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Alexa Coding Quiz for JavaScript, CSS, and Computer Science

Now you can learn coding concepts hands-free using an Amazon Echo. contributor David Jolliffe created a quiz game with questions on JavaScript, CSS, networking, and computer science.

If you have an Amazon Echo nearby, you can play the game right now by saying: “Alexa, start the free code camp quiz.”

The entire project, along with it’s ~100 questions, is open source and on GitHub:

We would welcome additional questions. Open a pull request adding your new question to the codebase, or just open a GitHub issue with the question if you’re in a hurry.

Here’s a video of me and my 11-month-old son Quentin demonstrating the Alexa skill.

Learn to code for free and get a developer job:

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  1. Love Jones

    This is SUPER revolutionary as far as Tech learning programs go! Loooooove this 😍😍😍

  2. Deyl Energy

    Awesome. That's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  3. Hello

    While I love all you guys do…

    Watching Alexas original answers(before certain videos on this very site came out and google quickly changed them) was very telling. Personally, not down with all that.

    Especially after seeing the video leaked yesterday.

    Edit: fat finger syndrome using qwerty

  4. Ephrey Ilunga

    Hi Quincy ! Love your t-shirt. Thank for the free coding courses.

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