AirPods Pro 2 VS Beats Studio Buds+! Not the AirPods Killer They Thought!

In this video, we’re comparing the AirPods Pro 2 and Beats Studio Buds Plus! While a great set of earbuds, they aren’t necessarily the AirPods Pro killer people thought they’d be!

If you’re looking for a true wireless earbud that offers great noise cancellation, then the Beats Studio Buds+ are the perfect option! In this comparison, we’ll see which earbud offers the best sound quality, battery life, and overall performance. So if you’re in the market for a new earbud, be sure to check out the Beats Studio Buds+!

AirPods Pro 2 on sale now:
Beats Studio Buds Plus at Amazon:

Compare AirPods & Beats prices:

Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:35 Cases & Battery
1:24 Charging
3:21 Setup & Device Switching
4:14 Find My
5:11 Earbuds
7:47 Audio Quality
10:18 ANC
11:30 Summary & Recommendation

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. G.E Flint

    I kinda think they are way overprices with 0 new tech. New colors woooo.

  2. warren gaskin

    I thought about upgrading to the Pro 2 from my AirPods Pro 1 but I find it hard to justify since I only use them once or twice a week and seldom for listening to music. Since I can’t depend on them to stay in my ears for vigorous exercise that limits there use for me. My Jabra stays in my ears no matter what happens thus that’s what I use for running or vigorous walking

  3. David Ware

    They need to sort their shit iOS on the iPhone the last few updates and been shit App Store keeps freezing it’s slow apple are dirty animals their updates make the phones worse not better and im glad governments are doing something about it slowing down our phones the scum

  4. iambujar

    Using Apple watch charger to charge my Airpods pro 2 is just peak compatibility!

  5. R LI

    Beats Studio Buds + are MID TIER earbuds, they’re designed to work well with iPhone OR Android phones as opposed to the AirPods Pro 2 which you need an iPhone to get the most out of. Apple (which owns Beats) did not release these MID TIER buds to be 100% better than the Airpods, they’re not meant to be. They’re to serve a particular market for people who want quality earbuds without spending too much money (the Beats Studio Buds 2 are only $175 vs AirPods Pro 2 is $250) I just don’t get comparing Apple’s FLAGSHIP earbuds to their mid level buds, comparing earbuds in similar class is more helpful to me.

  6. Chester Foster

    I wear the AirPod pro 2 after owning the disappointing gen one studio buds. Pro 2 are hands down king of the hill. I wear mines 5 hours daily and I love them. My 2nd favorite apple product after my Apple Watch Ultra. iPhone 14 Pro Max is my 3rd favorite apple product

  7. Chris Barnden

    Worth pointing out that you can set ‘long press’ on Studio Buds to adjust volume (left for volume up and right for down or vice versa) though you obviously lose voice assistant and noise cancellation control. So you can control volume without having to touch phone or watch. Also something I discovered quite by accident which must have sneakily arrived in an update with no warning – the Studio Buds can now ‘scrub’ forwards and backwards through tracks – double ‘push’ and hold or triple ‘push’ and hold respectively. I think these things are good to know …… 😊

  8. G Minor

    Bro…. Make a damn review. We don’t care about AirPods why can’t someone just review the headphones without comparing the whole damn video

  9. Richie Landeros

    Had to grab them with my employee discount for $127. Still haven’t opened them yet though

  10. Robert Marrero

    I got my AirPods Pro 2 at Micro Center for $194, but I do like the translucent colorway of those Beats buds. Here's hoping that the late 90s see-through tech fad makes a comeback.

  11. meatwad74

    I bought pro 2 for $199 few months after they launched. Even now they are on sale at Amazon. If these beats are anything like beats on ear headphones, they probably have more bass but lot less soundstage and clarity.

  12. Big C

    Your basically paying for new colors lol

  13. tejae504

    Beats would’ve been something special by now if Dre kept it

  14. Nala1230

    what's with many reviewers saying it's "bulbous" LOL did you guys agree on the word together? lol coincidence is crazy

  15. Rolins

    Why do I have this weird feeling that, the 1st buyers (especially those who are in the Apple ecosystem) of these Beats Studio Buds Plus will still have the bad surprise to see released in 1-2 months Beats Fit Pro Plus that will have all the advantages of Airpod Pro 2 🤔

    The Beats Fit Pro Plus, if they really come out one day, and have the same features as these Beats Studio Buds Plus (real multipoint including), and integrate the H1 chip, could become the ultimate cross-platform earbuds, and maybe even sell more than Airpod/Pro, a bestseller!!

    On the other hand, frankly, I do not see any interest of this product for those who are on Android, It is currently at the same price if not more expensive than products like, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Pixel Buds Pro and other Soundcore, 1More, Nothing Ear 2, OnePlus Buds Pro 2, JBL Live Pro 2 by offering fewer features …🤷🏽‍♂️

  16. WaddupQ

    People really keep acting like the AirPods Pro killer haven’t been released already..they’re called the Beats Fit Pro lol

  17. I think these should be compared to the similarly priced AirPods 3rd Gen.
    even though the beats have more features than the 3rd gen they’re nowhere close to the Pro’s.
    I think that’s the best way for the Beats Studio Buds + to shine in their price point.

  18. Ben Roethig

    I’m wondering why the Beats were compared to the step up Airpods Pro 2 instead of the Airpods 3? The Beats pro buds are the Fit Pro.

  19. Rohan

    Why would it be an AirPods Pro killer, they’re made by the same company

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