Aero 15X – An AWESOME Gaming Laptop For Creators

My review of the Gigabyte Aero 15X gaming/workstation laptop with the new generation of 6 core CPUs. This is the best gaming laptop from Gigabyte for creatives!
Available Here –

The updated Aero 15X in 2018 is a great addition to Gigabyte’s lineup. With an all new 8th gen Intel 6-core CPU – the i7-8750H with a 144Hz screen, NVIDIA GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics and a great battery. This is a strong alternative option to the MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 1570 and MSI GS65

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  1. Yorgo Hoebeke

    Hi there ! Is this still the best laptop for the price ? I have a budget of around 1500-1600€

  2. Nielsf2704

    These laptops are so good for creators however I think they market these laptops the wrong way because not everyone knows a lot about laptops and see gaming laptops only being good for gaming. So they usually end up with the wrong laptops. If they'd get a different look like the MSI PS65 wich is basicly the GS65 but with a 4k panel and a different color. It just doesn't scream being gamery for the ones that don't like the gamery look of gaming laptops. But if I'd have to decide to get a laptop for my workflow a gaming or a workstation laptop would always be my choice above anything else.

  3. Ruben Palit

    Nice video, i stopped by here because i want to buy new laptop. budget wise around 2000$ and i was hoping you will include render and thermal throttle on premiere rendering … overall thanks Mr.Dave

  4. 4:31 Which ones ?!?!? I've been searching for weeks and a good quiet laptop for content creators seems very hard to find

  5. Mehrdad Bayat

    can you please do a review on Aero 15 Oled XA? it gets clear then if it improved or not

  6. kaseyloi

    Yeah, my 7 chins dont need a webcam that low…. 😀

  7. Jay ZO6

    the 4k oled option has 100 RGB the 1080p is not as accurate

  8. david lee can you please tell me , which software you use for creating youtube content.?

  9. GoTeamScotch

    Two thing the bigger/better Aero 17 doesn't have that the 15 does:

    – secondary key functions (wifi, brightness, etc) are not lit up.
    – kensington security lock. I mean, I spent 2 grand on this, and I can't secure it and have that peace of mind.

  10. fatemeh meymand

    I bought the gigabyte aero 15 x9 rtx 2070 around 3 days ago , I worked on 3d modeling and rendering but I think it has some issues, like the control center doesn’t open when i choose the fusion, also it is not full charged when it plugged in just 95%I don’t know it will be solved or makes problem after a period ?! Do you think it is better to refund it ?

  11. Dex Sama

    Sadly it's not available in my country ☹️

  12. Tiffany Zhu

    I’m looking for a laptop as a digital artist and a casual gamer. I’m trying to choose between this and the MSI GS65. I’ll be plugging in a monitor and I just need a laptop that’s powerful and will last. If anyone has gotten this laptop, will you let me know how the it has held up and if you have any recommendations.
    I would prefer the Aero 15x because I can upgrade ram and storage easily but I prefer the MSI because it doesn’t have a numpad.


    Can you do a review of the 2020 OLED model? Aero 15 or Aero 17?

  14. der Rick

    Best Rewiew (in general) ive seen so far on yt. wish i could give you more than 1 thumbs up.

  15. Ahmad Ashraf

    Is it normal to have those black tapes taping the wires and others? To me it looks cheap.

  16. kalyn14able

    This was purchased for my sisterへ and she absolutely loves it. She keeps on commenting about the quality of the screen being amazing. The battery life is sufficient for what she is using this for and is expected with the type of components in this. People have commented about the fan noise and I will say it is noticeable but isn’t that bad. It is only during high demand tasks which you can hear it.

  17. Mark B

    I have this computer. Don’t buy it. Better alternatives out there

  18. jojojojosep

    After some 3 years, im finally getting one for $900 haha…

  19. I don't why you keep saying that 300 nits is bright. it is not and definitley not good for outdoor viewing. I wish you would place the metrics on the screen when you claim a screen is color accurate as does Mobile TEch review

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