Acer Helios 300 Review – The Cheapest Gaming Laptop with a 144 Hz Screen

Dave2D Review of the Acer Predator Helios 300. This is the best gaming laptop from Acer for gamers on a budget.
Helios 300 on SALE –

The 144 Hz screen usually comes at a much higher price tag. Most devices with it are in the $1400+ range. This screen combined with the 8750H deliver some incredibly smooth visuals. Fortnite and Overwatch look awesome on this laptop!

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  1. Dave2D

    I think Acer's Helios 300 sets the new standard for cheap gaming laptops. This is a freaking awesome screen for the money. Thanks for watching!

  2. Akuasu

    i have a problem i cannot change on 144hz it stays on intel

  3. Amal Menon

    i5 8th gen and 1050 ti

    Doest it support 144 Hz screen

  4. Foton

    Why have they reduced the screen to 60 hz on the new model that's a ripoff

  5. Fact Hunter

    I havebeen using this laptop for 2 years now. And the most beautiful thing about this laptop is its 144hz screen. I absolutely love that.

  6. George Smith

    The problem with this laptop is that it's rarely available.

  7. QT Kyle

    sherch up cheap gaming laptop the acer predator for cheap

  8. Nekz

    Laptop built are metal or plastic?

  9. PRG A9

    You said it's cheast fuck your cheap mind you disappointed me

  10. jeffrey herme

    My friend is a play of League of LegionsЈㅈ    This laptop was am upgrade from a mid-2012 Mac Book Pro. He reports that the game play is an order of magnitude better than the play on the Mac. While it did not have the absolute best video card, it appears to be more than enough. This unit did strike the right balance of performance and price.

  11. parkodi 1

    My dad bought me this for my birthday a couple years ago, still use it to this day!

  12. Xy Fused E.G

    When I go into intel graphics card, the max hertz I see on it Is 60 hz

  13. amanja asrat

    SuuuP Dave i need help PLEASE, you said we can play Rainbow six siege 138FPS with a high setting but i cant it always drops, i dont know why…

  14. Gao Fan

    Before asking this question I have made researches and did not find an appropriate answer. I hope someone could help.

    My laptop model is Acer predator helios 300 ph315-51-78np with 16gb ram and 256ssd (windows preinstalled on it). As far as I know, the max SSD capacity for this model is 512gb. So my question is:

    I want to remove (rid of) this SSD with preinstalled windows on it, cause I cannot delete windows, and replace it with one 512gb Samsung SSD. Would it somehow hurt the system? Because graphic cards and other stuff installed exactly on the windows system. I am going to install Linux on the new 512gb SSD.

    If the first option is not preferable, are there any other ways to solve this issue? My target is just to remove default 256gb Intel SSD and replace it with high-quality 512gb SSD like Samsung Evo or Crucial MX500, etc and install Linux on it.

    The perfect option is: remove Intel default 256gb SSD and replace it with 512gb SSD (Crucial/Samsung) + 1tb SSHD Seagate FireCuda

  15. herewego

    Do not even bother with this piece of crap. Under powered fan. Nothing EVER goes smoothly with this stupid piece of junk. Honestly look at other reviews online before buying. It's disgusting. The laptop should've been recalled and fixed but instead they just decided to scam 1000's and 1000's of people by making them pay over $2000 for a gaming laptop that struggles to play games on the lowest graphic settings possible. Can't even set up a live stream. Trying to add a display capture on OBS or Streamlabs just constantly shows a black screen. Look up the problem on forums and there's so many people having the same issue with this exact same laptop and there's no one that's fixed the issue. It's a joke. Try and complain to Acer and they just palm you off to a call center that tries help with basic trouble shooting and not fixing the problem. It's a waste of time.

  16. Aimiess You

    Hey dave. I have a 1tb hdd on my helios 300 and i installed a 250gb nvme ssd as boot drive. Now, Iwant to add another 1tb m.2 ssd. But i dont see another port and space to connect to. I saw on other videos that they can put 2 hdds on their helios 300. Can you help me please. Thanks..

  17. abcde fghij

    And now you can get a gaming laptop with a 120hz screen for $600

  18. I have this laptop, the backlight sucks, you can pretty much just use it at night. Also you will need to change the thermal paste on it. Just buy a desktop for the same price. Don’t buy Acer in general. Asus MSI and Lenovo is the way to go.

  19. OMGItsJames

    Hi Bro ,

    i have a question to ask , can you please provide me the audio driver details that is in this laptop ! i bought this laptop and formatted it which caused me to lose the original audio driver and i need to know the original driver details installed ! (it goes like this driver version 6.0.8907.1 which is the incorrect one in my laptop now)

  20. have this one and just love it 🙂 but changing thermal paste is a must, just did it and the pc works better then it did the first day i got it 🙂

  21. Candice CFCL

    Need to replace my screen and speakers on this now. Any suggestions on where to purchase? Having difficulty sourcing. 😤😤

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