All the details on the new MG Cyberster electric vehicle unveiled!

wow mg used to be known for making small sporty affordable cars but in recent years under Chinese ownership it’s completely reinvented itself as an EV specialist today we’re at mg’s London headquarters to see its new model and it’s something that promises to blend its past with its present this is the mg cyberstar it’s a fully electric two-seat convertible and in this video we’re telling you 10 things you need to know about it before we start to see lots more new car reveals and reviews subscribe to our Channel and go to for a great deal on your next car foreign up is well established and very impressive you’ve got the mgzsev which is an SUV you’ve got the mg5 which is an estate car and the car that’s really caught people’s attention is the mg4 which is a small hatchback now they’re all impressive in their own ways but one thing they have in common is low pricing at least relative to the competition they’re up against and they’re all great value for money now we’ll talk more about pricing in detail later but this as you can imagine is very different and not aimed at the entry level end of the EV Market it’s a powerful two-seat convertible so compared to the rest of mg’s lineup this is very different indeed now this car was designed right here in this building probably not in the reception area that we’re in but in one of the Design Studios at mg’s London headquarters and the first sketches of it were made back in 2017 and over the years it’s been brought to life now with this model which we’re told is not 100 representative of the final production version of the car but apparently very very close indeed and what the designers at MG wanted to do was try and incorporate some styling elements from mg’s older cars so for example you’ve got a split front grille you’ve got a line down the side which apparently is reminiscent of an MGB but really this is a different kettle of fish from those cars isn’t it it’s not a small old school car this is a futuristic EV which is actually similar in size to a BMW Z4 some of the other styling elements worth pointing out are the 20 inch Alloys apparently they are likely to be the only size you’ll get with this car but there are two different designs to choose from and on the far final production version of the car you’ll probably be able to illuminate the badging around the car now one of the main standout features of the cyberstert you won’t actually notice until you get inside the car because it’s these scissor doors which are pretty cool very unusual and actually if you’re in a tight parking spot probably quite helpful less helpful if you’re somewhere with a very low ceiling mode the Cyber star has a zed folding roof back here which you can see just those away pretty neatly at the back of the car and weirdly even though the weather here is absolutely terrible the UK is a massive market for convertibles so it’s a real area of focus for this car and nothing official has been confirmed but you can well imagine that a fixed Coupe hardtop version of this could be offered in the future now in terms of practicality this is a two-seat Roadster so there’s no rear seats to talk about but it does have a boot although we can’t open it on this model and we don’t have any official boot capacity figures either and you might be looking at the very long Bonnet on this car and thinking it’s absolutely perfect for some extra storage on a convertible like this but unfortunately we’re told there isn’t a front Boot and under here there’s just techie and mechanical bits instead now the exterior design of the car was taken care of mostly by the team here in the UK but we’ve been told interior was where the team in Shanghai had more of a say and just a reminder again that for this model it’s not 100 representative of the final production version of the car so for today we can’t comment on the driving position the materials or the build quality in here but we can show you what it’s likely to look like for buyers who end up getting this car and what you have are a lot of screens there’s four of them down here this apparently is going to be for your climate controls so it’s a shame that that’s on a touch screen rather than having physical buttons of course these three screens up here will be your digital driver display and on the concept car we saw that these two side screens were for displays for the digital door mirrors and apparently again not confirmed but it’s likely that will be an optional extra on the car when it goes on sale but of course maybe the thing you’re drawn to First in here is this rather unusual yoke steering wheel now again this is likely to be an optional extra as standard the car is going to come with a full regular steering wheel and if you want to see what it’s like driving a car with a yoke steering wheel then click on the link at the top of the screen to watch our review of the Lexus RZ now it’s still far too early to have a full spec breakdown of exactly what the cybus is going to offer but we do know that it will be available initially at least with two different versions there’s going to be a rear-wheel drive cyberstar with one electric motor and 309 brake horsepower and again it’s not been confirmed but it’s been suggested that that might weigh something like 1850 kilograms which is pretty much double what an MGB weighs there’s also going to be a four-wheel drive version with two electric motors offering a combined 536 brake horsepower and that is likely to weigh an extra 135 kilograms we don’t know anything at all about the battery sizes that are going to be offered with the Cyber stuff but for reference the mg4 we know is available with two different battery sizes the biggest one being 61.7 kilowatt hours and the longest range officially with that car is 281 miles like the batteries we don’t know anything about the charging speeds of this car but again for reference the fastest charging mg currently can accept 135 kilowatts now the price no electric car is cheap but mg’s electric lineup is among the cheapest this though will be comfortably the most expensive model in its range now again it’s too early for anything to be confirmed but it’s been suggested that the entry-level rear wheel drive model is going to start from around about 55 000 pounds with the all-wheel drive model going up to 65 000 pounds so pretty much double what you’d spend on an mg4 now of course that is not cheap but like the mg4 the mg5 the mgz SCV there is a chance that this could still compare to the rivals that it’ll be up against end up looking like great value for money that is more to do with how expensive its Rivals are likely to be rather than how cheap the Cyber stir is though because the first competitor that Springs to mind is the Tesla Roadster which we first saw back in 2017 but still feels very far away from appearing on our roads here in the UK the specs of that car are ridiculous with Tesla quoting a naught to 60 miles per hour time of 1.9 seconds and a quarter mile Sprint in just 8.9 seconds so it will surely be quicker than whatever performance the Cyber star ends up offering but the Tesla Roadster is also expected to cost around 200 000 pounds there’s also an electric Porsche Boxster in the works for 2025 but given the fuel powered version you can buy right now starts at more than 50 000 pounds it’s probably safe to assume the electric version will be quite a bit more expensive than the mg so that is everything we know about the mg cyber stuff a very exciting new EV which should be on the roads here in the UK in the summer of 2024. if you want to see our full review of the car as soon as we’ve driven it make sure you subscribe to our Channel tell us in the comments below what you think of it so far and go to for a great deal on your next car foreign [Music]

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  1. @qj1247

    You didn't mention the Dodge Charger EV

  2. Too big. My PRHT Miata is way better proportioned. Also, the roof line on this thing looks pretty high. Actually, let me re-phrase that, the roofline on this car is around 52.5 inches, it looks weird for any sports car to sit that tall

  3. @Kevin-si1es

    Be totally unreliable either break down or catch fire

  4. @Kevin-si1es

    You going on the about the car so much why don't go and buy one then

  5. @DaleSteel

    A lot of ppl won't buy that simply because of its stupid name

  6. @mostlynobody517

    Nice car. We will probably never see it in America because MG is a Chinese owned company.

  7. @user-um1wi2lz1b

    I really love to bring this MG sport car back to Abingdon Oxford where I used to live, I watched the MG car made from there more than 35 yrs ago, I also joined the MG rifle club, things are so different now and I am no longer a young man, but I still miss Abingdon and Oxford.. 😒

  8. @dannymcgrath

    First thing I would do is remove all badges. Then you have a great looking car. Who came up with that name needs a kick in the balls.

  9. EV owners are evangelical to the point of being deranged. They have to try and justify what is turning out to be a terrible buying decision – worse for the environment, more expensive, horrific depreciation, short life span ,limited range and more expensive to charge than petrol if using public chargers .

  10. @bign1667

    Make this design production and stop being a soft πŸ“

  11. @tonyh7158

    According to UK government, this car is a national security threat.

  12. But from concept to conception, they always blow it. Let's see what chinese translation ends up like. Actually, if they build it as in the present form, chinese would get some automobile design respect for originality. They're shown kind of fresh, good-looking automobiles. They should maintain their quality up, compared to the rest of the world to add loyalty to their products. China showing the world they can build attractive looking cars with reliability to match.

  13. @helipeek2736

    So basically that was an eight minute video of someone who knows nothing about the vehicle telling us that they have no clue about any of the salient facts about a car we can’t yet buy – INFORMATIVE. NOT!

  14. @Andy-xs3ld

    This is what the latest MX5 should have looked like instead of the ugly Mk4. I was thinking that Mazda designers lost their way with the Mk4 but the Cyberster suggests to me that maybe they work for MG now πŸ€”

  15. @daniegrove5658

    What's the point if it doesn't have any storage space πŸ€”πŸ’©

  16. @Ianmundo

    they need to shrink that front emblem, it’s hideous

  17. Will this be available in the US? I have owned several convertibles including an MGB. I love convertibles and have been waiting for someone to come out with one. Hoping they add a frunk to it since space is so limited in convertibles.
    Love the style of the car. Hope the doors will be able to be adjusted on how high they open.

  18. @phil1898

    Nice looking car. Bit concerned about the doors though, I'd lock a car like that up in the garage but it wouldn't be great to have them hit the roof!


    Nah ! More " Mazda Genre " than " Morris Garages ! "
    Ok for those who like " shiny , shiny ! "
    Cyber . . . What ?

  20. @MudSluggerBP

    Why do makers of electric cars go mad with the plethora of displays? All the battery is needed for range not to be wasted on watching videos or having animations playing as you listen to music πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘ŽπŸ»

  21. @MudSluggerBP

    Put a real engine in there and I’ll be interested πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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