Alienware 15 Review – (GTX 970M) Gaming Laptop

An in-depth look at the 15″ beast from Alienware. Enjoy!
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  1. Alhaji Daniel

    like what model and series is this ??? saying "Alienware 15" doesn't help

  2. Fahad Imran

    Please also review the 6700hq & 980m version of this laptop!!

  3. Sqrub - PG3D

    this is the exact pc im running and i can still play Relaistic Sowcase Games with 30-40 FPS and if im running alot of apps it drops to 20 FPS so this Laptop Is a abseloute BEAST For its age

  4. The 5th Wave

    I’m getting a good deal for this laptop right now at 800$. Is it worth buying in 2020?

  5. guts

    Here in 2020 and lord his reviews have changed. This is soo chill and laid back and he goofs around. He still does this but at a lower scale. Nice.

  6. guts

    I laughed when he said “I ran Minecraft and got high framerates” so it’s good at gaming that’s the review lool

  7. Kenneth Eric

    Hi Dave, does Alienware 15 (2015) supports NVMe M2 drive? I have recently bought it in clearance Sale. Awaiting response.

  8. nomercy8989

    Still rocking this thing in 2020. Mine has a 1080p display and a 980m and I can still play games releasing without to many problems.

  9. Yes YouTube algorithm gonna trow my rtx 2070 super laptop from the Window after this

  10. Majibor Rahaman

    Its amazing to see how much tech companies have developed their products from 2016 to 2021

  11. Lyle Wiley

    They are still charging $1599 at Amazon, lol!!!

  12. Chris Jaison

    This is not the video I wanted to watch, but I'm glad I did lol. Wth.

  13. Bear 20

    i still have mine…. its slow asf

  14. Nvidia Shield

    I have the same laptop but with the 6700hq cpu. Its in new like condition. I use it once and awhile. Its been a great laptop. I now use the Alienware M15 R5 with the RTX 3070 when not on my desktop for portable gaming.
    I have had zero issues with this laptop. I do run Ryzen Controller to keep the temps down to 85 though.

  15. Keegan Jewett

    still have this laptop years later still works MINT but the friggin GLASS ON THE SCREEN IS CRACKED AND I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND A RELACEMENT!!!

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