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A Space for the Unbound is out now on Playstation!
Explore beautiful and challenging themes in a slice-of-life adventure game that tells a story about the relationship between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers.

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  1. jutazoo

    We need the name of the song from the beginning ASAP

  2. Youtube Channel

    Surprised it was made by indonesian , coz 90% of its people right now are like a drunk tiktokers that care to much about other people family issues

  3. Opulent Prophet

    Such a gifting tale full of nostalgic wonders. 3 hours in and having a blast!

  4. PunyMagus

    I love the graphics but was unsure… until I saw the OBJECTION!

  5. Kino

    kenapa gak di android sekalian

  6. Parell_INW

    a game set in the 90's…feels very nostalgic to me….❤️

  7. San - Ji

    This game making in my country hahahaha

    Surabaya city of heroes 🤣🤣

  8. edgar lawrence

    Holy moly, the studio from my country also publish this on playstation platform?!??!???
    Well, obviously cant wait to enjoy this game!!!!

  9. Kotoro Bukiya

    this game is like "life is cringe" only play it if youre a tumblr twitter warrior


    Wow.. keren sih ini, bisa masuk ranah game playstation

  11. Ozora Life

    Ga sesuai sama cover/thumbnail grafiknya, kirain kayak anime2 grafiknya ehhh

  12. DukeBIGGUMZ

    It looks interesting but from this preview I cannot figure out what is actually going on

  13. Rippley

    This looks like it would end up making me cry

  14. DynamoJoe

    A 2D Shenmue meets Earthbound with… cats.

  15. Datatsushi

    hiklop byht frt hy!!! 👌👍 Himjug trb fred lopb 😂🤣

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