Amazing Budget Home Cinema Projector – XGODY X1 – BIG Screen 240″ PS5 Gaming

My full review of the XGODY X1 home cinema projector.

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* LED Video Projector
* Lamp life: 100,000
* T972 / 2GB + 16GB / Android 9.0
* 5GHZ WIFI / BT 5.0
* Brightness: 12,000 Lumens
* Native 1920 x 1080 (HDR10)
* Decode 4K/8K
* Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1
* Manual Focus + Keystone
* Zoom: 50% – 100%
* Max Screen 45” – 240”
* HDMI Input
* Dual Cooling Fans
* Dual 5W Speakers (Dolby)

00:00 Intro
00:22 Specs
01:16 Fan Noise
01:36 Android OS
03:53 Screen Mirroring
04:56 Streaming
07:25 Astro’s Playroom (PS5)
07:46 Street Fighter V (PS5) Latency Test
08:12 Crash Bandicoot 4 (PS5)
08:31 WWE 2K20 (PS5)
08:52 UFC 4 (PS5)
09:09 GTA V (PS5)
09:37 Inside the Box
10:03 Design
11:05 Pros & Cons

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  1. Seedaripper1973

    Hmmm, the built in android isn't very good then…Only 1080p (Youtube, Netflix etc) and this is with 5 GhZ wifi? Shame you didn't mention the Bluetooth mate, as with my current ceiling mounted projector (Apeman native 1080p) it doesn't support bluetooth, so i purchased a BT transmitter for my mounted Surround soundbar…sometimes with BT there's lip syncing issues due to lag, so i'm interested in BT capabilities with projectors….Oh and you missed your infamous USB tests (especially as it boasts 8K)…I don't want this to sound negative though Chigz as it was a great review nonetheless, and this box has piqued my interest…Peace.👊

  2. Alright!!! I have bought 3 second hand projectors off ebay! Got 2 casio lazer lcd projectors for £80 and a short throw NEC projector for 99p but had to buy a bulb for £50! I have bought a couple of them projectors and they both ended up with dark marks on the bulb! Just wondering of you could do a cheap Chinese projectors vs 2nd hand one for under a £100? Might make interesting video

  3. shawn G

    Why are none of these budget projectors truly 4K when they have 4K written all over them? This one even has 8k?????
    There is a guy on YouTube "DIY perks" who has built one using the digitiser from a 4K phone, it is possible but nobody sells one?

  4. Paul Hill

    This projector looks good.Good review.👍

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