Alexa Development 101 – Full Amazon Echo tutorial course in one video!

*** This video has been UPDATED: ***

If you want to start building skills for Amazon Alexa and you’re new to programming – this course was created especially for you! By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create custom skills for Amazon Alexa – from scratch – even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life.

⭐ Course Outline (all in this video) ⭐

⌨ 00:00:02 – Lesson 01: Welcome & Course Introduction
⌨ 00:01:27 – Lesson 02: A Technical Overview of Alexa
⌨ 00:06:11 – Lesson 03: Skills Setup in the Developer Portal
⌨ 00:12:45 – Lesson 04: Understanding Intents and Slots
⌨ 00:16:16 – Lesson 05: Creating Skill Services
⌨ 00:24:09 – Lesson 06: Understanding Skill Code
⌨ 00:32:06 – Lesson 07: Skill Testing
⌨ 00:37:33 – Lesson 08: Planning and Design
⌨ 00:46:55 – Lesson 09: Building a Complete Skill
⌨ 00:59:30 – Lesson 10: Skill Certification
⌨ 01:06:19 – Lesson 11: Next Steps

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  1. Michel Chriqui

    Excellent course! Well organized, clearly explained. Thank you.

  2. Ruwan Indika

    Excellent tutorial :-), using the same email address for developer account and lambda account is really important , it returned an error when I had used two different email addresses/accounts – error : "the remote endpoint could not be called or the response it returned was invalid. alexa"

  3. Morwic

    Hello, In the Skills setup part you change the code to "GeneralGreeting', When I get to this step it stops working 🙁 " I get a " The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid." error – when I reply Hello? Do you know if something has changed on amazons code side ? Thank You. great vod ,btw

  4. martin woodger

    Hi, thanks for this, but when I click Create Function in the AWS console I don't get the Step1, Step2 … workflow options on the left and when I select the alexa-skill-kit-sdk template it does not take me to configure triggers and there is no graphical workflow displayed. I have tried different browsers and different region selections without success. Please can you advise what I am doing wrong.

  5. John Sivak

    Where in the Suggest a Beer code do you store the beer suggestions? I do not see it in the code provided.

  6. Sean Cronin

    When you're showing your google doc outline you make a big deal about the invocation name, and how "suggest a beer" will be more conventient to use than "beer suggestions", but a few minutes later in the developer console you use "beer suggestions" as the invocation name. Any reason why?

  7. I live in Austria and wrote a german skill, my alexa is also set to german, still i cant find it in the alexa app.
    I created all the accounts with the same email… any suggestions?

  8. Asfaque Sheikh

    Can you please tell me the method to extract a particular pharse from the intents in alexa skill development. eg. alexa ask appname to say my name Asfaque ……response:- Hi Asfaque. basically the question is how to read Asfaque from the intent?

  9. George Rusu

    When I say "ask beer sugesstions" in the service simulator, it should generate a LaunchRequest according to the docs, but this NEVER happens. It always generates a IntentRequest. Moreover, no matter what I enter in the service simulator ( ex. : asdfert), it is constantly a IntentRequest. Can yoy explain me this strange functionality? Thanks,

  10. Yash Kasundra

    Getting this error can you help me out "Error: Please make sure that "Alexa Skills Kit" is selected for the event source type of arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:381880984410:function:hello-world-alexa-skill"

  11. Mark Graves

    Great tutorial for a beginner/hobbyist like myself. Thanks for laying things out at my level.

  12. Terry D'Silva

    Just one word for this course: WOW! or Fabulous! or Superb! Thank you!

  13. 2oceanside

    You are talking too fast for me because I need to think about sounds. I Profound hearing ability.

  14. 2oceanside

    My parrot talks to Alaxa. Tells it to gross sounds.

  15. sajal rajabhoj

    hey thanks for wonderful tutorial!! Can you please suggest me way to perform npm install at for lambda on website itself?

  16. rtpubtube

    Seems several things have changed on AWS since this video was done.  Getting the following error with no further guidance "Error: Invalid ARN for NA region. Please provide a valid ARN in the form 'arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:000000000000:function:myFunction:myFunctionVersion'".  Frustrating since my ARN follows that format/spec.

  17. Mark Bradley

    hey i have been trying this seems simple as can be but my program alwasys calls the same intent no matter what i say

  18. Mainak Biswas

    I can't understand properly that how I build Alexa skill on raspberry pi .. please tell me properly sir.. i already setup Alexa with raspberry pi..but can't setup my skills

  19. Wow, Great startup tutorial for Alexa skill development. Thank you for sharing the knowledge

  20. Vlusion

    I do not want to create a new skills, I want to add extra ways to Alexa how she would react on regular things like 'how are you' Is this posible to?

  21. Prashant Gijare

    Excellent Video !! I have a question about the submission screen though. I have entered everything in the first screen, uploaded icon images but it doesn't go ahead when I hit save and continue. It also doesn't give any error messages. If I try to click other options, it warns me that my changes will be discarded. Anyone who knows what is happening? I've tested my skill in simulator and it works fine !

  22. Yaniv Yaniv

    Perfect! Dude this was perfect as an intro. Good job!

  23. Simple Tech Man

    I think Amazon Alexa might be the best smart speaker. I made a video on how to make an alexa enabled smart speaker for free and in less than 2 minutes. Check out my video and do let me know what you think.

  24. when i type florida, or alabama, in test sections returns: the error message could someone please help me? thank you in advance

  25. Ok I need a break, I got lost at Configuration as I was taken to a page that comes later in the vid, and version of the Lambda Console I am looking at does not have ASK…will click on the updated vid ~:-)

  26. I found the course extremely interesting and informative, It is clear to the point and it leaves no doubt or confusion as to proceed. I have one question, though; can this be monetized? Can one get paid creating an Alexa skill? Thank you.

  27. B S-H

    New to programming — is that all I'd have to be new to? Will I, as a non-techie but an experienced user, be able to understand the jargon? (For instance, I learned the other day that flashing rather than involving men's genitalia and a trenchcoat is actually installing software. Who knew?) What I really want is an Alexa app to control my Roku device. I'm tired of having to wrestle all 5,000 remotes from my husband. Doable or fantasy?

  28. Prince maliyan

    sir someone can help me in solving my problem statement……./Supply of doctors is limited in India especially in smaller towns and villages making provision of healthcare difficult to a large number of people. Telemedicine and other solutions in the past have also struggled to scale up due to this problem. Now in the age of digital assistants like Google and Alexa, can we create artificial intelligence based "doctor" that can diagnose everyday acute diseases like common cold, flu, etc, based on simple questions?

  29. Work in Progress

    Not sure if I missed this, but you may want to change your awake word so your device won’t activate


    how can i reset my Alexa password because i forgot it

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