You are currently viewing Acer Helios 300 Review – A Cheap Gaming Laptop with a GTX 1060!

Acer Helios 300 Review – A Cheap Gaming Laptop with a GTX 1060!

Acer Helios 300 Review from Dave2D. This is the best laptop you can get for gaming performance near $1000 but is that GTX 1060 worth it?
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  1. Dave2D

    A GTX 1060 gaming Laptop for just over a Grand. Really nice gaming performance for the money for the people who crave dat FPS. Thanks for the support 2d fam!

  2. N0KK

    What mouse do you recommend for the laptop

  3. KAZO

    Is now the Ryzen 7 3750, gtx 1660 ti better?!

  4. TheOne Gamer

    the worst leptop i buy in my life is fucking lagging the games like sheet don`t buy it !!

  5. Zaku

    What about warframe is it good on warframe

  6. Will

    I have this laptop and it good but god damn it overheats all just about all games to 95degress celsius dont buy

  7. Albert Tansil

    Hi dave..its same helios 300 with triton 300?can you compare it…which is the best betwen those laptop?thanks

  8. harrison b

    idk if anyone will see this but I found a lightly used one for 700$ usd. Is it worth it in 2020 when i could get similar for a custom desktop?

  9. horia h0r0n

    Anybody here în 2020? Today i achieved this laptop in his extraordinary form and he feels very strong built made.. Still good for 2020 this super machine? Have an i7 (7th gen) and 144mhz refresh screen

  10. Nikola Dujmovic

    If I was to sell it today after using it for two years, given the good condition, for how much could I sell it nowadays? (IE/UK)

  11. Sombre man GTA

    Pk le titre est en français et la vidéo est en englais merde

  12. Livin' to Learn

    I saw this thing and the Nitro 5 at $905 on Amazon (sale). Both of them were the i7-8750h, gtx 1050ti models with 256 gig ssd's.

    I got the Nitro 5 one day before the predator dropped down to 900 dollars too! I just decided to keep the Nitro 5 then. I'm loving it so far. A CPU undervolt helped a lot with the thermals.

  13. Juan delacruz

    I liked this laptop cause of of the price♾♾>$҆γ it wasn't the most cheap thing I could have got but ill tell you it was the bang for your bucks with a 144 hz screen. it loads my games insanely fast. I rarely experience lag or slow speed. The material is made from decent metal and decent plastic. I like the look of the red and black theme. I reckoned this gaming laptop since it was the best pc I have ever owned period.

  14. Mohammed Aarif

    hey dave lee, hope you are doing good in this pandemic. I saw your review on this helios 300 and bought my laptop and it's almost 3 years since I bought it, I'm planning for an SSD and ram upgrade of my laptop right now, and I need a suggestion from you, whether, can I upgrade this system's SSD if so how to install it? I would love to hear from you on this issue.

  15. crusher_ 80

    Gtx 1060 is not good anymore.
    In red dead redemption 2, it will only give 55fps on a 144hz which sucks besides 1060 6gb only need 120hz.

  16. Đức Duy

    Can the HDMI port on this laptop output 4k video games on television?

  17. VipperStream

    I have a predator helios 300 like yours, but i don't know how to switch colors at keyboard. I know only red

  18. Jack Mitchell

    Great review! ive got the predator helios 300 PH315 and it has the 1050 Ti
    Recently its started showing graphics driver not supported errors on launch in newer games (red dead 2, DOOM eternal). PCGameBenchMark says i should be able to play these games, any tips?

  19. Dr Dre 3009

    Me watching every gaming laptop and buying a second hand jailbreak ps3

  20. lylelmao

    So I wanted to check a review of my laptop which is here but the ad was “How long does your sex last?” Nearly clicked off

  21. ReaperBM

    I’m using my Helios 300 for about 1,5 year now and trust me, this is one of the best gaming laptops of them all at that price. The only thing that sucks in this laptop (and probably on most of the gaming laptops) is temperature… But obviously u can buy some cooling mats to help your laptop just a little bit but you’ll still feel some heat on your fingers while playing. (Sometimes u can even use your laptop as a stove and make some good meal, it mostly depends on the owner and how u treat your laptop)

  22. Micah Jacinto

    "Cheap" he said… "a little over a grand" he said… $1,699 dollars might be more than a little…

  23. Ravi Peiris

    Watching this in July of 2021, I truly appreciate the build quality (& pricing) of the Helios 300. Still, I have to think that in 2017 (i.e. when this video was made), Lenovo also came out with gaming series of notebooks (i.e. Legion series) which probably helped drive down the prices of gaming notebooks from Acer, Dell, Asus, etc.

  24. willy rem reytas

    Lumion 10 isnt working… What i need to upgrade soo i can use lumion 10?

  25. Addy Naruto

    4 years on and this laptop still serves me well , even though I have treated it like shit!

  26. FemiFTW

    this thing throttles like CRAZY‼️

  27. Behroze Aslam

    i am from third world country, its still expensive here, i bought this yesterday, running smooth, can someone tell is possible to change colors keyboard backlight ?

  28. OMGItsJames

    Hi Bro ,

    i have a question to ask , can you please provide me the audio driver details that is in this laptop ! i bought this laptop and formatted it which caused me to lose the original audio driver and i need to know the original driver details installed ! (it goes like this driver version 6.0.8907.1 which is the incorrect one in my laptop now)

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