Acer Predator 15 + 17 Review – Powerful Gaming Laptops

My review of the Acer Predator 15 and Predator 17 Gaming Laptops covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive gaming performance tests.
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This Post Has 37 Comments

  1. Matthew Escobal

    Is there any replacement panel for this laptop? i want to upgrade it to 144hz or more.
    I have the predator 15 gtx 1070 core i7 .Thanks

  2. Tslayer247

    Who's watching this on a Acer product right now

  3. Dhanush M R

    Can I use it for engineering, design modelling and simulation? Need help Dave

  4. Sealthiel Paril

    does the logo and the 2 strips in predator 17 G5- 793 lights up too?

  5. Frosty_27

    is the worst laptop i have 25 fps on fortnite

  6. Titan

    Что это за модели????

  7. Sir sir can i ask why is my pred 15 booting at 20 seconds? Is it because of the sound?

  8. Jacob.J

    Looks great, shut up and take my money!

  9. S!mp

    My Predator 17x has a 4k screen 😀

  10. Pab Gee

    Dave,which is better. Predator helios 300 or dis laptop

  11. Video Talks

    Is it the latest model of Acer predator Helio 300?

  12. paulo miranda

    What is the difference of these models to the helios 300 model?

  13. P R 3

    acer. burned me in the 90's

  14. Torlak Kårstad

    4:20 (nice)
    I have a predator 17 g9-791 without additional RAM and a 970m graphics card. But i still get no more than 25fps in R6S nonetheless (in a match, the main menu and settings are completely fine). What could cause the problem? I have all setting as low as possible (including resolution).

  15. Petra Jurkovic

    Should i go for predator G9-791-797G i7-6700hq gtx 970m 16gb ram or predator helios i7-8750h gtx 1050 8gb ram?need help asap

  16. Resay

    What brand Sodimm should i purchase if i want an extra 16gb? Having 32gb overall is enough already right?

  17. Jason Liu

    It's 2020,i realized it's 3 years old vid until i saw it's 980m graph card…

  18. saeed al bawab

    after 4 years of use worst laptop ever actually worst brand ever

  19. leonard

    Which is better this or the razer blade pro 17 @david lee

  20. Nani Parlapalli

    It's been 4 years I own this machine. It never put me down. I multi task all creative software and play AAA games on it 🙂

  21. Ravi Peiris

    This is how ALL notebooks should be designed in terms of being able to upgrade system ram and hard drives.

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