Alienware 13 R3 Review (GTX 1060) – They Finally Did It.

Dave2D review of the 2016 Alienware 13 R3 with the OLED display and GTX 1060. Quad-core CPU in a 13″ gaming laptop.

GTX 1060 Gameplay Video –
External Drive Thing –
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  1. TheBitFox

    Time and time again i stumble upon this video and have to wonder how someone could cancel the AW13 series. Slap a i5 9300H or i7 8990U in there, add a GTX1660Ti and find a 144hz 14" screen for it. Bam, 1 AW13R4 is born. Had such a good thermal design and port layout, while built like a tank…

  2. Sarthak Sarkar

    I bought is laptop for 1000$ brand new . Its amazing , I bought it after watching soo many positive views about , it all started from this channel (I did a unboxing upload , would love if someone checks it out)

  3. Bene Gesserit

    Im from the present and this thing is a piece of overheating shit

  4. Digital_83

    Watching this on my Dec' 2016 R13 … 4 years later this little beast is still packin it left and right. Could not be happier with my little warrior !

  5. Winston Rhock

    Just replaced mine with the razer blade 15 advanced 2080 super max q oled. 13 still going strong though just needed more power.

  6. Build Prone

    I loved how the 13 looked but these things are unreliable. I had a 15 r3 and i closed the screen one day and when i got home from school and opened the screen it wouldnt turn on and turns out the gpu bass grid array is soldered terribly on them and break loose and so the whole computer died randomly and would never turn back on and support refused to replace it or repair it screwing me.

  7. XNK

    just picked it up for 650 euros 🙂 specs: i7, gtx1060, 16ram, 500ssd

  8. Daniel Dougan

    Don't drop it! Mine fell maybe three feet onto carpet, and I got dings in the chassis and (more annoyingly) the touchpad.

  9. David chavez

    I still owned best battery life any gaming laptops they ever made sadly alienware stop making the 13 inch models piece of history

  10. M IVANOV

    Still working on this one ( in 3d game dev! )

  11. JovanVita

    I found one for $690 and its in 10/10 shape it literally has no scratches or anything, and if i go for it im anyway planning to replace the thermal paste and anything else that needs replacing and clean it so yea, for $690 its a steal for me, apperantly the price is on point, on eBay it goes for $550 to $650 but im from a different country so ebay doesnt really help me, and i would much rather prefer a little bit higher price then a really low price, it means that its in better condition and that everything probably works fine, where as i found one for $550 it would probably mean something is banged up or scratched up and that sort of things, i have about 6 different laptops picked and now im just looking for the one im gonna buy

  12. Triton h

    2021 July 4th, my Oled 1060 still kicking ass. Play most néw games at high setting at 60fps. Cyberpunk at medium with high Level of detail at constant 35fps. Red dead 60, assassin creed vahala at 60. Sekiro at high 60fps. After repasted my laptop, I get 70-85C. Best 800 dollars ever spent. Got it slightly used.

  13. SneakyLeek

    Just got one for $369 with 7700hq, 1060 6gb, 32gb ddr4, 512gb ssd and of course the beautiful OLED. It might have been one of the best bargains I've managed to get and I've got retina macbook's for $60.

  14. The clones

    Man. I remember wanting this when it came out….. it just looked ao sexy. Minus the fact it's so thick

  15. kwarts

    This was the first d2d video i watched. I came up because im looking for r13 videos lol

  16. Sleepy

    I remember when this video first came out, I was so interested in this gaming laptop because of OLED. Sadly couldn’t afford it back then. Now 5 years later, I still can’t afford it.

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