Amazing Pre-Order Offers for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

So we finally know the pre-order gifts for the Galaxy Z Fold 6, and let me tell you, it’s looking way better than what Samsung offered in the past. What’s up guys Sal here, First, a heads-up: pre-order gifts can vary by country. What one region gets might not be the same for another. We have two exciting pieces of news about these gifts, and the second one is pretty darn surprising. Let’s start with the first. So a few days ago, Samsung said you could save up to $1,500 with the Z Fold 6 purchase. Samsung is now sending emails to some customers, explaining how the $1,500 savings break down. As you can see, Samsung’s bringing back some fan favorites! Pre-ordering gets you double the storage on your phone, which can save you up to $240. Plus, you’ll score a free year of Samsung Care+, valued at up to $156. So far, that’s a potential $396 in savings. But here’s the catch: The remaining "savings" come from trade-in offers. Samsung is offering up to a whopping $1,200 in trade-in value this time! This likely applies to recent flagship phones like the Z Fold 5 and maybe even the S24 Ultra. It’s the highest trade-in value we’ve seen since the Fold 3 promos way back in 2022! For context, last year the max trade-in value offered was $1000. So adding it all up, you could potentially reach over $1,500 in "savings." But realistically, the trade-in bonus and reservation credit are the only direct discounts. The rest are more like perks. Still, compared to recent offers, this is a pretty sweet deal! Also, you’ll get an additional $50 credit towards the phone purchase, unlike last time when it had to be used on accessories. To get the $50, you need to reserve the phone, which is free with no obligation to pre-order. Plus, you’re entered into a $5,000 giveaway just for reserving! On top of that, you’re automatically entered into a $5,000 giveaway from Samsung just for reserving! so don’t miss out! I’ll drop the link to the reservation page below in the description so you can check it out for yourself. Now, the second surprising pre-order deal involves getting a pair of Galaxy Buds 3 Pro with your Galaxy Z Fold 6 or Flip 6 purchase at no extra cost. That’s right! You pay for the foldable and get the premium earbuds for free. This info comes from Roland Quandt, who has a great track record. But here’s the thing, Samsung hasn’t given away free premium earbuds in recent years, so it’s quite unusual. So I recommend treating this with caution. But if it’s true, this is going to be a generous offer from Samsung. As mentioned, pre-order gifts vary by country. I’m unsure which will get the free Buds 3 Pro. Whoever does will surely get a great deal. But what I’m sure about is that most countries will get this specific offer because it sounds reasonable and it’s coming straight from Samsung. By the way, did you hear that Samsung is redesigning the Galaxy S25 Ultra? Click here to know what it could look like and I’ll see you there.

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  1. I'm considering switching to that Z Fold 6 just for one reason: my S23 screen broke..

  2. @redstang70

    Except they ever do the storage upgrade for the 1tb version so that amount of savings is worthless. And $1200 for my 1tb fold 5 that cost over 3k barely 12 mos ago? Lol…now.thats funny.

  3. @Grey16462

    UK always get bad trade in deals, I have never seen it gone pass £600 even if you want to trade in your latest flagship.

  4. @bigalc4528

    I purchased the Honor magic V2, got over £500 off just for signing up to receive offers by email and purchased the honor pad 9 for a £1 and what a phone taken over from Samsung for design innovation.

  5. @YaNice117

    If this is true, I'm sure they are doing it so that they can reclaim the #1 spot when it comes to the foldable market.

  6. @zykwek6099

    honestly, can they just do a pre order gifts that consist of a power brick?

  7. @BensTechTube

    WOO-HOO! as long as I get Atleast $1000.00 for my Old Fold4!

  8. @fabi_2001_lw

    samsung Buds2 pro look much nicer than the 3 pro 😢😢

  9. Its a marketing gimmick. 1200 for trade in? and 156 for 12 months care which technically the phone is still under warranty? And they can't even give a charging brick. I will just pass.

  10. @bakedpanda2796

    US will get all the offeres and samsung will cover up all the loss from Asian countries where every product will be more expensive and will not get any offer such as 50$ credit, 1200$ trade-in

  11. @GamingWitRad

    I tried to pre order but I can’t do from Samsung without paying off my old but I’m due for upgrade so I guess I wait till it’s in stock at AT&T

  12. @dogzero00

    Great video. Question: Will Samsung come out withe Fold 6 Ultra in January 2025?

  13. @xpxtreme

    Free ear buds lol that's why the phone is 100$ more then last year. Nothing free….

  14. @flicka25

    I don't know why the complaints….we get absolutely nothing except the extra storage and maybe they'll throw in the buds this time. The rest is usually reserved for the USA…….talk abut pearls before swine. Sometimes I think of switching over to One Plus just to spite Samsung….at least they throw in a 100 w charging brick and they're a heck of a lot cheaper.

  15. @dnbcatalina6192

    My S23 ultra has 5000 mamp battery. Going to fold 6 means downgrade to 4400 mamp. So why I spent so much money? Battery is much more important for me than anything else. Also camera downgrade I forgot to say.

  16. I won't doubt it. Most samsung fans aren't sheeps and im definitely not buyingnrhat headphones already talked to much shxt to my gf about her apple jawn, lol…. so that's a smart way to make it grow on us, i guess.

  17. @JustXavier

    Samsung trying to get everybody to spend their money before the pixel fold 2 comes out

  18. @kas4751

    Sales must be rough for Samsung to have to resort to deals like this. The premium and exclusive feel is gone.

  19. @brianbb0208

    what's the cost of just outting a charging brick instead of all this

  20. @vari217

    I think the free earbuds are only for samsung loyal customers or the people who have samsung account. Because I too saw the free earbuds on the booking page when i received the email from samsung about the booking.
    I am not sure if the link redirected me to was of US or Canada.
    I can't seem to find the same webpage that said get free earbuds

  21. @beasthunter4003

    Okay, i might just get this phone because I really love the boxy design and these deals are amazing. Just need to know if i can also return and trade in/replace the case

  22. @mowas8620

    Anyone else annoyed with the sight of S Pens with the Fold series when its not included?

  23. @AndrewSmith7

    I just traded in my fold 4 for the OnePlus Open. Not going back AppleSamsung

  24. @strawhats0823

    Sorry Sal it's not generous, them giving away airbuds for free. Back In the days headphones used to come with the phone on top of that the charging brick. They not gonna fool me. Give about 3 to 5 years and they gonna start saying u get the charging brick for free if u pre order 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. @MrCougar56

    What's your professional/guess on a oneplus open trade-in value?

  26. @sparx2391

    I wonder what deals will come with the watch 7 ultra

  27. @justwhatevere

    I hope i win that 5k store credit that pay for the fold 6 lol

  28. I honestly wasnt going to get the fold 6 but I will go ahead with doing it due to the deal plus it will be nice to start with a fresh screen. If it were possible to trade in my fold 5 for the vivo 3 pro fold I would do that instead

  29. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>iphones history 😎,Samsung😎

  30. @fads2530

    I think they'll get 1 or 2 max pre-orders with this specs and prices

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