You are currently viewing Aero 14 Review (GTX 1060) –  The Lightest Gaming Laptop!

Aero 14 Review (GTX 1060) – The Lightest Gaming Laptop!

Dave2D review of the Gigabyte Aero 14 (GTX 1060) – Is this the best gaming laptop? A Razer Blade competitor that is thin and light but cheaper!
A Guide to Spinning –
Purchase Here –

Laptop GTX 1060 Performance Video –

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Intro: Matanoll – Clearness (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – Dollar For My Thoughts

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  1. Dave2D

    A thin and light gaming laptop with great performance and a fair price!
    And if you're interested in learning how to spin –


  2. vike fon

    did you mention the weight at all ? ?

  3. Josh Radner

    Aero 14 or 15?!?! Is the 15 worth it. Or should I wait for future options


    I love your intro music, it’s very plane and simple but catchy at the same time.

  5. Madhav Trivedi

    well now in 2018 dell is giving gtx1060 on g7 and its like no big thing.. it costs around 1200$

  6. fart

    Hi can you make a video for the asus tuf fx504

  7. kimeiga

    I own it and wouldn't trade it for anything; the battery life is lovely!

  8. rambot670

    Best laptop reviewer on Earth 😊👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Jax

    I need a laptop to college, i want a laptop to 3d editing and casual gaming, aero14 or ZenBook Pro ux550ve What you recommend?

  10. Walkier

    Why did they discontinue this line so quickly? Was it too good of a deal? No more thin budget gaming laptops in 2018 anymore.

  11. Pircla

    Very good laptop but I hate the fact that you can't put an HHD in it.

  12. MashedTaters

    Skytech archangel ryzen 1200 3.1ghz and 1060 on newegg for 799. It comes with a keyboard and mouse

  13. Amrit Garcha

    Me- spin basketball with on finger

    Dave lee- spins laptop with one finger


  14. shotlolwin

    Damn I see this video 2 weeks after I bought an ACER nitro 5 that battery and portability would have helped a LOT

  15. huy hung ta

    hey man, i'm Vietnamese and i'm watching u review your gaming laptop in Vietnamese title :> are u know about Vietnamese <3

  16. FantomLightning

    I have wanted this since I first saw it. Perfect size, power, battery life and design (including my favorite color orange). However Gigabyte is really starting to piss me off at this point… The updated V8 version has been out in the rest of the world since April/May 2018, still NOTHING for the US. I'm wondering if we'll ever see a current version of this at all.

  17. Riskis

    They should upgrade the design of the aero 14

  18. Prince

    Is this still a good buy in 19

  19. Lophney Knight

    I love the screen its pretty beautiful炒 what i dislike is the camera i mean it does the job but the place is pretty weird well i didn't use it that much but still it pretty good and i like the charger it charges the laptop pretty fast and i love that it doesn't heat up like most of the laptops i used before and i love the performance it can smoothly run 60 fps on any game easily i am you should get this laptop its amazing.

  20. Namita Sitha

    Wont lie… you had me there with the guide to spinning😂😂

  21. Mahesh S

    Looking at this device from 2021…..

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