Acer Predator X34P Review; 120Hz 1440p Ultrawide BEAST!

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Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed
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120Hz 1440p Ultrawide BEAST: Acer Predator X34P Review

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. lockjawjak

    Nice to see it has dropped to a reasonable $1200. Actually considering buying one now to compliment my trusty 27" samsung SA750D. Definitely getting my money out of the samsung, it somehow makes 1080p viewable on a 27" screen and still looks really good next to 1440p. I really want an ultra wide though…. curse you budget!!!

  2. TWITCHIE224

    x34p is only $800 in us right now. im buying soon, good review bro

  3. vedomedo

    Got this monitor yesterday, finally able to push my 2080Ti a bit harder

  4. Jonathan Leonard

    Is it worth an upgrade from the x34a? Also is it me or is a 27inch 1440p sharper than a 3440 x1440p?

  5. reddead2067

    Just bought this today! $AUD 924 delivered! Thank you eBay sales

  6. Kartik Venugopal

    Suggestion – Please explain, in simple words, all that stuff about color temperature, delta, gamma, etc.

    Not all your viewers are going to understand all that.

    Or, provide a one sentence plain English summary of all the technical stuff after mentioning the details.

    Good video otherwise !

  7. iLetHim YT

    I might have to buy this monitor but can I use it for my slim ps4 sometimes?

  8. Recently bought one to replace the PG279Q. Things I immediately noticed was how big the monitor is, how hard it is to reach the power button at the back and how hard it is to plug in the DP cable to monitor.

  9. Strand

    Amazing specs, but why does the design have to scream 'GAMER.' Who asks for this shit? I don't want RGB, fake grills, red highlights or an ugly 'PREDATOR' logo.

    It's embarrassing, and makes me less likely to buy your monitor.

  10. Scotvince

    How is the quality of the lighning (not the intensity) ? As good as the aorus ad27qd ?

  11. eduard

    Is this Monitor still worth buying? i build a game pc, but i need a nice Ultrawide monitor.

  12. wautd

    Looks like I'm getting this one

  13. DC - Raiyne

    i finally got this today at 749 plus tax glad i waited

  14. Gen X

    Acer did a refresh, The X34A in the UK, which upgraded the stand to also swivel – I just use a monitor arm though. The glossy finish on the X34 is fine (stop mauling the back of your monitor – or at least wipe it when your done) 😁

  15. Jonah Lucas

    What’s your calibrated settings for this monitor? I’m using gamma: gaming

  16. LordGuns

    i know this is an old video but i just recently decided to switch to an ultra-wide monitor and after researching and looking at videos i decided on this one and at the time of this posting the monitor is on sale on microcenter website for 699.99 the cheapest price i seen on this monitor and at that price i think its a steal.

  17. Nehemaia Lord

    What’s you guys 6-axis Color settings for this monitor?

  18. Jonah Lucas

    What are you guys best calibrated settings for this monitor?

  19. John Lorenz

    idk why but i do like TN colors and stuff more than ips or va

  20. Jonah Lucas

    What’s your calibrated settings for this monitor?

  21. how long can we keep viewers watching ads before our video?
    stay tuned to find out!
    left cuz intro ad was too long bye

  22. JustFYI

    Whats the height of the stand? I would like to see if it will fit in my setup. Thank you!

  23. Mrs Smith

    Is this still a good monitor? Or superseded now.

  24. Yasin

    I only have 50hertz And i can' t change it

  25. Greed

    The only downside that is preventing me from buying this monitor is the huge stand

  26. tony wang

    Bought the monitor last week, the uniformity issue is really bad for my eyes, the right side of screen is just too yellow. Get my refund instantly.

  27. Xag

    I have this monitor and alienware aurora 7 as cpu but i get so bad fps and i get so bad resolution

  28. Cobbsta

    Picked this up for $1200 aud, absolute bargain for what you get! Couldn't find anything else half as decent in this price range, and many twice the price that weren't as good.

  29. vibes novibes

    I am Data Scientist who games a lot. Would it be a good choice from productivity stand point as well?

  30. Is this monitor compatible with “Acer desktop widget”? If not is there any alternative? All I want is control brightness, saturation etc through software. Highly appreciated if you can reply. Great video. Thanks.

  31. Pablo Garcia

    My desk is only 60cm of depth should I buy a new one?

  32. Pétrison Rocha

    This monitor didn't work for me at 1.9 gamma as suggested. Contrast gets really awful with things all washed out. I had better luck keeping it at 2.2 and doing a poor man's software calibration with quickgamma. Excellent monitor otherwise.

  33. Stoned_kakapo

    I went from a asus pg278q 144hz, to this very recently. do not regret in the slightest. Has held up wonderfully in 2020

  34. Patrick Guerrisi

    hi mate, do you still recommend this monitor? I want also for photo and video editing not just games

  35. marcus zander

    Just bought the x34p becaouse i want g sync module its amazing im gonna install it tomarrow

  36. Drago

    Could we get an Acer Predator x34 Gs review?

    This monitor is in the same price and specs(on paper) as the lg 34gn850.

    I'm sure a lot of people would be interested since there are no in-depth reviews for this monitor.

    Thank you 🙂

  37. C Shawzy

    PLEASE HELP 4:48 mine is greyed out and I can’t change it

  38. WEN CHEN

    I've used this monitor for 3 years and it still holds today, performs so well even in Esports title like CSGO, response time is never a problem and 21:9 wide FOV i always see enemys earlier than them kind of legit cheat, if there is a 21:9 240hz Gsync model in the future that will be my endgame monitor

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