities. it's not a secret that there are also many useful 3rd party fitness apps that work great with apple watch. Also I would like to add – I use my apple watch for swimming. And it works fine. This I cannot tell about any of android wear devices.
    Charging moments. This is ridiculous to hear again and again. Excuse me, but if you are rich enough to buy 400$ watch, I guess you can find additional 30$ to buy good armoured case and good docking station. This is what I have done and I find no inconvenience to just place my watch in the dock every evening having "night stand" function on the watch and my AW is safe from possible accidental damages with armoured case.
    P.S. I have sport version of AW myself. I do not consider more expensive versions at least for two reasons:
    1) silicon band is better for work and sport style (including swimming) together.
    2) sapphire glass on expensive versions makes the screen blind when it catches sun beams. Though, normal glass on sport version doesn't have this issue.
    I'm not Apple fan. I use iOS, Android, OS X, Windows at the same time. I only tell you what brings positiveness from devices I use for everyday life.

    AW is not a toy. It shouldn't be and hopefully with all further updates it will convince more people that it is not.

    Peace! 😉

  4. Sean O

    I love when I stumble across a new channel and it's awesome! Sub.

  5. Fang Xu

    You don't get to customize it, that's just Apple. iPhone has never been 'personal' and its closed system makes it today. I believe that is the major difference between Android and iOS. Am I right?

  6. Rovic Art

    Best review so far.. Thanks. Your videos are very helpful, detailed, and your helping people to be an intelligent buyer. a big thumbs up for you Sir. D2D = one of the most trusted channels on youtube.

  7. Umar Ahmad

    The 6 pins at the bottom are for employees to check

  8. Tori Scherle

    Just wondering what were those headphones and are they good?

  9. Good reviews better than told, Austin Evans,MBKHD,unbox therapy, uraverage whatever it is and also Linus tech tips. Your reviews are so relaxing. Your reviews are worth above 4m subscribers.

  10. Kelly Renee

    Something I think this is good for, is when it isn't practical to have your phone out. At work, we technically aren't allowed to have our phones out, and sometimes its nice to be able to check my notifications without getting side tracked on social media

  11. Akash Agrawal

    "This is not a review". Goes on to review the apple watch.

    That said, it was one of the better reviews. Even if it was a not-a-review review. Dunno why I watched this in October of 2016 (watch series 2 is out) but still…

  12. A.

    "Like a shameful amount of hours…" is how I major any tasks I manage to get done lol

  13. Lord AT

    The secret port is actually there in case their is a serious problem with your ⌚️ and when you take it to apple they have a cord they plug into it to find out what's wrong with it.

  14. Bubbles

    That is so fake the watch is so fake

  15. Hahahhaha! "…a shameful number of hours working on this thing…" I totally understand the feeling when you invest far too much of your time into a project, but hey – you saw it through to the end. I really enjoyed the video Dave thanks.

  16. Davin Pom

    Hello Dave, what software do you use to make the victor graphics watch?

  17. Dr. Drey

    Dave’s got some jokes tho 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Lewis W.

    Dave Lee, have you considered doing another review on the newest Apple Watch?

  19. Collector

    I'm eating two bananas at the same time😂😂

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