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A Movie Theater in a CAN!

Dave2D review of the Anker Nebula Capsule. An impressive mini projector the size of a Coke can!
Nebula Capsule –
Mini SNES –

The Nebula Capsule mini projector has a built in 360 degrees speaker, a screen that can comfortable scale up to 100 inches and the battery lasts around 4 hours. You can control the Nebula Capsule with your smartphone but it works perfectly fine without one connected. Pair this mini projector with a mini SNES for an awesome retro gaming experience!

Music Credits:
Fili – Day Dream

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  1. Dave2D

    IMO – The only mini – projector worth spending money on. This thing is ripe.
    Thanks for watching!

  2. BB Cute

    Would consider it if it’s not so expensive.

  3. Mr P

    lol 350 bucks. no thank you.

  4. godiegogo_88

    Everyone complaining of the price probably spend 2-3x on their phone every 1-2 years

  5. boog_masskwé

    Lacking way too much in the feature-set for $350. I think this should start with this feature set for ~$100-120 and then at higher price points for better resolution and higher frame rates. That said, if price were no issue, in its current form it would be great to bring this camping or to a cottage.

  6. Studio Ethan

    "so this is a can of coke, and behind it is a can of awesomeness" nervously giggles like he just got divorced and is going through a mid-life crise

  7. carlos oliveira

    For $350 you could buy a cheap 60" 1080p TV. I don't really see the utility here. If they increase the brightness so you can get a bright 80" image with 720p resolution and keep the cost under $500, then they would have something here.

  8. LovelessSauri

    How much did they pay you for the coke placement. Not terribly subtle.

  9. Reemo

    balanced….. as all things should be

  10. C Alvz

    It ain't even HD at all, that ruined it :/

  11. kostadin ruychev

    The most important info for a projector is to notify what are the ASNL lumins. To be able to watch at day time with no need to have the curtains on the brighter the picture the better. That however depends of the lumins. It doesn't matter if the projector has fulll hd or 100 inches of the screen. If the lumins are not enough for brightening you will not enjoy at all. For a disent day time picture you need at least 500 lumins. If the lumins are for example 50 or 100 the picture will be good enough for a screen of 12 to 18 inches maby. Always check the lumins when you buy projector! All the full hd performance and the inches size depends from that.

  12. Joe Shanghai

    $450 US down here in Australia! Everything is more expensive down here except wine. I got it though. I need it for work and can claim it on tax . I got it for work but find myself taking it everywhere with me. It really is good. The 480p is fine. Just like he says in the video , it’s not super crisp but it’s fine. How long til this technology is part of you phone I wonder?

  13. You basically advertised a piece of shit that is $350 yeah no it's shit mate.

  14. Adad

    Any recommendations on a budget projector for playing nintendo switch anyone?

  15. Luciano Verna

    Anyone knows how to put international firmware on it? O bought it in China and i can't use it as i want.

  16. Amir Owais

    so how can i play …lets say netflix (offline ) on my phone and project it . or say youtube …( Offline ) i tried connecting it with iphone hdmi and the sound comes but the videos dont show .

  17. MAGAir

    Based on your perceptions, I am going to try it. I need to project at least 60 in. PowerPoint and YouTube presentations to be seen by 20 people around a long table. There are no outside windows and the lights can be cut off. Hopefully, I can project onto a light beige wall at one end of the room, using my Note 9 as the source. I don't like the 480p, but you say it is Ok. I love the small size. If it proves inadequate, back it goes. Thx for the review.

  18. Deniz Narin

    Where can i find the background photo on the pc's screen? Is that from a game?

  19. iMadScience

    I starting to wonder whether if it's a paid review.

  20. Avery Flath

    Rip off I bought cheap a rca projector for gaming and it’s 480p and 60 FPS plus it’s 2000 lumens and was only 80$, anything 480p should not be above 150$

  21. Amit Saha

    @DaveLee Please can you review Nebula Capsule II ? … or even make a comparison video between the two please…

  22. johnmonk66

    I hear the new one is better. But I just ordered on of these.
    Can't have good base? I have tiny Bluetooth speakers with good base.
    The newer 200 lumen model is too expensive now, bit when it drops under 250 uses o am getting one

  23. Edwin Duarte

    Hi bro, just a question, you reckon that this one is a good option for someone that wanted play Xbox 1 or play 4 or something like that?

  24. C Tran

    3:05 i love he was streaming tmnt lmaoooo yes i'm an adult and yes i love that series it's cute af

  25. senyum0

    Dave been a subscriber. But may i ask what do you think about the other portable projector and how about the mars or the nebula 2

  26. Is there a way to link and see Facebook though it? Like if I wanted to view Facebook live videos through it? Would they play through my phone or an app built in? I sit in my back yard by fire pit and watch bands play of fb live. I usually play through my phone and my loud bluetooth speaker. I don't see anything about fb mentioned. Before I buy this thing, I want to know if there is a way to project FB live videos through it… and possibly attach to a louder bt speaker at the same time? Also, while camping and no signal can you project downloaded content from your phone to the projector? Thoughts?

  27. Mike Miller

    You mentioned it outputs 480p, but can it receive sources with higher video quality? Like if an xbox outputs 1080p, it will process that signal fine?

  28. Mk

    I'm saving up for it

  29. Shaima K

    Thanks I am waiting my order today can’t wait to try it !

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