Amazing Discounts on Sony BRAVIA LG Samsung TVs! | Don’t Miss the 4th of July Sale!

hey everybody what’s going on let’s check out some Fourth of July sales that are going on right now and if you’re watching this after Fourth of July chances are there’s a lot of these sales still going on so don’t worry if you’re watching this a little bit later let’s take a look at what is going on for the TV sales and I’ll talk about what potential sales could be coming afterwards if certain TVs aren’t on sale and just a reminder that everything that we’re looking at is on best I have affiliate links for all of these in the description below but this is not a sponsored video from Best Buy you could use whatever retailer you want to buy your TVs but if you do use one of my links it will help support the channel and I can’t thank you guys enough for doing that so thank you so let’s take a look at some of the TVs that are going to be on sale and I’ll kind of compare them to what’s going on for the other TV models as well all right so let’s start off with some Samsung TVs we’ll look at the Q90 Series this is a really popular series and a lot of people want to know is the Q 90d better than the q90c and I’m just going to tell you right now from my personal opinion I don’t think that the q90c is a downgrade from the Q90 D at all in fact I think that the q9c is a better TV overall so save some money and buy the q9c and get a better TV I think that is the end result 55 in is $8.99 right now that’s a really good deal for a 55 in TV of this quality you can see it’s $1,500 on sale compared to 2300 right here for the Q 90d there’s a 75 in I just think that the value is so good on the 85 in here as well in my opinion this is one of the best 85 in LCD TV deals you can get right now let’s talk about the Sony Bravia 7 price cut for the 65 in it’s $17.99 now this is actually a pretty good deal for the Bravia 7 it’s a good TV overall for the price and when you’re looking at it with the competition in mind if you’re just set on getting a mini LED TV I like this one a lot and it’s something that you should definitely look into at this price tag they keep cutting the price on it and I think that they are really being aggressive so this is also available in 55 in 75 in and 85 in then of course you have the Bravia 9 which is going to be $3,000 for the 65 in and 4,800 for the 85 in the 75 in is 3500 so the Bravia n overall a lot of people have been asking me is it comparable to the G4 the S 95d is it up there with some of the best TVs of the year I think for some people it will be because of the HDR impact that you get out of this TV the brightness is incredible and if you’re somebody who always watches in Vivid mode this is actually the TV that I’ll just recommend for you flat out because this is the best Vivid mode TV that you can buy right now in my opinion and it really isn’t close I think that the Bravia 9 does provide that kind of impact that no other TV does provide in the same degree so yeah overall the ravia 9 just a fantastic TV the best mini LED TV that I’ve personally ever seen highly recommend it especially if you are somebody who watches Vivid mode all right now let’s talk about big old TVs and then I’ll move on to the smaller sizes of TCL and high sense as well now when we’re talking about giant TVs like 98 in and 100 in TVs they’ve become really kind of affordable if you think about it compared to some of the premium TVs that I was showing you in like 65 and 75 in and 77 in well you get a 100in TV for the same price and uh you just take a little bit of a hit in picture quality but for some people they might not even notice it or even care about it enough because they’re just immersed in the content now one of the ones that is available right now is the 100 in u76 in for $2,300 with free installation and this is going to have local dimming on the TV itself TCL also has something available for this year’s model and that is the 98 in q6 series this is a q LED TV as well but it’s going to be direct lit instead of local dimming so I think the local dimming TV is going to be the better option for you personally as you go up in price you go up in quality of course so do not sleep on the qm7 98 in that is going to be one of the cheapest mini LED TVs that you can get in the 98 in size so taking a look at the smaller sizes for TCL and hense when we’re looking at this year’s qm8 it is going to be brighter same thing with this year’s u8 is going to be brighter than last year’s u8 they always up themselves on brightness you can see the 65 in u8 in from high sense is $9.99 right now pretty good deal overall the qm8 from this year $ 13.99 so definitely will probably be better for people if they’re looking at a 65 in to go with the high sense over TCL in this category but you could be looking at a 855 in TCL qm8 from last year for 1399 if you are looking at a 65 in qm8 this year just something to think about in terms of the price differences going on right there it does seem like overall high sense has the better deals right now and they’re going to be very similar in performance to be honest with you and I can tell you for a fact having the u8 in it is going to be a light cannon in your home you are absolutely going to love the u8n now looking at the S90 series which is the Cutie oleds we’re going to look at 65 in here and you can see there is a big price difference here the s9c is a really good bang for your buck when it comes down to getting the best OLED TV you can get at 65 in for 1,600 that is a ridiculously good deal and I’m not saying that this is going to be the best OLED TV out there I’m just saying the value that you’re getting is going to be one of the best so it’s very comparable to the s90d I would say the s90d is probably better because it does have the default bt2020 color space in movie and filmmaker mode which is going to give you better color out of the box overall but that price difference is going to be something that you want to think about cuz the performance difference isn’t really that huge s90d is said to be about 20% better than the s90c in terms of brightness so if that’s something that you really admire then get the s90d and pay the difference now if you need 55 in for the S90 series there’s not really a way to get the s90c in 55 in in most retailers but you can look maybe you have a local retailer that still has it but the s90d is $15.99 so if you can only really fit a 55 in TV or you just really want a s90d then for $15.99 the s90d is actually a really good deal at that price tag now 77 in isn’t on sale for the s90c other than $22.99 but it may go on sale for $118.99 so if you’re watching this and it’s $118.99 get the s90c 77 in it is a really good deal $83 3 in is also going to be one where the s90d really won’t make a lot of sense and this is also going to be a w OLED in both models for the 83 in size because they do not make 83 in QD OLED panels keep that in mind when you’re looking at the s90d if this is something that you’re looking at I would definitely go with the s9c because it’s more or less going to be very similar performance and you get a $200 gift card and the price tag is only going to be $3,000 compared to $5,000 so looking at this next one is the S 95d and the s95 C but the thing about the s95 C is it’s not really equivalent to the s95 D the s95 D is more of its own class of premium TV this year it is really good when it is head-to-head it can match the G4 and sometimes beat the G4 and it really just is going to trade blows with the G4 so it’s going to be a pick your favorite preference type TV between that and the G4 but between the s95 D and the G4 this year for the best OLED that was released in 2024 so really there’s a lot to be considered with the S 95d I can’t really compet to the s95 C because I just think it is so much better than the s95 C so to say like is the price difference worth it that’s harder to make a justification for because the Gap and difference of performance I think that the s95 D really outshines the s95 c s95 c can be still a really good good deal if you need that one connect box but I would just go with the s90c over the s95 C if you’re trying to save some money all right so let’s move on to the OLED TVs from LG now when we’re looking at the C Series these are going to be very comparable the C4 is better than the C3 there’s no doubt about that but is it a huge significant Gap probably not I don’t think it’s that big of a difference they’re both going to be W OLED but the C4 is certainly brighter if that’s what you’re after but I honestly would look at the s90d over the C4 especially if you are a gamer and if you’re watching movies the C4 can win sometimes so that’s just something that maybe if you’re a movie Watcher you don’t game at all then the C4 over the s90d maybe you can consider that then maybe you can consider the C3 but honestly when the s90c is 1899 I can’t sit here and recommend the C3 to you it’s just going to be a tough case for me but again if you don’t really game maybe you can justify it now when it comes down to the 65 in version of this TV you are seeing that it is on sale for 14.49 for the 65 in version which is going to be 150 bucks cheaper than the s90c again I do think the s9c is worth $150 more than the C3 but that’s just my personal opinion the C4 for $2.99 that’s not bad bad at all but again I think the C3 and the C4 are close enough to where it’s really hard to justify paying that difference kind of like what I said about the s90d and the s90c compared to each other there is that difference there now when it comes down to 55 in it’s only a $200 difference and this is where I would say with the benefits of the brightness difference you could start making a case for the C4 to get it over the C3 at the 55 in size and typically see that with a lot of the 55 in sizes for the 2024 oleds no matter what brand it’s from it typically does make more sense to go with a 2024 model over a 2023 model for the 55 in size same thing can be said about the 48 in size as well especially since the 48 in size and the 42in size this year for the C4 has gotten a bit of an improvement with the brightness in mind and not to mention we are talking about the C4 being capable of 144 4 Herz where the C3 is only capable of 120 HZ so I can’t forget to mention that for the gamers and that goes for all the screen sizes for the LG C4 all right next up we got the LG G4 and the LG G3 they both come with a 5-year panel warranty so when we’re looking at the difference in price here for the 65 in I know this sounds like a stretch here but I honestly would pay the difference for the 65 in G4 because they have an improvement this year with the new processor with the new game mode improvements there’s just a lot going for the G4 I also think the TV has better three-dimensionality when it comes down to the depth of the TV I love the G4 it’s one of my favorite TVs this year I think it does rival the S 95d again that’s going to be a pick your preference sort of situation but the G4 without a doubt is the better TV than the G3 is the G3 that much far off of the G4 if you’re just looking at the numbers it’s not that big of a difference but if you saw these TVs side by side you would see a difference so if you want to save some money and get the G3 you can definitely justify that but I would say if you have your eyes on a g series TV definitely wait till the G4 drops in price to the same degree as the G3 if you can because I just think the G4 is a better buy overall now looking at the 77 in size this one actually comes with free installation and free mounting for the LG G4 if you buy it through Best Buy so that’s actually a really cool perk and something that you may have to pay for separately otherwise so that makes the price tag a little bit more justifiable and again same thing I’m saying about the other sizes wait if you’re looking at the G Series I can’t justify getting a G3 personally unless you’re buying right now and you have to buy a TV right now and that’s the only thing that you can really justify affording but if you have your eyes on a g series TV and you can wait definitely wait for the G4 if you’re not buying right now a question I get all the time about the G3 versus the C4 which one is better the G3 is absolutely better than the C4 so if you’re comparing the C4 and the G3 which one should you get between those definitely go with the G3 if you’re buying right now but again I still stand Pat on the G4 just waiting for that price to drop if you can because it’s not like the C4 and the C3 like the C3 and the C4 are closer together than the G3 and the G4 are in my opinion just because you have that processor difference on the G4 you have that picture depth difference on the G4 compared to the G3 and you have a better game mode on the G4 compared to the G3 that all personally matters a lot to me so that’s why I’m recommending it that way if you have to buy right now I couldn’t fault you for getting a G3 remember they both have 5-year panel warranties so that’s a good thing when you’re talking about OLED TVs so looking at the Bravia 8 versus the 8 80l Sony made it really hard to want to just go with last year’s a80 L that price difference isn’t gigantic and I think I would justify just getting the new Bravia 8 because it’s brighter it will be more impactful with HDR because of these reasons and it’s going to have the 2024 features which there’s a lot that you’re going to want on your TV so that difference in price I would actually say yeah I’d probably justify it for the 55 in size it’s not that huge of a gap same thing can be said about the 65 in size as well and it looks like the 65 in size for the A8L is no longer available either another question I always get is where do you go for the budget TVs when it comes down to the lowest price you can get for a 55 in a 65 in where should you be looking and in my opinion you should be looking at TCL and high sense and those are going to be where you want to look and typically 2024 models are almost going to be the same as 2023 models in price give or take a little so just know when you are in this budget category price doesn’t drop as much as it does in the premium category SO waiting for Black Friday for these value TVs sometimes doesn’t feel like it’s going to give you that much value at the end of the day but yeah I would definitely go with a TCL or a high sense if you are buying in the budget category for all those TV sizes 55 in 65 in 75 in and even 100 in like we talked about you’ll find that the bigger Brands don’t offer as much value for the price when it comes down to it do you guys have a favorite deal let me know in the comments below and if you guys want to keep watching videos on TVs check out one of my TV comparisons right here I think you’ll like it thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next one

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  1. @MadViking82

    Finally made my purchase today, got LG G4 83" at 5545 USD. Not the greatest price, but not the worst either!

  2. @Forthepeople21

    You should’ve mentioned only the smaller qn90c are worth it over the newer qn90d as they are crappy ads panels. The new Samsungs have all Va panels I believe

  3. @gangs0846

    Man bought a 77 inch C4 for 2k including tax however returned it for a 77 S90C but that came with broken HDR. I did not test the C4 however the S90C is too dimm at daylight with max settings, Contrast Enhancer and DTM On. Would the C4 be even dimmer?

  4. Iv been w😂watching TVs on the website for months there the most expensive they have been in the past 6weeks of course im looking at the oleds 83 inches and yes about 3 weeks ago i seen t some 83 inches for as low as 1,999$ however they were open box but still i seen the same tv for 2,600 this 😅 this weekend open box yeah don’t buy the hype you have to look randomly ❤

  5. Hey KG how are you ? do you recommend me get 77 inch Lg C3 1.999 or go for sony a80l 2.699 it even samsung s90c for 2.250 dollars ? thank you so much for your advice

  6. @billtinnell2206

    Best buy has 65" C3 for $1,449.00 and 77" C3 for $1,999.00. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I checked the qn90c at Best Buy and I get $999. I see what you have, why the difference do you think? I want a 55in but what about the blooming?

  8. @AnimalnatureYT

    Hello, which tv would be better to get the S90D WOLED or the LG C4?

  9. @Vinner07

    I’m still torn between the Bravia 9 and g4. Which one is better for sports over YouTube tv?

  10. @mrrjimm55

    Got my 75" qn90c a few months ago for 1519.00 from samsung. Its a really good tv

  11. @Soldier-cu7hx

    I see the S95C is getting no shine, its price is marked down nicely too. I got one for 65” for 1599.00 pls tax, hopefully I luck up and don’t have any OCB issues, other then that I’m hearing it’s on the same level as the S90D

  12. @benny360

    In Australia I got a 83” G4 that retails for $10,000 aud for $6242 with a s40t sound bar

  13. Finally bit on a 65" A80L last week when it was on sale and they were doing the Total member deals, $50 for buying a 65" or larger and $100 for using my Best Buy card. Couldn't be happier, it's gorgeous. Plenty bright for my space and the level of detail is jaw dropping. Looks like they're sold out now.

  14. @TechWithKG

    Looks like one or two prices got swapped sorry for that usually doesn’t happen when prices go live.

  15. @iGotBigToes.

    All of the mounting services are discounted at the moment depending on the size. For instance it’s only $100 for a 65 Lg G4 so normally I would wait for the price to drop a little but since I need those services done it offsets waiting for a better deal. Food for thought for anyone in the same situation

  16. @Dreamer5211

    Thanks but the link did not work ? I checked BB's website and there price for the 55" QN90C is 999.99 , only a hundred , but given the economy … Thank you and Happy 4Th to your and your family , Dreamer 

  17. @Kivancli79

    Thats great and all, but we dont have 4th of july sales in my country … cause nothing happend on the 4th of July over here, in our history. Wish Washington also got on a ship, sailed over to Europe and cause an uprise against the Monarchy or some sorts, so that i, 200+ years later, could also enjoy tv sales, but, yeah … sadly, no.

  18. @ajwtf6539

    So jealous of the US prices for 77 inch tvs for some reason we get better 65 inch prices in uk than you the 65 s90c £1099 lg c3 £1199 but they really don't get under £2000 for 77 here

  19. I visited Best Buy and they announced in store clearance sale on LG G3 only so purchased 77 LG G3 for 2349 new was this a good price ?

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