Adjustable Tablet or Laptop Stand

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Adjustable Tablet or Laptop Stand

Great little laptop/tablet stand which is made from 100% aluminium. The build quality is very good and supports up to 10 to 17 inches laptop.




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  1. 王磊—Raunak

    Nice video brian, but not even you can make a stand look interesting lol.

  2. Mvrshen_-

    love all the uploads Brian!!! keep up the amazing work!!

  3. tarnaka504

    plz suggest how to make it cool from heat for desktop,laptop.

  4. Tony Vento

    Bri. Can you do a vid on locating and fixing a memory leak. I thing I have one.

  5. oats

    can I get a cheaper one made with poor quality aluminium instead?

  6. Eagle Ales

    Does this laptop come with stand?????if yes, send via Fedex , please,,,, hahahhah just kidding. thanks Brian.

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