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Acer Nitro 5 Review – 2017

Dave2D Review of the Acer Nitro 5 – This is the cheapest gaming laptop from Acer with a GTX 1050 Ti. But it’s not their best laptop at this price. Beware!
Nitro 5 –
Buy This Instead –

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  1. Dave2D

    Really wanted to like the Nitro 5. But with the Acer Helios 300 and the Acer VX15 available, you should pass on this one. Thanks for watching!

  2. shudd desi

    Hi sir

    One doubt

    Can I charge my acer nitro 5 using a type c
    Which means I stick mobile phone type c charger into my laptop

    Since my adaptor was not working

  3. Inexpensive then you add $900… Jesus Christ you PC gamers have some strange relationship with money

  4. Zac Dillon

    Fuck i wish I saw this vid before I bought my Acer nitro 5 lol, rip YouTube suggestions even tho I was searching this kinda stuff

  5. llExcusesll

    I just got this July 30th and I am in love. The only thing i don’t like is how fast it dies in game and every once in a while the fans get a little loud. Other than that this thing is great. It hold world of Warcraft nicely.

  6. VeeVex

    He changed the The Title!😂

  7. ChaseForLife

    I literally like the comments a lot more than the video, they were actually helpful in what I was looking for

  8. What would you suggest between acer aspire 5 or nitro 5… the only game I care about is league of legends most of my use is school
    Please suggest

  9. JFNC

    If you aren't a person that receives free laptops like this guy, the Acer is very good, specially for people with not much money. It's a subjective review.

  10. Soumyadip Das

    Can you please suggest if acer nitro 7 with i5 and 1660ti worth buying and is it good at performance.

  11. Rven Desu

    This video is like 2 years ago and which I know that the price for this laptop is more cheaper in 2020. With a good specifications and good price this is a budget gaming laptop. I mean I cant really add more cash to buying a Budget gaming laptop. There are some laptops that got cheaper but with this kind offer you just take it or leave it.

  12. james

    mine will not charge. the battery will slowly go down like 1 percent every 1 1/2 days but the battery will not charge back up to 100 or even at all when i power it off. what do i do

  13. Abhin Vishnu

    Should I buy this? Ohh I already bought it a year ago. lol . Why am I watching this now?

  14. Brandon Barker

    I have been able to play every game I've attempted even red dead 2 flawlessly

  15. four-c

    I’ve had the Nitro 5 for 3 years and I’ll say it’s the right choice. If you’re poor af, like me, it’s a great way to step into the PC gaming world.

    Also I think Dave’s got a case of high performance syndrome.

  16. Leader Tech

    Visit my channel for acer nitro 5 2020 unboxing and review video


    I had this computer for 2 years and it was good but now my you not working and my CPU does all the work and how I’m over heating from 80 to 100 degrees

  18. Walter Barrera

    Dude, stop talking like you're actually a laptop designer/engineer. You're just a youtuber with a Fancy intro. This laptop has more applications than just games and for the money it gives enough of what's needed. So sad I wasted 5:45 minutes of my life hearing your pseudo expertise or knowledge on the subject.

    P.S. bring benchmark results when you're comparing stuff and make it more visual. Your monotonous voice makes this even worse to watch.

  19. Ahmad Qodirov

    Nitro 5 is worth money, we don’t have much money. Acer gives you best performance and well-built laptop. I got it, fans are located at the opposite sides in my Nitro, so it is working really great

  20. gsoulb

    He seems like a nice guy irl, but I mean, acer nitro five is a good budget laptop

  21. FrozenZenBerry

    I have the nitro 6 and last night I had recording software, a game, and a discord call running at the same time. After an hour I started to notice my fingers burning. The hot air coming up from my laptop was being pushed onto my fingers on the keyboard. It was like holding a hot cup of coffee that never cools down.

  22. NitrousCODM

    Acer Nitro 5 as I heard is the best gaming laptop since it’s cheap, quality and overall good.

  23. JustDio

    2020 Nitro is Epicly decent with 144hz and 60fps for Minecraft

  24. soleil

    The overheating led to a broken fan in my case, the broken fan makes such noises that I get headache … and there is a shortage of replacement fans for this peace of shit …

  25. Nuclear

    Here with my 2020 model. Still an absolute beast of a machine

  26. Nassim Enduro

    I bought one for 900 with a gtx1660ti 6gb ,i7 9750hz , 256 SSD 17,3" screen ,16gb ram

  27. hiLing

    Watching 3 years later. Dave looks as if he didnt aged one bit.

  28. Walter Escobar

    I got mine about 6 months ago and I play most of the day and never notice the cpu temp go high I think all depends on your settings, but it's perfect for me and I love it I would recommend to try it out

  29. Arun Kumar

    when buying this laptop my ,cause i use it upgrade the ram to 8 gb and the right side of the hinge easily get broken cause made of plastic(be careful) and wanna change the hdd to sdd also can but planning to put m1slot ssd , try to put thermal paste cause i have seen video that putting thermal paste on this laptop reduce 20 degree Celsius but i am doing this after the warranty ends.Just be careful with the right side hinge(not exactly the hinge is broken just the cover of the screen) cause easily broken cost me about 200 ringgit in malaysia.But overall a good laptop.

  30. Ashim Kunwor

    I should have listened to Dave . It’s thermals are poor but the newer models are fine I guess.

  31. asdf sdfgh

    Hello, in this category, the price and specifications are equal to which of these laptops is more economical to play
    acer nitro 5 gtx 1650ti
    asus fx506 gtx1650ti

  32. DoinYaMaam

    Damn looking back even in 2017 it wouldn't be worth it AT ALL, but damn are the 2020 and 2021 versions such a big improvement doe!

  33. mohit joshi

    New version acer nitro 5 11th gen intel review required

  34. iz Kyo

    I have a NITRO 5 AN515-43 and it heats so bad when gaming (Plugged in) even though I'm using another fan to help it cool down. I lower the maximum processor state to 80 and it helps a little bit but the temperature is still high that is why my fps drop sometimes. I'm thinking of upgrading fan but I'm not sure if it's upgradeable.

  35. Rodreges Russell

    i have a i5 8300h 1050ti and it handels everygame at high setting i also overclocked it

  36. Daivd

    Watching this review after having this laptop for over 3 years and finally getting rid of it

  37. Renegade

    The Acer Nitro series has a cult following. Dave poked the sleeping dragon.

  38. Anakin Skywalker

    Why do people in this comment section have to be dumb? He said that years ago according to the respective prices. plus he wasnt forcing or ridiculing anybody, he was being transparent and simply suggesting his opinion like he always does. I guess it's pretty evident why you all are poor now.

  39. Neil Jones

    It's 2021, someone near me is selling this model for $100 but needs a screen replacement but outputs video via hdmi, im thinking im going to get it

  40. Straha Ironscale


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