AirPods Case With Touchscreen Copies Future Apple Design

AirPods Pro 3 – Is This What They Looks Like? – AirPods Pro 3 are yet to be released by Apple, but someone has made a working model of what Apple’s next AirPods could look like. In this video I who’s you the AirPods Pro 3 Model that has a touchscreen on the case and talk about what features Apple could include with it. #AirPodsPro #Apple #iPhone

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00:00 – Everything New
00:42 – Unboxing
02:31 – Comparison with Normal AirPods
03:34 – The Case
06:43 – If Apple Makes this
07:17 – Wireless charging
07:57 – Conclusion

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    i have a pair, theyre sold on tiktok shop as tws a8 pro

  2. Thing I'm wondering is…if I want to place my Airpods inside a protective case with a lanyard, how will that accommodate a possible display on the front?

  3. @scottgodown569

    Touch screen is really not needed when nearly everyone is wearing an Apple Watch or some various smart wearable. Waste of time and money

  4. @user-tj1ux6gg9p

    Some yall asked for this but when they give it to you you cry about it 💀

  5. @Blxze841

    Almost had a heart attack when I saw the Thumbnail 😂

  6. @jwjim

    Stupid. That watch works better and more convenient

  7. @EdRo1900

    I hope they’re not actually doing this, I feel like Apple should divert their focus a little more to improving battery life in general because it seems like it’s going in the opposite direction.

  8. @OT_Tips

    Wouldn’t need this as my air pods case would be in my pocket 100% of the time. I’d use my Apple Watch Ultra to control the music.

  9. @GioAyala12

    I’m sorry but that screen on the case is worthless. I have my watch on me whenever I’m going for a walk/run. If I’m lounging I have my iPhone on me. Why do we need a screen on the case? Doesn’t make any sense. Just make an iPod nano at this point.

  10. @iamdickel8574

    screen on your case is not a good idea, it drains battery on case, not much usable if you already have apple watch on your wrist

  11. @djstuc

    If it had a 64gb memory and streamed music to the pods without any other devices then it would be cool, otherwise meh.

  12. Apples getting to complicated now. I needed earbuds that didnt have a wire and i am now content and happy.

  13. @MikeCobweb

    I wouldn't actually mind that. It could be in a sense a revival of the iPod Touch, if they manage to get storage on the case. Because I could imagine myself leaving the phone at home and taking them for a run. Though, its not a priority feature, but welcome when it happens properly.

  14. Hmm perhaps I would use it.. If it could act like an iPod Nano?. Music and Headphones on the go without watch or phone.. some kind of, getting rid of all the tech like in the yr 1999

  15. @ylihao

    I’m thinking what Apple would call it… AirPodsOS? podOS? iPodOS?

  16. @junito1008

    The new AirPod will feature touch screen and SIM card slot so you won’t need your iPhone anymore. 😂

  17. @chumbawumba3617

    Well, if your gonna do that (doubtful) why not just build an *iPod Shuffle* into the case 🤣🤣🤣

  18. @graffmixer

    I don’t see Apple going this route! Given that everyone listens to their music either on their iPhone or Apple Watch, what the point of the display? I like to see their case more rugged and improvement of the sound

  19. @molagbal11

    Truth to be told, I’ve been watching a lot of Apple informative videos, but channel is the best. Hands down! Informative, no exaggeration, no bull****… if I want to know what’s up or what future holds for Apple, my first search is this channel. Keep up this amazing and hard work

  20. @mikeward1701

    I don’t think Apple will add a screen to the AirPods case unless they also include a way to access music without another device, either storage for offline playback ,or cellular for streaming.

  21. I would prefer you stick to legit hardware and not reptronics, which are always inferior to the real deal.

  22. @MatchaHusky

    I hope this doesn’t sound too strong, but I really don’t see the point nor do I want this. I already do those sort of things on my Apple Watch without having to look at my phone. What I reeeeeally want to see is Lossless audio, hopefully up to 24bit/192KHz since that’s what Apple Music supports. That res would also give Apple an advantage over the Android competition with LDAC that only supports 24bit/96KHz. Maybe we could also get some lower latency, along with further improvements to ANC?

  23. @davej1104

    Cool little display toy, but why do i need this? I take out my earphones, my case goes back in my pocket. I dont touch my case again until i put my earphones BACK into its case. Nice little toy, very cool, but I could do without it. Im more concerned about my battery life and sound quality

  24. @cia4gent128

    Because you’re a professional in your job you make this sound like real apple product 😅

  25. Absolutely pointless!! I do not see why this would be needed/wanted., other than as a pointless reason to increase the already expensive price of AirPods Pro. Focus on what actually matters with wireless earbuds… Extend the battery life, and improve the overall sound quality and noise cancelation.

  26. I don't see any reason why this needs to happen because if you're working out or running, you can use your watch for music control or the airpods themselves. This would also cause the airpods case to have less capacity to keep the airpods charged anyway.

  27. @nissanzenkiboy

    Idk if I should wait for the 3pro or get the AirPods 2. Hmmm I still have the first gen and work fine.

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