Acer Predator X27 vs Asus PG27UQ, Which G-Sync HDR Monitor Is Better?

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Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed
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Acer Predator X27 Review vs Asus PG27UQ, Which G-Sync HDR Monitor Is Better?

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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This Post Has 44 Comments

  1. Firedrop2

    is there a part 2? you basically just talk about the predator the entire video and don't discuss the pg27

  2. Cons29

    Want one with 1440p hdr1000. Maybe no cooling fan

  3. Solidus

    Can I use any of those monitors for my Xbox 1 x set up or do I need any other adapters I need to buy to reach atlest 120 hz ?

  4. Darth Nox

    Question is just how noisy is one fan in comparison to the other? Think I'm gonna wait for the PG27UQX, they upgraded the fan with a less noisy one.

  5. lilhulkboy

    So i have the money to spend on this monitor as i have a capable graphics card, i do graphics design work and play games. Would u recommend this monitor still in 2020?

  6. Brown Dog

    how about 1k2 price tag for the acer x27? is it worth buying

  7. Földi Péter

    I bought this monitor because of your review. Worth every penny. Far Cry 5 in 4k HDR is just indescribable.

  8. J Bayliss

    Can I get these same specs but with a 1440p panel? As I need to power 3 of them

  9. Fahoody

    i still pref the Asus one, much better looking than this, and yes most of us love the Asus logo on !!! and the RGB Logo behind

  10. JD47

    Just casually walking into peoples buildings with your smg equip i see farcry 5


    2 years later. Are we getting the cheaper monitors now?

  12. shir bir

    The exact comparison im lookinng fot. Thank you

  13. Suvo Bairagi

    I would definitely go for acer rather than asus cause of price, acer is around 650 USD… Much cheaper than asus 😍😍

  14. Jonathan

    The only reason I am not buying a 4K 144Hz even now in 2020 is because they have a fan inside. So the monitor is gonna make a lot of noise when gaming, which is very annoying.

  15. CallardAndBowser

    Should I get this monitor for a new October of 2020 PC build where I will be using the new Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti ?
    Will this new video card take full advantage of this monitor ?
    Will Acer release a new successor to this monitor for a Fall release in 2020 to compliment the new Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti?
    Will the new Nvidia card support a faster transfer rate with Display port to get true HDR and full Adobe RGB 4.4.4 at 120 hz and faster? 🤓

  16. Can Dokumacı

    How can we choose 4-4-4 120Hz SDR or 4-4-4 98Hz HDR in OCD? Which is default out-of-box?

  17. Hey bro i have a question, I found 27inch 1080p unusable due pixel size, 1440p was perfect, the question is 32inches at 1440p will it be the same like 1080p at 27inches? thanks


    Thanks a lot for this. I’ve been scrambling to find a good HDR monitor to play cyberpunk on when it releases, and I think I’m gonna hold off on these early models and high price tags lol. I’ve decided to go for the LG27GL850 instead :). Hopefully in a couple years the price will come down on HDR1000 monitors and the collection of HDR compatible titles has grown!

  19. Kurt H

    Got my Acer Predator x27 for 50% off on Black Friday. Should be good for years to come. Wish it was 240hz, maybe they will release an update for full 10-bit color @144hz with compression like the Samsung G9 uses.

    There is a hidden menu which allows you to change the fan speed. Click each button twice from the bottom up.

  20. Adolf Shitler

    I’m waiting for my predator x27 to arrive and this video was such a fucking roller coaster😂

  21. Cons2911

    Even if i could afford this, gpu’s cant handle 4k with high fps yet

  22. MrRotch61

    You say to run the monitor at 98Hz to get 4:4:4. How can I do this? My refresh rates in the Nvidia control panel go from 85Hz to 100Hz, there's no in-between.

  23. Ivan Melendez

    2020 and this monitor is still a beast!!! I can't think of another monitor better than this one in like the next 3 years!

  24. GonthorianDX

    Got a LG 38gn950 and super happy with it. Also a lot cheaper than this beast

  25. Hypnotic

    I got it for 600$ today.. cant wait !!

  26. Uncle

    Acer x27 was so loud and power button wouldn't work…returned maybe I got unlucky

  27. Bill Killernic

    The Acer ConceptD CP7 CP7271KP is a better choice because you dont pay the "gamer" tax + it seems to be a better selection for pros since it runs for example 1-144Hz (without the need to OC) and the predator one runs at 25-120 (or 144 when OCing if it manages that) but it has a hideous stand…. at least for my taste.. 😛

  28. David Reyes

    Who is watching in 2020 given the price reductions on this monitor!

  29. Shi Jerry

    Does it mean if I only use 120 Hz , I can run 4:4:4 RGB

  30. Phil

    2+ years later and these are still the only HDR monitors worth talking about and the Predator X32 is listed at $3600 when it eventually comes out. Sad state of affairs for premium monitors.

  31. Jackson May

    i was eyeing the acer x27. right now it's about $1800. Still too steep. There indeed a "cheaper" acer model with HDR 400 at roughly $800.

  32. Guru Gamer

    Was looking at the Acer Predator X27p or lg 27gn950. Both look similar specs but the X27p costs a lot more. Don’t know why.

  33. A1ex

    2 years later, this was £799 when I bought it last week. Absolute bargain

  34. Albastine S.

    So it's June 2021, has the monitor market matured for good HDR panels? Doesn't really seem like it.

    The predator series monitors get stupid hard to find. The Asus PG-UQ is still super expensive. Its newest iteration, the uqx is $3000 and uses mini-led.

    DisplayHDR1000 is still over $1000. And comes in super ultrawides for reasons.

    DisplayHDR600 is reviewed as fine. But not as noteworthy as 1000.

    So it's still a cluster fuck pretty much.

  35. Thomas Brown

    2 years later and these monitors still have very little competition, and are still expensive.

  36. PC Gamer

    Two years later and these monitors are still the best in class 👍🏻

  37. xReVoKeDz

    Anyone’s x27, fan start slowly failing and monitor goes “ critical temperature “?

  38. Roy Derp

    Why nobody reviews the asus rog strix xg27uq monitor?

  39. Briluvr

    Just purchased the X27 off Ebay. Very excited to go from my GTX 560ti 448 and U2212HM (60hz 1080p) to my RTX 3090 with the X27.

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