Acer VX15 Review – What’s Wrong With This $800 Gaming Laptop?

Dave2D review of the Acer VX 15 – One of the best gaming laptop options starting at $800 with GTX 1050
Acer VX15 –
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  1. Dave2D

    This is a really solid laptop from Acer. I'm impressed they were able to produce something this good on their first attempt at the $800 market. Stay tuned for the comparison and as always. Thanks for all the love and support =) Have an awesome March Break!!

  2. Hamadi Walls

    why do you keep complaining about the battery. Tell me when you have ever reviewed all those laptops that you love with more than 4 hours battery life. I watch your videos all the time and I am yet to see one of your review of gaming laptops with over 4 hours, except for a few with maybe 4.5, so if you cannot show me more of the laptops you have review with over 4 hours you need to stop harping on the battery life of this machine

  3. Hamadi Walls

    And who in the hell cares about 100fps, games play well over 40 on high or medium settings. people just go crazy over speed without any real discernible returns

  4. Sidelric

    why the title is always nigative i mean why it in not "WHAT IS GOOD IN THIS LAPTOP"?? i mean in a positive way

  5. aldren pabalinas

    Long term use not recommended! Check acer commmunity, there are lots of problem with this laptop regarding hinges. 👎🏻

  6. wesley lewis

    The Acer VX15 is like a bigger version of the Helios 300


    uhm… i bought this unit last November 2018… the seller recommended the unit as I need it for Autocad and Sketchup…

    but the autocad is really getting slow, and the sketchup too. i bought M.2…. and upgraded the RAM… so the 2 apps can somehow be comfy when working with… but still, autocad is really really making me mad cause for few blocks and stuff, it goes slow 🙁 anyone can help me?

    edit: i was thinking about buying another RAM, idk if there were slots remaining, i will ask my bro, but will have it upgraded again from 11.9 usable (12) to 16… anyone can help me? the ram is what I'm looking next for upgrade.


    Heads up

    I got mine with broken hinge after 1year and 4months of purchasing … Barely used one and I guarantee it. For autocad works only. I have my own office computer.

    Reading the forum for this, it is the basic problem owners of this model have. broken within 2 years or more than 2 year-warranty expires. I want Acer to address this.

  9. Bryan

    The thermals on this thing are horrible. I own one for 3 years and I constantly need to manage fan speeds and laptop angles for better airflow. This laptop shuts down due to heating issues in long gaming sessions. Right now my the IPS panel is broken and suffers terrible burnouts and ghosting, not really a good long-term device to invest to. The speaker also broke in less than 3 months of use so the build quality on this thing is questionable.

    Other than that, the performance is good, I upgraded mine to 12Gb RAM and it runs Witcher 3 on custom graphics settings with constant 30-50 fps. I also undervolted it to get better thermals and tweak a few other settings to keep it stable. Overall it's a high-maintenance machine.

  10. Hubwood

    Been using it for 2 years now and tested LOTS of other laptops since then.
    This is probably the most quiet gaming laptop I ever tested so far. All other Laptops really annoy me in terms of Fan Noise.

  11. DallZeeno

    sadly this model is no longer available in Malaysia. I love this one better than Acer Nitro 5

  12. Techadelic

    Idk if this is the exact same model but pretty close but mine from acer was 1200 and the price for it has actually went up surprisingly over the past few years to 41500. So $800 to &1500 quite a big difference

  13. Hazy J

    I've had mine since you made this video and I can confirm that the hinge hasn't worn AT ALL

  14. azpro

    Get noobed i got a acer nitro 5 laptop in 2020

  15. elo

    Got the GTX1050ti one, had 4gbs of ram but upgrade it to 12gb and bought a ssd for it

  16. Emil Dimov

    Been using this laptop for 3 years now, hinge is all fine

  17. Mr Cevik

    my long term review for hinges,it just broke from the right hinge on a casual day. i checked community and a lot of people experiencing this. Not expected from acer :(((

  18. 梁泽宇

    My right hinge broke 1 month before and the left hinge broke 1 week before 🙁

  19. A J

    the hinge is fuck all honestly

  20. GG2

    seams better than the shitty asus I have, which doesn't even allow ram upgrade btw

  21. GG2

    soo where can i get Acer VX15 for 800?

  22. FC L

    I have this laptop for 3 years now, and very impressed with the center Hinge as very solid, compare to my other laptops with hinges at the side, those tends to break easily. for Battery since I used it everyday for the past 3 years, still has no issue, could play games 1 to 2 hours, browsing and watching movies for 4 hours.

  23. Matt H

    Got this for my wife 3 years ago. It still looks and operates as if it's brand new. Battery life doesn't mean anything to people who never take their laptop out of the home. Hers could have shipped w/o one and she'd be fine. She never plays any games from beside the laptop, always dead on center, so the viewing angle has never been an issue. Only drawback is the same drawback all laptops suffer from – lack of ability to upgrade components. Besides RAM and storage, you're about as stuck in a laptop as you are in a Mac. I've been trying to get her to move to desktop gaming where she will be able to upgrade any component she needs without buying a whole new PC. I will never understand laptop gamers.

  24. Jacob

    I have one of these and frankly my biggest issue with it is the lack of Thunderbolt 3. It performs nicely for my uses including: YouTube video watching, Zoom classes, and Minecraft. The fans kick on when I first launch the game and chrome slows down a lot when I launch minecraft because I often watch videos while I play. I just wish the USB C port was more capable. I would love to use this thing with a dock, but the lack of thunderbolt means I would have to run it over one of the USB 3 ports and I’d still have to plug in the charge cable. I really wish I knew that when I bought it, because I probably would have gone for the Dell XPS15 which has the same processor, the 1050 instead of the 1050ti, a 4K screen, and Thunderbolt 3 as well as a list of compatible docks. I might have also gone for an Alienware laptop. I’m not really sure. But I do kinda regret buying it. It’s not bad, but I do feel like it’s limited in ways that I didn’t understand when I bought it. It’s still a massive upgrade from my previous laptop, an HP 14z-fq000. It was painfully slow even when just writing essays

  25. beowulf2100

    I got mine in September 2017 and a few days ago the display case gave in to the hinge. Got to replace that now. It still works fine, though. So got a solid three and a half years of usage without any major problems. No hardware issues, very few technical problems. Expect this one to work for quite some time in the future. Definitely was a solid buy.

  26. IBunny dude

    there an issue with that laptop the screenflickering

  27. Bilal Shahid

    keep ur stupid taste to urself stupid dave
    i love red n blaack theme on this laptop


  28. Justin Tuthill

    I had this, i7, 1050t1 16gb and was happy with it – until the hinge just locked! brrrreeeeaaaaak. If I ever get free time I would try to.. fix it but.. uhg. I guess the hinge problems with acer are a known thing. This was the only acer I ever owned, and talked people out of them before, it was good while it lasted but.. idk figure out hunges guys..

  29. 유성

    4:43 For 2021 standards thats like god tier ports XD

  30. Joshua Andrade

    Can I upgrade this laptop with additional ram and storage? Ie. Another couple of sticks of ram 8gb each, so it totals for 32gb. And another SSD hard drive storage, so instead of having one 256gb SSD, I have two?

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