Acer Predator Triton 700 Review – My FAVORITE Gaming Laptop!

The Predator Triton 700 is the best gaming laptop from Acer if you want a thin and powerful gaming laptop. Personally, I like it more than the Asus GX501.
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  1. Dave2D

    This thing is awesome. I don't want to give it back to Acer.

    Thanks for watching!

  2. john

    Dave , do u game on laptop or desktop ?

  3. Rod

    Is there an extra slot to add another SSD to the laptop? I’m nearly out of storage due to such high demanding games, lmao.

  4. Daaamn!!!!! Things have gone by so fast! $3000 for this??? If this came out today it wouldn't be more than $1200!

  5. Vasu Patni

    The legend says that Mkbhd stope the wallpaper from the thumnail.

  6. George Sulyvahn

    Gaming laptops certainly have come a long way, just look at those bezels!!

  7. When you realise that laptops in 2020 give better performance in less than half the price of this thing 😐

  8. Pudge

    Is it still good to buy in June 2020 ? Gtx 1060 16gb ram ?

  9. So far so good💠💠>も This thing is beast. Just a heads up there are no 2.5" SSDs in this and there are no slots for them. Comes with one M.2 installed and room for another. Battlefield, Minecraft, Fallout, Fortnite. All play on Max Settings and are smooth! Battery life is better than i thought it would be for web browsing and spreadsheets on Gaming Laptop. Ofcoase while gaming im always plugged in. If your like me and want to keep on charger at the house and one in your bag they are quite expensive. Overall excellent laptop would buy again.

  10. Sourabh Sharma

    is it a good deal for 1050$ with 1060 in 2020. what's say dave.

  11. let live

    Is it still a good deal with 1060 or 1080 in 2020?

  12. Actually the track pad is not weird that is how i always use it, you can double touch for right click and double touch to drag on all laptops

  13. Football Freak

    Hey I would like to buy this in 2020. In my country it comes with i7 7th gen, 1tb ssd, gtx 1060 6gb and 16gb of ram. Is it a good specs to buy in 2020 cause I won't be changing it for another 3-4 yrs so I would like to get some suggestions on it.

  14. Gastón Algaze

    Hi! How are you doing? Thanks for the review! I was wondering, which tool did you use to show the fps, temp, etc on top of your screen in the 5:06 mark? Thanks again!

  15. Raki

    Would anyone buy this in 2020 for ~1000?

  16. Ashok K

    Hi, which one is good between triton 500 and 700 and msi ws75 laptop in ease of keys clicking, typing?

  17. hi bud good day can u give me a good advice please bud n thank u please,
    Acer Predator Triton 700
    Alienware m15 R3

  18. Haassan1

    Acer, the brand that makes very good exclusive stuff and very crappy stuff. Y they cannot nail the middle, I dont kno.

  19. Milton C

    Wow gaming laptops have come such a loooooooong way In just a few years

  20. Ahmad Safwan

    I just know about this in youtube shopping ad. The price is RM50K plus. So i had to look it up, didn't know it was 3 years old laptop.

  21. Ravi Peiris

    A company that tends to the small details of a product (any product, for that matter) is worth purchasing from and giving your business long term,

    Ravi Peiris M.D.

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