After Us Review – The Final Verdict

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After Us doesn’t reinvent the wheel in platforming and exploration, but it offers very compelling gameplay in both areas. The abstract art style is vivid and raw – all over the place, at times, but in a good way, while the environmental story-telling (outside of the Memories) is solid.

Mild performance hiccups can be annoying, and the combat is mostly fine without being extraordinary. However, if you can face your future failures, it’s a somber yet endearing journey down the rabbit hole.


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  1. fck off

    Much better review than IGN’s brain dead one. Game looks really solid, definitely gonna play some of this tonight

  2. Looks amazing. I'm not sure if I want to feel the existential dread more than I already do.
    I'll buy it, but I'll see about playing it.

  3. PikaLink91

    Always enjoy an artistic 3D platformer with a glowing blonde waifu (very specific I know), but I think I'll wait for a sale.

  4. DocBravo

    IMO, this is similar to GRIS, Journey, and ABZU and I have all three.
    It's more about the story and lore while any combat, puzzles, and abilities are just game mechanics.
    I'm no fan of platformers and have somewhat of a disability that affects my hands. IDK how long it is but if the price to length to entertainment to replay-ability is good it might be a good purchase.

  5. Kermit

    I hate the reviewer voice, in all his reviews he seems disappointed and hate the game he review even if he think the game is great, he's like the game is great but i hate my life and my wife left me and took the kids and the house, and yes did i mention that my cat died, someone please kill me.

  6. Olsongc

    The game isn't interested in telling you stories about humanity or about the people.

    It's main focus is to show how evil humanity is and that there are no redeming qualities.

    Game is beautiful, runs smooth, and is visually appealing….but I grew tired of the "man is a destructive force" back when Fern Gully did it.

  7. Insayian1

    i dont understand why this game dont support k&m on pc.Seriously

  8. "Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out." *John Wooden

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