Acer Swift 7 Review – The Thinnest Laptop Ever!

Dave2D review of the Acer Swift 7. It’s the thinnest laptop in the world. Thinner than even the HP Spectre!

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  1. craziii3

    man, dave needs to do a review of eve v once it comes out.

  2. gAbbYrOckzz

    Hi Dave! So my 15in MacBook Pro was stolen a few weeks ago💔 and just recently I purchased an Acer Spin 7 on impulse as a cheaper replacement (cuz I needed a laptop asap & didn't have the funds for another MB).
    I'm aware that the Swift 7 & Spin 7 are similar to each other, but Spin 7 should be a little more powerful? Im installing video editing software, Adobe audition, Light Room, Photoshop etc.. Will the Spin 7 be powerful enough to handle those in the long run?
    No one had made a proper review on Spin 7 so I thought I'd ask you😅
    P.S. love your channel btw. I have this addiction to watching techie videos even if I'm not.. a techie. Haha^^

  3. One left

    And the acer spin?
    I need a new laptop wich is light, mandy functions, good display and useful for school. I wantedbuying tha late macbook pro from 2015 but im really insecure if I want os. I habe an i phone but anyways, what would you recommend from the windows section? What is comming this year?

  4. When will the industry understand that making these thing thinner and thinner only server to make crappy products…

  5. Hassan

    Today is my birthday. Can i get likes for lying?

  6. Andtp Fack

    wow the ports are so shitty placed. If you need to use a dongle and a mouse than you have all that mess right there. Thats shit.
    I own a old laptop that has 2 usbs on the back, its the best.

  7. Jiggaboo Jones

    please do a review on the new 2017 Hp Spectre x360 15 please! 😭😭

  8. Stefan Stef

    Can this laptop be charged with an external battery? Thanks

  9. Radicool Gaming

    DAVE DAVE DAVE DAVE Plz answer!!! Does this work with the Razer Core

  10. Ti Lu

    Nice vid ! Acer got better! And compared to MacBook air the screen is far way better and in my country it's cheaper so dealed!

  11. Rammehar

    dave you are grate but you should tell all the negetive things about acer swift 7 whatttt it does not cantane a cooling fan whooooo good east or west hp specter is the best

  12. Ariff Shah

    Dave please answer meeee. I'm an engineering student who need a new laptop. Is the acer swift 5 with 4gb of ram good enough? I'm not much of a gamer btw and I want a thin and light laptop with good portability

  13. Rammehar

    Dave hp specter 13 is the beast from which angle this one is looks good loking

  14. Rammehar

    its tooo dam there's a space between the screen and keyboard there is no fan if this blast than

  15. Vincent Tan

    review aftershockpc's laptops please , I think those are nice gaming laptops

  16. Dennis Vasilev

    Dave, I have a question about the Swift lineup. I am going to buy a new laptop and right now I am hesitating between Acer Swift 3 and Acer Swift 5 – Both of them i5-7200U, 8 GB RAM (DDR4 on the Swift 3 and DDR3 on the Swidt 5 – y tho?!), 256 GB SSD.
    There is a big difference between the batteries.
    What do you think about these notebooks and what would you choose? Last question – can I change/upgrade the RAM of the Swift 5 if I choose that particular notebook?

    Ps: My laptop usage – writing essays, dealing with researches and documents, watching youtube and browsing facebook, twitter, xda, etc. Kinda – light usage.

  17. Nabeel Zafar

    "If that the deal breaker for you, well, your deal is broken"

  18. Achilles439

    Hey Dave I need your help. I am about to buy a new laptop and I have selected dell inspiron 5378. Can you please guide me about it? Thank you so much in advance.

  19. Watch out


  20. Sandeep Dey

    I have owned a macbook air in the past . The best way to describe this laptop : this is a windows replica of a apple macbook air➣> It is as light as able as a macbook but if you are a windows user it doesn't feel as awkward as a mac. The drawbacks of this laptop are it doesn't swivel 360 degree like a yoga. Also there is no touch screen like a macbook. If you can live with these two limitations, it is a pretty good laptop. Also the gold color is not bright gold but it is a more closer to a coffee color

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