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Amazon Alexa Skill Development Live Stream – Day 1

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Learn to develop an Amazon Alexa Skill in this 5-part live stream from Steve Tingiris.

🎥Part 1: You’re watching it!
🎥Part 2:
🎥Part 3:
🎥Part 4:
🎥Part 5:

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  1. Marcotronic

    Thanks! I realise your room sound is much better now than in your other videos 😉 Did you move into a different room for recording?! 🙂

  2. Is there a way to integrate external data (from -> json etc.) ? Are you able to use use external libraries ?

  3. Ishu Raj

    How can we add a batbase in alexa so that alexa could repond to the question that we ask from the database.?

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