Alienware Steam Machine Review – One month later. Is it worth it?

My review of the Alienware Steam Machine. I cover multiple games types and a comparison to the Alienware Alpha. Enjoy

Is the Steam Machine worth it? Who is it really for? Is the Steam Controller any good? Should you buy the Alienware Alpha or Alienware Steam Machine? Watch this video to find out! =)

Steam Machine First Look:
Steam Machine Info:
Review unit: i3/8GB/1TB/Nvidia GPU
More Details at:

Music Credits:
Intro: Robotaki – Raton Laveur
Background: FILI – Pharaoh

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  1. Spineapple

    Getting the Alpha, mostly because I can play Halo 2 again.

  2. shut your face!

    Does this have a second drive slot of some sort? M.2 or another Sata?

  3. I completely agree with you on the Steam Machine, and the Steam Controller in particular. I love that you gave the thing a fighting chance rather than wrestling with it for 20 minutes, sucking, and calling the controller garbage – like a lot of "reviewers" on YouTube. Subbed.

  4. XJLCA

    The structure you hang your TV on, does that come with the condo, or is it something you add on your own?

  5. Bruno Denis

    Can you upgrade the ram or the HDD on the Alienware steam machine (i3 model) thanks ! 🙂

  6. Jacob Keyes

    Huntington Honda on the Alienware steam machine i7 it's really cheap at GameStop only $375 do you think I should get it

  7. Brent Swift

    Got one half price first thing I did got raid of that shitty ass OS put windows on it can play all games know

  8. John Wurzer

    can it be hooked up to the alienware graphics amp?

  9. animedudevid

    Dude if you have sunlight coming though that fish tank your burning your poor little guys. Fish get stressed by it.

  10. Shelby Shum

    Is that your apartment? It's absolutely beautiful.

  11. DialSama

    Dude… For real? So you are telling us you don't know you can install Windows on the Steam Machine…
    Hmm… Someone must be getting some nice pay check from Alienware for saying that.

  12. Delta

    I'd like to add, a LOT of people hate SteamOS and forget/don't want to deal with putting Windows on it so the hardware is getting dumped. Basically, this lets you get Alpha level hardware for a cheaper price but the essentially the exact same system. I'm picking up a used i7 version of this system for $300, whereas a refurbed model for the Alpha right now is $440 – pretty big difference if you're on a budget which you can reinvest into an SSD or more RAM if you need to.

  13. Jah left

    Have alienware but no command center ? Can anybody help

  14. Juan Guzman

    Hey Dave, I know this video is already a couple of years old (I'm running through all the videos on your channel) but I love your style! Thanks for all the vids and suggestions.

  15. Emmanuvel

    I need the Alienware steam machine cuz I love the games and I love america

  16. DBZninjaTV

    Does anyone know if you can use it without a computer?

  17. mOOOp42

    Crazy coming back to this now that the Steam Deck was announced.

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