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Watch 4 near crashes with my DJI Phantom with commentary!

Since I bought my drone 1 year ago, I’ve had a number of close calls where I almost crashed my drone! In this video compilation, I walk through 4 close calls along with 2 other amazing drone shots near the Seattle area.

Videos featured:
– Near crash into power lines above a BNSF train
– Scaring away a boat that was far too close to a sea lion
– Sea lions feeding near Myrtle Edwards Park in downtown Seattle
– Near crash into a tree at Bellevue Park in Bellevue, Washington
– Near crash into City Center Plaza in Bellevue, WA
– Near drift away at Fort Casey, in Washington State

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Aerialbd

    Cool moments. I've had a few of my own.

  2. GaryMc

    Holy smoke, a few near misses there Kevin. Wow it looked as if the drone was going to catch your good lady in that last clip. Good tips. Super content as per usual!

  3. rcvids&more

    @ 3:34 is that an rc Helicopter to the left? You can see it for 2 sec. Moment nr. 7

  4. Roy Shanto

    Really enjoying your videos.
    Love from Bangladesh🇧🇩🇧🇩

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