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#AftertheFallVR is coming to PlayStation VR2.

Team up with up to three friends and take on a hostile VR world filled in which hell has frozen over.

With intense 4-player co-op and cross-play at its core, After the Fall offers action-packed gameplay built from the ground up for VR. Starting out in a shared space with up to 32 other players across all platforms, players venture out into post-apocalyptic LA in squads of four in a bid to reclaim the city.

After the Fall takes advantage of the new features PlayStation VR2 has to offer, and we’re excited to reveal how we’ve used some of them for After the Fall.


Rated Mature


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  1. I genuinely appreciate the fact, that you are offering PSVR 1 gamers a free upgrade.

  2. Vince Preston

    Is it worth buying a roto chair for these games or would I be ok if I just bought a high end X rocker🤔

  3. Kuhndog94

    I think missing the zombies on purpose really took away from the presentation here. Lol.

  4. Graham GMAN

    I have this game on the quest 2 and i absolutley love it. Takes me back to playing doom. If this was the only game on the quest i would buy it to play this game.

  5. SkemeKOS

    Looks awesome! Can it be played solo?

  6. Luke Ferra

    0:44 "The goal of that is to collect Jews" I could be down for that

  7. fruitzurk

    Y’all need to work on your aim coming from the this trailer you guys ain’t hitting anything

  8. Lagge_SE

    not allowed to show blood and gore, the gameplay video was cencored and player was shooting in the air 😂

  9. RN Wilder

    Hope it has the PC version of graphics or better with the flashlights and everything

  10. De_Dorf

    Christ l know its a trailer but plz shoot a zombie or something that was cringe

  11. De_Dorf

    OK but will l get a free copy for the PSVR 2 version cause l already bought it for the PSVR

  12. Slyhound

    So do we have to buy it again??? No way😮

  13. Forist Rothbert

    The only difference between the game's dystopian Los Angeles and the current day Los Angeles is the snow, both are still hostile shitholes filled with zombies. Oh, and in current L.A. you're not allowed to defend yourself, unlike in the game.

  14. Dyna

    i dont think one round hit the enemy in that whole presentation haha

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