AMD Slashes Zen 4 Prices, But Is It Enough? – Gaming Cost Per Frame Update

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Video Index:
00:00 – Welcome back to Hardware Unboxed
01:39 – Discounted Zen 4 Prices
04:51 – Cost Per Frame, CPU Price Only
06:45 – Cost Per Frame, High Performance Memory
10:46 – Cost Per Frame, With Sweet Spot DDR4
14:39 – Final Thoughts

AMD Slashes Zen 4 Prices, But Is It Enough? – Gaming Cost Per Frame Update

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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  1. Keivz

    Micro center has an incredible deal with these parts right now. $20 off a compatible mobo, and free 32 gb ddr5 6000 ram with any new ryzen 7000 cpu! Though I’d need a new psu to really make it work and can’t really justify it with the games I’ll be playing, I’m tempted to pick it up on principal alone.

  2. Dave Mitch

    A typical AM5 mobo costs 90% more than what it should have, and a decent DDR5 memory module kit costs twice as much as its DDR4 counterpart for the same capacity. Dropping Zen4 prices by roughly $50 is barely scratching the surface of this insanely overpriced platform.

  3. Tucker Higgins

    I tired of reviewers and their snippet. If you use ddr4, Raptor Lake loses to Zen 4 and you should build a budget system. Otherwise, build a Zen 4 system. I don't really see any use for the high end Intel parts due to how inefficient they are

  4. Yak

    AM5 boards are starting to drop in price too.

  5. My-YT-Inputs

    Honestly the way I view things is it's not a pricing issue….it's how much the consumer is willing to pay for these parts. It's us consumers that can steer prices to the "correct" levels. Nividia, Amd and Intel can price their parts at anything they want. But the consumer has to be willing to pay those prices or NOT. Waiting to watch the 4080 drop in price at the 7900 launch.

  6. James Russo

    Motherboard vendors are the issue not the CPUs…

  7. Robert Majors

    I'm still not sure as to why they didn't make the non-extreme boards in ddr4. Not sure if it was an effort to reduce engineering costs, or if it was a scaling issue, but it was a mistake. I think way more people would go the zen 4 route if they could use their old memory.

  8. jflaliberte

    Just bought an AMD 7700X for $450CAN during Black Friday Week at Best Buy in Canada. BIG price drop.

  9. Azzazel

    They have to lower prices. Intel is beating them on everything single section and for considerably cheaper. There was zero reason to buy amd once Intel 13th gen came out 🤷‍♂️

  10. kokodin

    how about zen 3 did they get any new price adjustments too?

  11. John D.

    Great analysis. Of course what we can't see today, is AMD5's value because of longevity. Someone upgrading AM5 in 3 years, will only pay for the CPU. Someone upgrading a DDR5 LGA 1700 in 3 years, will need to pay for a CPU and a motherboard. Someone upgrading a DDR4 LGA 1700 in 3 years, will need to pay for DDR5, motherboard and CPU.

    So maybe another comparison chart that also takes account of longevity could have extra columns with costs in dollars.
    For AM5, two CPU columns, one memory and one motherboard.
    For LGA 1700 DDR5, two CPU columns, two motherboard columns and one memory.
    For LGA 1700 DDR4, two CPU columns, two motherboard columns and two DDR columns.
    For example
    Ryzen 5 7600X : $250+(future CPU upgrade)$300+$225+$160 = $935
    Core i5 13600K DDR5 : $320+(future CPU upgrade)$300+$215+$160+$110(future motherboard upgrade)= $1105
    Core i5 13600K DDR4 : $320+(future CPU upgrade)$300+$110+(future DDR5 upgrade)$110+$110+$110(future motherboard upgrade)= $1060

    So in the end going today with LGA 1700, means paying more in total.

  12. Noah Mayer

    5800x3d is around $360 USD right now. And is $220 RAM needed to get close to their performance figures?

  13. DJackson747

    Those are some great price cuts, but still not biting. Motherboard prices for AM5 are still astronomical.

  14. 7600x would be good enough to build a new system and wait for 3d cache parts in nearest future. For me, as a person without PC at the moment it will give me a working system.

  15. Hal

    I am purchasing an Asus Tuf Gaming X670E, an AMD 7700X and 32Gigs of Gskill Flare 6000mhz CL30 all at Micro Center for a Cart total of $648. Compared to your chart I have absolutely the best deal. No thank you to Intel. Going all AMD this dam time.

  16. Wine On The Dime

    I have a laptop with a 3750H and a 1660 To Mobile. I bit the bullet and bought everything needed to build a new 7600X. I do gaming and light video editing so I thought it would be a good upgrade and get me on to the next platform. This will also let me so a cheaper upgrade for my proc in the future when they announce the last model in the AM5 line up. I figured that was my best path in the end since I had to do a full platform update and socket 1700 is not going to be used for Meteor Lake.

  17. M. U.

    for gaming the i7 13700k is still alot better then the Ryzen 9 7900X, so price isnt low enough

  18. s c

    Software engineer here high demands-> To me a cpu is like a hammer i don't care who makes it. I'm not that emotionally invested in amd or intel. I bought 13900k for 570 few weeks back, but had they released 7950 with the correct price i'd have considered this (now 550 it makes sense). I never understood why people were recommending 7000 series on those original prices. it was absurd. 150 more. And then we are debating about if one is better than the other aby 4 % who cares, totally foreign to me. The energy use isn't that relevant speaking from MY experience and not theoretical problems. i cool mine on a d15 it works fine, in fact it's the quietest computer i've ever had. You can tweak the wattage in the bios to limit the max, nobody is running Cini-bench for 5 hours we are making up problems. You lose very little perf. All things to consider i'd probably lean toward amd, but they aren't the same. Heck my board on the i9 was 159 msi board. All of this matters. Why am i spending 1500 vs 800 on a computer to save a mothe board upgrade which by the way i often make anyway because new features liek more ip or pic lanes come. I'm not saying objectively one is better than the other now, but for the money deltas a month ago. It was hard to go w/ amd.

    this was a perfect video an analysis you've done. i'd go amd today too for the build did, but i woudn't have at the time.

  19. Justin

    I upgraded my 1600 to a 5600. Happy that was the only I had to change out.

  20. GameBacardi

    7950x = 900€ in Finland. Motherboards ? -Expensives!

  21. coming from an i5 6500 + 1060 6gb with nothing much to do.
    I am so overwhelmed with those options :
    Ryzen 5 5600 + Rx 6600 would be great in pricing
    but i'm finding that
    I5 13600k + (any decent gx card) would be better over the long term.

  22. Pa M

    i am italian i think that you should check also prices for european market

  23. Jeremy Newall

    Here in Canada you can’t find an AM5 motherboard for just 50usd. Costs around 100usd (130CAD) extra at least

  24. LunarVVolf

    AMD had to drop prices the sales wasn't strong enough of their AM5 platform and Intel's 13th gen are kicking ass taking names. This being the benefit having a competitor and I hope AMD keeps the prices moving forward.

  25. Darzo

    Anyone modding fallout 3, NV, 4..skyrim etc are going to have a blast with the 5800x3D..legit double my FPS in fallout new vegas compared to my 5800x.

    It's great for those poorly coded games that rely heavily on a single core

  26. Dodara87

    Hard to believe AMD won't permanently cut price for 7000 CPUs

  27. Graham

    Poor us in the eu still waiting for these

  28. Exeon X

    I'm dissapointed the Ryzen 7 5700x isn't there, as it's basically a cheaper 5800x that also runs cooler

  29. IonDisarray

    I recently scored a 5700x for $210 CAD (157 USD) and a 6750xt for $400 CAD (298 USD). AMD is really leading is cost per frame when you punch in those numbers. It was a long two years, but it was worth the wait!

  30. Not Applicable

    It stings to see the 'value' option have motherboards be more expensive than the cpus

  31. Adam Kallin

    Times like these that I regret going ITX. There are a total of four AM5 boards available in Sweden with the cheapest being 330€.

  32. Reid H

    I'm honestly a little confused by the choice of RAM in some of these charts. I totally understand DDR speeds and prices are all over the place, but why list a more expensive 6000 EXPO kit for AMD, when you could just buy the same cheaper 6400 kit listed with the Intel systems and run it at 6000 or 6200?
    Then when comparing budget price to performance at 10:40 , is the conclusion really the same if one just buys a cheap set of DDR5-4800 for $100 less than the 6000 kit?
    Still, great content from Hardware Unboxed. Thumbs up and thanks for all the work you do.

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