All Known Leaks About the 32 inch iMac Pro Release Date

so then guys we’ve had lots of leaks and rumors for the brand new iMac Pro and I want to discuss everything we know about it so that’s right guys believe it or not the larger iMac is still alive and is still in development and that will be the replacement for one of these that we’ve got right here this is still an old Intel iMac and believe it or not we’ve not had a larger iMac with any Apple silicon inside of it back in 2020 1 we did get the brand new 24 in iMac and that came with the M1 chip inside of it and it had a whole brand new design nice and thin with some lovely new colors and then at the end of 2023 with the M3 chip we also got an upgrade inside of his iMac but nothing else really had changed now for the 27in iMac and also the iMac Pro some could actually argue that the brand new Mac Studio that came out is actually the direct replacement here but it actually seems like from the leaks and rumors that I want to share with you today that the iMac or a larger iMac Pro is still alive and it’s going to be coming out so first things first Apple have ruled out as you can see right here that another 27 in iMac is not coming but the wording is very specific here it actually says a 27 in iMac it doesn’t say a larger iMac but we’ve actually had lots of leaks and rumors come out from the like s say Mark German Min quo who’ve actually said that we’re actually going to be getting a 30 or 32 in iMac and that this is is on its way and apple are in full development of this now most likely with a display of this new iMac it will probably be a promotion display so 120 htz because at the end of the day if it is going to be a pro iMac and it’s got that Pro name just like the MacBook Pros this also has a 120 HZ display panel or Al very likely it’ll also be a mini LED display we’re probably not going to get an OLED iMac anytime soon so the first iMac are going to have a mini LED inside of them these larger ones and that’s going to be absolutely amazing to see that this will be the first time we’ve had promotion in an iMac but next of all for the design wise we’re probably going to be expecting something very similar to the current iMac that we have right now the 24 in model but probably it’s going to be slightly thicker now the main reason why on need to be thicker is because this iMac will probably need to have a beefier fan inside of it to cool down the chips that Apple are pling to put inside of this iMac and just in case you want to know what kind of chips are probably going to be going inside of this it’s most likely we’re going to be probably seeing the likes of probably the M4 Pro or the M4 Max now these renders here obviously do show M3 Pro and M3 Max but at the end of the day we’ve been told that the M4 journey is going to be coming along much more quicker now so it’s more more than likely and expected now that we are going to be seeing those chips inside of this iMac instead of the likes of the M3 Pro and the M3 Max now you’re probably asking the question as well what about the ultra chip is that going to be inside of it and I’m going to probably say this is probably not going to be the case the likes of the Mac Studio are for that and as you know with the Max studio it is nice and thick it’s got nice big fans to keep that Ultra chip nice and cool so it’s unlikely that this is going to go inside the likes of this iMac otherwise the iMac would have to be really thick on the back to keep it nice and cool so probably a very similar sort of fan setup to what we have with the 14 and the 16in MacBook Pros to keep the current M3 Pro and the M3 Max will be coming the new M4 Pro and the M4 Max this is the kind of sort of thing that we’ll be getting inside of this new iMac Pro what going to be absolutely amazing do you know something else what is really amazing well that is the giveaway we’re doing on this channel happening at the end of June time this year and is for this this here is an M3 MacBook Pro and I’m going to be giving this way to one lucky subscriber at the end of June times the end of June giveaway on this channel and all you have to do to enter interet is just put down in the comments below of what Apple gear what technology gear you’re planning to get in 2024 put it down in the comments right now and near the end of June time I’ll be doing an announcement with a form what needs to be filled in as well and also telling you the date of the live stream of when we’re going to be giving away this MacBook Pro so if you want to know when that’s going to be make sure if you are brand new here to subscribe to this Channel and also hit that notification bell too the other thing as well I quickly tell you a few bits and pieces about this MacBook Pro it’s the standard M3 but it’s the top range M3 it’s not an M3 Pro an M3 Max but it also does have 16 GB of RAM inside of here and also 512 GB of storage too so that’s quite a bit of a beefy power up there what we’ve got in this MacBook Pro and if you want to be like I said lucky enough to do it make sure you put that comment down below but the other thing I also want to quickly say to you guys is that sadly there’s still lots of scammers and spammers people still impersonating me right now here on YouTube please do ignore them or better still as you can see right here please do report them so moving on with this new iMac Pro something else that we’re probably going to see are a lot of additional new types of ports compared to what the old Intel used to have we’re probably going to get a very similar sort of Port layout to what we have with the current MAC studio right now but probably the only thing that won’t be there is probably a HDMI port so all the ports that you see on a Mac Studio like I said minus the HDMI will be probably put on the back of this iMac but next of all you’re probably wanting to know when it’s going to be released and how much will it actually cost well the good news is looking at these rumors that we’ve got right here it’s possible that we could be guessing this new IM Mac Pro before the end of next year it’s unlikely if Apple are going to be starting out their M4 Journey all over again with the iPads or if it’s not coming with the iPads the M4 journey is going to start at the end of 2024 so we’re probably going to be looking towards 2025 before we’re going to get this new iMac Pro and with that probably looking at these reports as you can see right here it looks like it’s going to be probably near the end of 2025 so the second half of 2025 when that’s going to be is unknown but for my pure guess of when it would be it’d probably be kind of October time but that’s just my pure guess but there again you could be stepping into M5 territory by them we’ll just have to wait and see and see more leaks and rumors coming in of when the actual confirmed release date is going to be when the launch of this new iMac Pro with a mini LED display is coming now for price-wise probably speaking it’s going to be more expensive than what we have with the current Max St Studio at the end of the day the Max studio cost $2,000 and this comes with the M2 Max inside of it so probably with this brand new screen inside of it being a manyi LED screen as well we’re probably going to be looking for more than $33,000 probably I would say probably about $3,200 and that would just be probably with the M4 Pro inside of it with the M4 Max inside of it you’re probably going to be costing probably about another sort of $500 $600 more on top and this could be coming close to near that $4,000 sort of dollar sort of territory for a brand new iMac right here but what you’ve got to remember here is that if you brought yourself say a Max studio with an M2 Max inside of it then if you brought yourself a sort of 27 in LCD the normal LED kind of Mac Studio display that we have right now those together cost you more than $3,500 right now both together so this is why I’m saying even with just a kind of knockout M4 Pro and also in Slimmer design you can see what I mean it probably might be about $3,200 bigger screen mini LED but a less powerful chip inside of it but really guys that is everything we know for the new iMac what are your thoughts on this will you be guessing one in the future let me know in the comments below and with that as well guys it’s time to wrap up this video so if you have enjoyed watching it please do press the like button also you want to hear the latest news reviews and comparisons please also make sure you subscribe to this Channel and also hit that notification bell too until next time guys I’ll see you really soon take care bye-bye

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  1. @EnGioNeer12

    i would. proabaly get the m4 pro mac when it comes out

  2. iMac Pro would be great in 2024 but happy to wait, currently still have my trusty 27” iMac (2015)

  3. @SCVIndy

    I’ve got the 2012 iMac .. will buy the new one in 2025!

  4. If it´s true, it would be really amazing. A langer iMac would be my choice!

  5. @gillsehaj9275

    May I please have this MacBook please because I need it for my education😢

  6. @leonbenner2204

    we are looking at a new macbook pro and maybe a m3 imac, they depends on when the new one comes out

  7. I would love to get the new IPad Pro M4 for 2025.
    I would use it for my studies 😅

  8. @127Foxtrot

    As much as I would be very interested in this machine to replace my current 2014 5k iMac, Apple are just taking far far TOO LONG to bring this out. I would be more than happy with say a 27-30inch version of the current 24inch colourful 4.5K iMac, which they could be doing right now ie. just upsize that machine. To me, as a user who has supported its desktop machines since the original 1984 Macs, it's very disappointing – especially since Apple has become so massively profitable, it's maddening !

  9. @Love.MamaKaye

    Macbook Pro M3 16gb would be enough for me.😊 excited for the iMac M4 though 🎉

  10. @Roblox_Zyo

    32 inches on the M4 Mac Pro would be my computer choice

  11. @jaylen649

    A macbook pro would be amazing to have!! Especially since i trade on the stock market 😆🙏🏾

  12. @HowieD1975

    I have been waiting for a iMac with a larger screen with the latest M chip. The only issue I have had with the iMac line is over the years dust has an issue with the screens. For some reason the seal around the display panel lets in dust and you get these dark clouds around the corners of the screen. I was wondering if anyone had this dust issue have an external monitor with either a Mac mini or Mac Studio? I was told that the fans in the iMacs contribute to the dust getting into the display panel over time.

  13. @ashfaaqm6202

    This giveaway comes in time as i was thinking of upgrading my old laptop to a new MacBook for
    my tertiary studies! Would deffo be a motivator if i could win it !


  15. @grievesk

    iMac Pro 32" could be a great purchase for next year, but this year is the year of AI for me, so I plan to buy an iPhone 16 Pro.

  16. @fausto_colella

    a mac mini m4 pro will be my choise and should last many good years!

  17. @pauljazzman408

    I would have liked an M1 M2 or M3 iMac Pro but have got a studio display with a Mac mini M2 Pro as an alternative and that should last a few years. So rather missed the boat for an IMac Pro.

  18. @niccololugli62

    If I can save enough, I can’t wait to treat my self with a sweet new Apple Watch Ultra and a new iPhone

  19. @gilsilverbird

    Any mac would do. I like to record but cannot afford these apple computers. Tha IMAC 32 inch would be heaven for me. Of coarse everyone will say the same. But I am a dreamer. Great info brother. Silverbird

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