Acer V15 Nitro 592G (Skylake) Review – Still a Good Laptop?

My review of the Acer V15 Nitro 592G – Black Edition gaming laptop. Enjoy!
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Review unit specs: i7/960M/8G/1TB

A comprehensive review covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive gaming performance tests.

Is the skylake Acer V15 Nitro Black edition the best value gaming laptop for 2016? Is it the best gaming laptop under $1000? How does it compare to the Dell 7559? How does it compare to the Lenovo Y700? Watch this video to find out! =)

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  1. puteratarttelor

    hello sir i have this V 15 nitro normal version & i plan to upgrade my ram soon. can u guide me how to do it? thanks..

  2. Mugatu

    Anyone have this laptop and had problems with the top surface and side finish being scraped off after some time?

  3. Artemis

    did anyone use EGPU on this laptop, given it has a Thunderbolt 3 port

  4. JadonDrew

    Got basically this exact laptop December 2016, and I just wanna say, what a mistake. It's nice and fast but it has fatal design flaws. Those plastic hinges you mentioned are held together with adhesive that wears down over time, especially if you use it in laps like me. Well at this point, that area has gotten worse, and now the back binding on the left hinge side has been separating and the laptop is legitimately lifting out of its frame. Held together with duct tape and even that's failing since the warranty expired a few months before the problems arose and Acer's asking price for a basic repair is $500, which would be even more in my case. I'm surprised looking back I haven't seen anyone with similar horror stories, so maybe mine was just defective, but it's a shame that $1100 is down the drain. That's not the only problem either. The battery died within one month, but repairs were pleasant and free under warranty. The headphone jack has no hold, so 3.5 mm cords will slide in and out like butter, and the laptop frequently stops charging in laps. The other problems started at the end of year one and beginning of year two, but it started falling apart less than a year and a half after purchasing. Anyways, my trust in Acer is shattered and I'm never purchasing another Acer product.

  5. Djibril Cissé

    My friend and i bought the same acer v nitro black edition from the same store, 2 years of gameplay and his motherboard is dead, 1 year after this mine does the exact same thing, 1k not worth for me guys.

  6. TheCarambaTB

    I recently got this laptop and noticed it has an m.2 slot, does it support pcie/nvme?

  7. Abacus IT

    I have one of these for sale at good price in Toronto if anyone is interested. But mine doesn't have the 1TB harddrive.

  8. JustBecuz

    @Dave Lee is this still a viable option in 2019? bought one for 320 pounds with the i5 6300HQ, 16gb ram


    I have problems with my one with the audio while playing games it will skip and freeze and random times , usually when it seems to be loading a new sound nayone else experience this?

  10. GRE

    Hi should I buy the laptop?
    I only want to play Minecraft
    (yes I am a kid😂)

  11. gamingfox98

    I know this comment section is pretty dead now … but by the love of god how do you change the battery in these things? Mine's dead and I had it open 3 times already: to replace the dead SSD, dead WiFi Antenna and now once to check the battery … I can see and unplug it but it doesn't budge when I try to lift it … yes it was unscrewed there just seems to be a nob from the baseplate that seems to hold it in place…
    If anyone knows a good guide on how to do it let me know … I already checked and iFixit

  12. Jamie Jay

    I got this laptop for almost 3 years , and I would love to show you how disgusting those soft touch finish is now .


    i still have this laptop. no longer playing AAA titles in 2020,but everything else is fine

  14. dark matter

    Can I swap the motherboard from the 860 model to the 960 model?

  15. fahad king

    😂😂 me on 2021 just about to buy this laptop. But I’m paying £270 so I guess a lot more cheaper

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