AMD Fails Again: Radeon RX 7600 Review

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Video Index
00:00 – Welcome back to Hardware Unboxed
00:53 – Ad Spot
01:40 – Radeon RX 7600 Introduction
05:44 – Fortnite
06:40 – Resident Evil 4
07:22 – A Plague Tale: Requiem
07:57 – F1 22 [DX12]
08:47 – Cyberpunk 2077
09:17 – Dying Light 2 Stay Human
09:46 – Watch Dogs: Legion
10:20 – Forza Horizon 5
10:48 – Total War: Warhammer III
11:16 – Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered
11:41 – Hogwarts Legacy
12:10 – Halo Infinite
12:49 – The Last of Us Part I
13:53 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
14:23 – Hitman 3
14:51 – Power Consumption
15:17 – 15 Game Average (1080p)
15:44 – 15 Game Average (1440p)
16:08 – 15 Game Average (4K)
16:17 – Cost Per Frame (MSRP)
17:07 – Cost Per Frame (Newegg)
18:37 – What the 4060Ti Should Cost?
18:56 – Temps and Clocks
19:25 – Final Thoughts

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AMD Trips Over Itself: Radeon RX 7600 Review

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Grumpy Grey

    AMD failing to read the room again. Learned nothing from NVidia, launched an overpriced dud. Laughably bad, especially in light of how over-eager fanboys made this out to the mid-range card that would destroy the 4070TI at half the price. DOA basically, even after the price was panic-dropped at launch.

  2. Ibrahima Mbodj

    They're competing to release the worst priced product possible

  3. Red Rock

    Makes you wonder how you get these highly paid corporate jobs and are still clueless. Employing yes men is the problem, senior management usually just want their ideas validating not challenging.

  4. AndreyCamper

    it seems that amd is "nvidia like" company and scams people. MAYBE intel will do something good??

  5. Albert Zhen

    Nvidia just launched their worst 40 series GPU and laid claim to the worst GPU of this generation, but then AMD said hold my beer and proceeded to top that. Wow…

  6. Alexandru Barna

    when a cartel masquerades as a free maket…
    hold the line guys. let them rot on shelves, both amgreed and ngreedia.

  7. GamerInVoid

    AMD is competing with Nvidia all right… Just not the competition we would have hoped for 😅

  8. DyenYoung

    Intel arc a750 $200 in newegg seems like the best deal rn :)))

  9. I think there is some internal discussion between nvidia and amd to release these products.😂

  10. Gustavo Suarez

    Not a journalism guru here, but given that last minute price changes are so common lately, I think it would be wise to separate each segment of the review to be independent from each other.
    I mean, don't mention price and stuff when you're showing the benchmark graphs, just focus on the numbers relative to the "competing product", and leave all discussions about value to the very end.

  11. YourSkyliner

    Maybe Radeon realized they were so good at making iterations of the 6600 XT that that is what they will be doing from now on.

  12. A S

    This is literally just rebranded 6650xt, which is just overclocked 6600xt

  13. Orgborg

    So basically, the only recommended graphics cards from either manufacturer are $1000 usd or more. Cool.

  14. Abhishek Kakade

    4060 Ti was 3060 Ti refresh while 7600 looks like 6600 XT refresh

  15. Miel Quizon

    in terms on price 269 dollars is good sweet spot price remember the last generation gpu is still available and in my country the price of cheap rx 6600 is almost 300 dollars

  16. DMplayz

    I dont know what pll at nvidia and amd were smoking while making these price/perf decisions for their product stacks this gen?

  17. hatE85

    It doesn't look too bad honestly except the cram of course.

  18. Didn't AMD themselves tell us that VRAM matters a few months ago?? Crap product, and they know it.

  19. TheColorfulPube

    At least it's $270, that was basically the max it could have been viable at. Though, not hitting the $250 spot really is a huge miss.

  20. LoneWulf

    this is getting really annoying. still gaming on a 1060 6GB. i want something new. i need something new, but everything is either shit or way too expensive

  21. ToriksLV

    So every review from now on is gonna be like this? I blame hardware makers of course not reviewers. Nothing but disappointment.

  22. Mr.Munkymeat

    The thing is, the only thing making the 7600 compelling is the terrible launch of the 4060ti. By itself it is at best a "Meh!" However, it shines when compared to Nvidias offering.

  23. Shah Newaz

    You want to sell it amd? I'll buy it for 200usd how about that?

  24. Well, this generation is a disaster. At least you can get used GPUs for much cheaper and still get a decent gaming experience but damn, it's a shame we waited 2 years for this.

  25. yeahboii

    So both the 4060ti n 7600 near matched the last gen cointerpart in raster noice sure fuckn sucks to be a entry lvl buyer haha

  26. Sherudons

    I think they got the Nvidia bug where they got used to having all the money in small bursts over constant income from the mid tier and just copied their game plan of release garbage that costs next to nothing and the most expensive option being the only option worth purchasing, if the only options are last generation and the expensive option, well people are going to take the 4090 and it's amd equivalent and just ignore the other cards.

  27. vncube1

    Desktop gaming fans drowning in Ls this year.
    AAA Game optimisation: Trash
    Availability: Trash
    Pricing: Trash
    Performance: Trash

  28. raimo s

    So many crappy gpus goming out .. sad

  29. JohnnyNismo

    I'm assuming this is a replacement for the RX 6600 and not RX 6600/6650 XT. If that's the case then it gives us a decent uplift in performance. Is a 7600 XT planned?

  30. Kenneth D

    Look at my 6800… looking strong against these new releases.

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