You are currently viewing Alienware 15 R3 Review (GTX 1070) – 25% Thinner!!

Alienware 15 R3 Review (GTX 1070) – 25% Thinner!!

Dave2D review of the 2016 Alienware 15 R3. One of the best gaming laptops has been redesigned. 25% thinner with a GTX 1070.

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  1. Rodrigo Solis

    Hey man, could you review the Alienware 15 R4? And perhaps compare dimensions between the Alienware 15 and the Alienware 17?. Great channel, great content

  2. Nahom Getiye

    I love the way you tube… But now in 2019 its like oldschool. Why don't you give one for one of the subscribers like me

  3. Anirudh Sharma

    watching this video on my alienware 15 !
    thanks for the advice !!!

  4. Ivan Lobachev

    Wait, this thing has 3 as in THREE M.2 slots? Are all of the NVMe capable?

  5. Lucid Shaky

    Anyone feel like mailing me there old Alienware laptop since you guys all have this one

  6. megacurlerer

    Damn, this guy is on a tear right now. Getting mentions from various tech websites

  7. Evan Derick

    My job is editing videos. I like the design of this laptop but some people suggested I buy a Workstation laptop for the same price. Which one should I choose? Thank you

  8. Nigel Farray

    Would you recommend one today or would you recommend something different?

  9. Dinozaur

    Damn three years later and everything is so different lol. 2.3 million now

  10. I got this pc and in order to run Minecraft I have to do a full hardware scan to get it to work

  11. Kaleb Got keys

    Which one will be worth the money the Alienware – 15.6" Gaming Laptop – Intel Core i7 – 16GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 – 1TB Hard Drive + 128GB Solid State Drive – Silver or Alienware 15m 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8750H
    Windows 10 Home 64bit English
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5
    8GB, 1x8GB, DDR4, 2666MHz
    1TB (+8GB SSHD) Hybrid Drive

  12. Shashank Yadav

    [15 R3 kabylake 1070] if anyone can confirm on this, can i upgrade from 60hz to 4k panel by replacing the lcd ribbon cable ??? (the 60hz panel uses 30pin edp and 4k panel uses 40pin, i think its motherbord connector is the same just difference in the lcd ribbon cable). has anyone else done it?? any help would be appricaiated

  13. xing li

    Still using this one in 2020! should I get the new alienware A51m 2070?

  14. UrbanFuel


  15. kaushik kale

    Hey Dave. I own the Alienware 15 r3 model. I have 1060 graphic card running and its been 2 years since i bought this laptop. But, after a year of using my laptop, i hav been facing a lot of thermal and performance issues. Its taking a lot of time to boot up my laptop. Even though i hav updated all my drivers i still keep facing performance issues. I can't play any games at high performance and once i start a game, after 10-15 mins the laptop gets too much heated up. And its not only gaming, even while i do any content creating stuff or run any other program, my laptop's thermal runs very hot. I would like to hav any suggestions for this. It would really be helpful.

  16. My Latitude E6320 has the same keyboard. I love it so much. I kinda wish they kept the keyboard from this on the M15 and M17.

  17. achibg

    "Awesome laptop very powerful I got it to work in UE4 and it handles SEVERAL instances of it at 60FPS. Very quiet too. The edge near palm rest is a bit sharp though. The screen occasionally flickers not sure why.


  18. Vybes

    God!!! Send an angel to get me an alienware!!!😭😭😭

  19. I have this with 32 gigs ram and 10 tb of memory..all ssd. I call it the beast. Love using it for my dj-ing.

  20. Gagan Sohal

    Just picked up an alienware 15 r3 i7 7820hk and GTX 1080 max q for £575 on eBay in good condition …. I'm going to compare it to my MSI GP66 with rtx 3070!!!

  21. Rick

    The god damn thing keeps overheating and shutting off

  22. Sanberk.

    Ma man ur face is so small compare to your new self

  23. Pangtundure

    I miss this design , wish they had 5980HX with 6800M/3080 in this one.

  24. META[313]

    I wish i had this instead of my 2018 HP pavilion with 1050 TI in it (but better CPU tho – i5 8300h)

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