You are currently viewing Amazon Fire, HD 8, & HDX Tablets – Comparison & Review

Amazon Fire, HD 8, & HDX Tablets – Comparison & Review

See an in-depth review of the Fire line of tablets, including the Fire, the Fire HD, and the Fire HDX. Find out how popular the Amazon Fire tablets are, see a comparison of the different Amazon Fire Tablet models looking at both the hardware and the software, and then hear a recommendation on which model you should get, if you should get one at all.

Buy an Amazon Fire tablet at Amazon:

Models include:
– Fire
– Fire HD 6
– Fire HD 8
– Fire HD 10
– Fire HDX

Get a rundown of the following:
– Screen size and resolution
– Price
– How Amazon makes money on their Fire tablets
– What is Amazon offers?
– Fire OS vs. Android and the Google Playstore
– Battery life
– Weight
– Camera
– Storage space
– Audio / speakers
– Alexa
– Book reading experience
– Mayday support
– Amazon underground
– Amazon Prime
– Blue shade

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  1. Rich Brown

    Some points you didn't mention: 1) Alexa is NOT available on the HDX, so if you want Alexa (As I did), you won't want the HDX anyway. 2) Interface on the HDX is not the same as on the HD lines. HDX still has that humongous carousel at the top and does not resemble Android as much. 3) For myself, I find that for most "tablet-y" things, I prefer the Samsung Chromebook Plus, since it has access to Android apps but a 2k resolution screen. I still bought the Fire HD8 strictly for its integration with the Amazon eco-system. I like keeping my to-do list on Alexa (and accessing it through the tablet) and I like that the tablet gives me a visual cue any time there is a new addition to a magazine that I subscribe to…right there on the home screen at the top.

  2. Kailah Garrett

    Finally a video on the fire line up. I own two fire tablets and I love them. I have the kindle fire hdx and the fire hdx. It's not a google tablet but it does everything I need it to do. Even if it has a limited amount of apps you can install the google play which makes it very versatile. I hope Amazon continues to make these tablets.


    Sorry, I'm Jewish, but that nose though, just had to say it.


    You didn't do a gaming review, I have a Fire HD 8 6th Gen (2016) newest model, and I think mine is defective since it lags on every game.

  5. James Silverman

    Can I copy pictures taken on a digital still camera or my GoPro to the HD8? If so how?

  6. TM MT

    So, the conclusion is you would buy an iPad Pro – interesting.

  7. Lovely. My Gen 3. Fire HDX 8.9" just died and I'm seeing the current flagship device has a smaller screen, lower resolution, lower ppi, and slower processor. Great.

  8. Robert Simpson

    Liked your review of fire models. I know I'm commenting on an old thread but alexa available on the new hd 10! Looks good. 32G storage, 2G memory, and 10 hours of battery life. $149.

  9. niacal4nia

    Great review. I own a Amazon fire HD for use in bed and toilet. A Samsung Galaxy 8 for a phone, A Microsoft surface pro for my business, and an IPad pro to chop onions on.

  10. Mr. Campbell

    I have the fire hd 8 and it doesnt support screen mirroring is there a app/device as a work around to this?

  11. Gina Bermas

    I am getting the Amazon Fire 10" HD Tablet 32GB mine coming from QVC

  12. Tommy Tomato

    This replaced the Nexus line. even made them cheaper than nexus

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