Alienware Wireless Headset AW988 Review

The Alienware Wireless Headset AW988 is Alienware’s best gaming headphones. At $230, it’s expensive but is it worth the money?
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With a 2.4 GHz wireless signal, great audio and a super comfortable mesh earcup, these Alienware headphones deliver great audio for really long gaming sessions.

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  1. Dave2D

    These headphones look awesome and they are incredibly comfortable. Is that enough for you to pay that premium over the competitors?

  2. bernhard85

    man thats a messed up thing to have built in … the crosshair was enough, this is just crazy… nice vid though

  3. bernhard85

    in games like tarkov and stuff where the game is fairly quiet it could work good though so i hope the game devs and anti cheats put out a blacklist against this no matter how good it works someone will fine tune it to work better and thats not fair to others who just want to play the games like your supposed to..

  4. M H

    Can these be used on xbox one?

  5. Brawl 604

    If you have a mic go audiophile go look at mass drop get some headphones. if you want a headset there is many cheaper options out there that are very good.

  6. Logan Nash

    How do I turn the “mic off, mic on” when I mute and unmute my mic?

  7. Hey I have the same one and it won’t turn on can you try to find a fix to it

  8. QuizziuQ

    I just got these after using the Astro A50 for the past few years… Immediately I have noticed a drastic drop in sound quality and if you main goal for these are FPS games… DONT! Foots steps can hardly be herd. Ill be sending mine back and shelling out the extra 100% for the new Astros.

  9. . where can i buy USB dongle for this headset . yhe problem is when i plig on my wire ita has sounds but . if it is usb nothing

  10. Banana bus

    Would I be able to connect this headset to my Xbox one controller because I saw that the headset came with a cable to connect to your pc or mobile devices and was wondering if it was compatible with Xbox

  11. FinalLuck

    i never trust long amazon products with nonsense names.

    'AW988 Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset Compatible with Area 51M Alienware M15 Alienware m15 Works W/ PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & Mobile Devices Via 3.5mm Connector Plus Best Notebook Pen Light

    what does alienware aw988 has to do with a pen light?

    what is a pen light…?

  12. nikolas_var

    Which one is better? Logitech G Pro X Wireless or Alienware AW988???

  13. ali plevneli

    That's extremely cheap 😂 if our currency were same i would buy this to my every friend i know 🙂 sadly this headset is more expensive in our country 🙁 how much 8x time's higher. We're crying here when people say 1000$ for a phone is expensive 😂 we pay 10x time's higher if it's iPhone then 20k here

  14. Navdeep Singh

    It connect with Android mobile device Wirelessly.
    Please I really Need a Hedset, I need 1 in one of this.
    # Asus strix 7.1 wireless
    # Logitech G933 wireless
    # Alienware wireless
    I saw videos on YouTube but no video about how to connect These headphones with Android mobile please I need this i want it for Listening music and Gaming, but mostly Music.
    So suggest me video how to connect with These headset with Any Android mobile easily like other headset connected.

    Thanks 🤝

  15. vash347

    There is no better sounding headset off the bat like alienware headphones. Nothing pinpoints footsteps in real time like these do. I'm not sure what kind of ears you guys have – I have super sensitive ears, might be the hairs growing out of them – I don't know – but with these, or the new alienware headphones, I can hear pins drop. I've used all the headphones in your list and some others over the 200 mark, like the bose gaming headphones and this is still better

  16. Yaseen Squires

    Mine bricked and I tried clean windows install and they wont work. Software is trash doesnt work at all

  17. Banzay23

    Bought it around 2 years ago after seeing this vid, haven't regretted it since. I generally use it 10+ hours a day, sometimes even fall asleep with it on, it's that comfortable. Audio quality is good, durability is good and my fucking god is it comfy. In the last 2 years I have not even once felt discomfort.

    I've dropped it plenty of times, and even with that it's still in perfect shape. Only slight annoyance is that it can only be cleaned with baby wipes. Sure the earpads can pop out (check manual on how), but they're still connected to a solid plastic frame that's needed to secure it back in place. That part might get damaged if it's soaked in warm/soapy water, not sure but don't wanna risk it. When you do clean the earpads with baby wipes, don't be rough, as the insides of the earpad can get damaged overtime (only noticed this after about a year and a half). All in all, best headset I've ever had and wouldn't think twice about buying it again if I ever needed a new one.

    Btw, you can also use it on your phone if you want. For this you'll need a usb-c/ micro usb to usb adapter (depending on your device). After connecting it, you will need to rotate the balance dial the other way around.

    This is the adapter I'm talking about:

  18. Phrog

    Yes Mum its for live lessons

  19. Rudy Murillo

    Can’t believe I bought when Covid started,
    Got them on sale for $100.00 and something
    only purchased them due to long hours of online school…
    Got them for my little brother since he spends 6-7 hours in class online he can literally wear them the whole day shiii I can wear them the whole day.
    Only downside is I don’t own a good laptop and can’t turn off the RGB so battery is 8hours and as soon as my little bro is done with school he has to charge it, before using it to game.
    Honestly besides battery life I love these I wear them just for fun that is how comfortable they are. Another downside is they are huge everytime I want to grab a drink from the fridge I hit the fridge door with the earcups lol
    First headset no regrets

  20. Notorious 24H

    how the fk can i download the soft ware ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. ricebow

    It’s 2021, is this headphone still around $200??

  22. Poopie Pants

    I love gay men, and you look like the woman in the relationship

  23. Xam Hui

    the headset is great, but it sucks all my sweat and now it smells very bad . couldnt find a way to clean it ..

  24. Fadzom

    Headset is ore expensive than my laptop lol. My laptop is trash, but still

  25. Manchic Howard

    I'm using a Naenka Lite Pro headset recently. It uses a Qualcomm 3040 chip and 5.2 Bluetooth. It can last for seven hours in a single battery life. Every point is worth showing off. Not only that, it only costs 59.9 US dollars. Said it is a very cost-effective headset.

  26. Aaron Rogers

    6:03 It's not cheating at all, it's a visual representation of the audio advantage some people experience with computers that have 7.1 surround sound setups. Also, I can see how this would be essential to deaf gamers. A great application IMO. Also by not using it you are actually handicapping yourself if you don't have 7.1 audio. It just bring you up to the same playing field as people who can afford the best gaming setups. But its still a slight disadvantage as compared to 7.1 audio in that you have to focus on the hud for what is suppose to be auditory alert to the direction of action. It only seems like cheating because you are getting an advantage that you don't realize is built into the game for an immersive experience.

  27. Malibu

    I lost my wireless dongle is there anything I can do ??

  28. Fast Lane

    Having trouble with the mic on xbox. But sound works. Not sure what could be the issue

  29. joey's bananas

    I would llike to see what they look like when you are wearing them. Are they bulky?
    I dont like really big "ear pieces"

  30. Neko man z

    the battry after useing these for 1 year gose realy bad gose to 40 hours to 3h if your luck and for the last hour it will yell at you constantly to charge it

  31. Dizzying Heights

    hey, im on linux i dont know how to turn off the rgb lights can you tell me how?

  32. Marco Bocao

    Why is not more to buy it? IS any problem and them discontinues?

  33. TinCanTap

    I own the aw988, here is my experience.
    Audio quality is great, i love the features. While it physically feels like if you try to open it too hard it will snap, it is probably a very durable headset in terms of strength. There were some PHYSICAL (not audio) popping and clicking while opening it sometimes but it doesn't occur when you aren't moving your head and it's probably only on mine.
    Now the bad part: the coating of the headset. I love the matte, but this is probably the most fingerprint-attracting material known to man. That's not an exaggeration. If you so much as look at it, there will be a fingerprint so clear you can open touch id with it. then you have to use an alcohol wipe then buff it out. And if you skim it with a paperclip, prepare to be looking at a jarring white scrape for the rest of the headset's lifespan. But if you can overlook the coating, it's a great high quality headset that I would reccomend.

  34. Max Wheatley

    My mom bought my these headphones a while back
    She passed since then but wow she must have loved me for $230

  35. The Awesome One

    Don't buy them, they only last 2 years and windows now says they malfunctioned. When you ring Dell the call center is offshore and all they say is that the warranty only lasts a year so they cant even trouble shoot. Only used by an adult and and they have been looked after,. $30 headphones will be my next purchase. Will never buy anything Alienware again.

  36. gary greenstein

    When u shut off the pc — why does the dongle still blink— I know it’s not connected— is there a way to stop the usb dongle to stop blinking

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