Aerelight Review – Are OLED lamps worth it?

My thoughts on the Aerelight – An OLED lamp with wireless charging. Enjoy!
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  1. techfreshness

    sweet review………btw how in the hell does your phone have a thermal imager?

  2. Thom Draaisma

    he Dave,
    i was was wondering if you could do a unboxing and review if de sphero bb-8. it's like this little ball that looks like bb-8 form the new star trailer. it looks very awesome and because you already made a star wars video this would be awesome!

  3. harry

    Can you do a laptop review on the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro?

  4. aznbacon321

    This and the Star Wars toys: excellent gift ideas! Thanks Dave 🙂

  5. Kieran Hawe

    At 0:25 you said that you've had the phone for a month, but great review anyway mate.

  6. Oscar c

    hey Dave Lee what's your opinion on installing windows 10 on macbook pro to use autodesk software . I know just use a windows laptop ,but like my mackbook pro better:)..

  7. Peter Valeri

    This is why I enjoy watching Dave2D videos. He does unique stuff that you wouldn't expect to find, but it gives some insight into the future of technology. Like, I wouldn't see Marques Brownlee or LinusTechTips reviewing this. It's a pretty unique idea, and as a guy who likes eccentric things, I really enjoyed this video.

    Keep up the good work, Dave!

  8. حذافة

    I love how you review's like tld plus mkbhd style

  9. Sugarbun

    Ugh now I want a $300 lamp lmao

    Great review, Dave. 🙂 I like that you do videos on more than just pcs/phones. 👍

  10. Joey Bo

    nice video, even though the article in 2:20 makes absolutely no sense XD kidding

  11. allloveheinz

    The OLED-light fascinates me. Not the price of OLED-products. You think the Aerelight A1 is expensive? The German (Dresden) company Novaled created an OLED-tablelamp "Victory" with a fesh design. A carbon housing integrates the OLED. A few years ago I took a good look at it. A sales woman showed it to me. But I was mistaken when I read the price. It wasn´t 998€! It was and still is 4,998€! The same company produces beautiful OLED-sealinglights wich cost up to 90,000€ and more. How stupid is that? Even if I had the money I would never spend so much on one single light! I say wait. The price will drop. It´s like everything else that´s new and expensive in the beginning…

  12. stonetusk

    $300 lamp i was like WHAT. But then you made a good point being a gift!

  13. Victor Holmqvist

    Very good review on an interesting product. Good job, enjoyed the video! 🙂

  14. Sergio Rivera

    I would like to have a gift certificate for $300 (from Amazon) rather than this lamp…

  15. Arafat Khan

    Hey Dave, could you link your wallpaper collection Pls?

  16. Brian Oxley

    Beautiful design. Would like to see light source adjustment like the Hugh

  17. Fred Chiang

    should have said $300 at the beginning so I could stop watching sooner lol

  18. DopeSpill Comics

    Umm i'll get the $70 Ikea version, lol.. I feel like that model is right in the middle

  19. Xxan

    Had a touch enabled lamp once, never more! those things are horrible

  20. DuDe1040

    I could easily afford this but just wont get from principals

  21. Carrera718

    I'm pretty sure he will do a refrigerator review

  22. Indra Ida Bagus

    Is it at max brightness during the text comparison and when you show it with your workstation? The color is really me. White feels ridiculously bright while yellow LED is just meh. The lamp alone would have sold to me if it's in my budged (or just slightly above).

  23. Josip Andrešić

    anyone knows if it is possible to use this wireless charging technology with coils to power oled modules in track lighting?

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  25. Tabraiz Hassan

    5 years later and here I am watching a video on a lamp😁🙌🏻

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