Acer Swift 7 Review 2018

The 2018 Acer Swift 7 is the world’s thinnest laptop. But this year they made a few too many sacrifices.

If you REALLY want it –

The idea is cool. Super thin notebooks are beautiful to look at but once you start sacrificing basic functionality to obtain that thin form factor, that’s the wrong move.

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  1. Dave2D

    This laptop needs more T H I C C sauce

  2. S Y

    From another angle, the thinness is a statement for their technological achievement, not so much for the practicality. Their consumer base of buying are users for showcase for the most part, not daily users.

  3. GOD

    Acer laptop = immediate pass, shitty brand, crappy products

  4. George Banin

    how do they compromise on so many specs,and it still cost that much,this is stupid

  5. George Banin

    i'd waste money on a zephyrus(very thin,very portable and it has a dedicated GPU) than this garbage

  6. *Mau

    The new 2019 model has a clickable trackpad

  7. Akash Saha

    hey dave please make a video on asus tuf fx 570

  8. MG

    If I chose between the Swift 3 and Swift 5, which one should I go for?

  9. RobWCreative

    Just got the Swift 5 and for me it's the sweet spot of thin/light but good functionality/performance

  10. Raygen

    Sliding that Ultrabook under a closed dor
    Best reasen to buy it

  11. Victoire N.

    i think that it does not have any backlight keyboard as well which is important.

  12. Prem Bk

    Sir can you make some best mobile phone for dslr camera

  13. Lawrence Cavens

    You got to admit David – Acer nailed it and beat Apple as Apple was the first to try and go that route
    but seemed to miss the mark – and you're quite right about the thinness is a bit to much where it wouldn't take much to break less it was made of Aluminum.

  14. David H'ee

    Dave, I just got the Lenovo s540 and it is EPIC yet no one is talking about it! I strongly recommend it and it has been handling intense 3d models with ease. You really should review it and straight up own it as your daily driver. With the mx250, it offers far better value than the c940 14 inch… which makes no sense, right?! And the s540 is under the $1000 mark and unibody like the macbook pros.

  15. Tri Le

    I have been using swift 5 for almost a year. It is the best laptop I have ever used. I'm a programmer, travel frequently and the laptop has everything I need. But I will not go for swift 7. Compared to swift 5, it has no HDMI, no camera on top, no USB-A, too big touchpad, and costs twice. I will look forward to the next generation of swift.

  16. Oscar Guzman

    I have owned a macbook air in the past . The best way to describe this laptop : this is a windows replica of a apple macbook air➣> It is as light as able as a macbook but if you are a windows user it doesn't feel as awkward as a mac. The drawbacks of this laptop are it doesn't swivel 360 degree like a yoga. Also there is no touch screen like a macbook. If you can live with these two limitations, it is a pretty good laptop. Also the gold color is not bright gold but it is a more closer to a coffee color

  17. Jojo Mojo


  18. Iriditium

    I wonder how thin te=hey will go,
    They might have to get rid of all I/O
    and just use wireless charging and bluetooth

  19. I have a 2016 Macbook (12-inch Retina) which is very thin. Got to say, the track pad is still the best so far, despite it has been on the market for some time. Truly impressive!

  20. alice rose

    I saw you opening it wide. what's the condition of it now? for me acer is the worst laptop i ever used in the last 16 years. Bought an Acer touch screen laptop (ACER NB SP3-I5-8265U) in Aug 2019. Advertised as SPIN – foldable ones with touch screen, i did n't know it was not supposed to use as a tab. Wasted more than 800 us dollars on this. Whenever I open the screen, there is a huge gap that formed between the base & screen. I had an extra 1 year extended warranty also with the retailer, but they declined calling it a physical damage. This foldable laptop is not supposed to be used a it is made for. i have to throw it away as i have to spend from my pocket to get it repaired. acer middleeast does n't respond to any emails. so, i went an bought a new laptop; obviously no more acer; but a good branded one. i don't recommend acer foldable laptops, very bad quality and their customer service don't respond.

  21. Amy Hilling

    Im going to be a student next year at college and trying to find a laptop that will last me through college and university and be ultra portable. Would you reccomend this or something else of similar price?

  22. Mono

    I have that exact laptop but I wanna know if it is possible to flip the screen all the way around so it's like a tablet. I'm too scared to try so if you know if its possible please let me know 🙂

  23. lifehackertips

    2:05 I'm still having problems with the fingerprint sensor. Not a giant problem, but I might just disable it and go with pin login

  24. lifehackertips

    2:28 looks like there is plenty of room for a micro sd card reader which is the only thing missing that I really wished it had

  25. lifehackertips

    3:50 I guess I've just gotten use to not clicking on the trackpad? With smartphones not having tactile response forever I don't see why it's needed. Double tap or two or three fingers gets everything done, I don't need a clicky pad

  26. lifehackertips

    4:52 all of those are either smaller laptops or they're thicker and heavier. A 14 inch at this size and weight is amazing. So amazing that it's only gotten fatter since, that 2018 is still the thinnest 14" ever

  27. lifehackertips

    5:20 ok, let me explain why I bought one. Essentially, I got tired of cheaping out, accepting an extra 5 or 10mm thicker laptop to save a few hundred dollars. Even if the weight was similar, when I see a thinner laptop I just think wow, that's cool. And we've kinda gotten to the point where all laptops are "fast enough" for daily tasks, so all that is left is thinner and lighter. Also, I found this for under $500 like new, so I couldn't pass that up.

  28. lifehackertips

    5:25 the major benefit is it stays newer longer. 3 years from now when I look at new laptops I'll think, yeah, that's a little faster, but it's not thinner, so I'll keep what I have and not replace it constantly

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