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Today on the flagship podcast of canceled-out cricket sounds:

David, Andru, and Will react to prototype headphones that use AI to take noise cancellation to a whole new level.

Michael Fisher, aka Mr. Mobile, joins the show to discuss mobile phones with physical keyboards and his latest project, “Clicks,” an iPhone case featuring an integrated keyboard.

Further reading:
Hear how the best ANC headphones handle real world and lab tests:

We sent the top ANC headphones to a lab to test their noise-canceling abilities:

The University of Washington’s Semantic Hearing project:

UW’s Mobile Intelligence Lab:

Clicks is a BlackBerry-style iPhone keyboard case designed for creators:

BlackBerry kills Ryan Seacrest’s iPhone keyboard:

How to get great audio for podcast interviews:

00:00 – Intro
02:19 – AI headphones and Semantic Hearing w/ Will Poor + Andru Marino
28:07 – Clicks keyboard w/ Michael Fisher
51:05 – Microphones w/ Andru Marino (The Vergecast Hotline)

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  1. @jonasking3670

    I was hoping that you guys would bring up the Seacrest keyboard company, and you didn’t disappoint me.

  2. dude, I had transparency mode turned on and the jumpscare I experienced at 6:18 had my heart jump into my throat.

  3. @thanos879

    I would pay an ungodly amount of money for a pair of headphones that separates the vocals and instrumental from music in real time. Using a dial.

  4. @thomasraven

    After listening to this, I'd be very interested in buying some glottal fry-cancelling headphones.

  5. @RAYDEEY17

    I thought I was the only one who hasn’t finished watching Oppenheimer 😂😂😂
    At this rate, it’ll I’ll take 6 months to finish dune2 if it comes to streaming

  6. @hatless

    Why dance around the surveillance applications of that selective ML-driven noise cancellation? Yes, this will absolutely find its way into accessibility devices and consumer earbuds, but there's probably bigger licensing money in the short term for workplace surveillance, mass policing, and authoritarian regimes, like so much university tech research.

    Who are the outside funders for that lab? You're good journalists, but sometimes you forget to journalist. 😂

  7. @GinsuSher

    complaining about not being able to finish a 3 hour movie. 😅😅😅😅. ffs.

  8. @foobar-xh5gs

    perhaps new ai gadget would bring physical keyboard back
    we don't need to type much on smartphone we can just using stt and let ai elaborate it

  9. @GadZookz

    Can too much ANC harm your hearing like like too much loud noise?

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