An Excellent Breitling Chronograph That You Need to Know About – Premier B09 Review

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In this video, I’ll share my thoughts on the Breitling B09 chronograph, a modestly-sized and refined chronograph that is so compelling, it just might be the best Breitling for enthusiasts who aren’t necessarily fans of the brand. What do you think of the Premier B09?


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0:00 – Intro & Organization
2:07 – 1. Background
3:29 – 2. Overview
9:01 – 3. Final Thoughts


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  1. Istvan Toth

    If it was automatic, then it would be a grail watch. Mechanical watches are for very few people.

  2. EU Citizen

    I don't like the green. If they would have made it in kind of khaki it would be fine

  3. Jimi Ola

    Can’t believe I’m just finding this channel. Thanks to producer Michael.

    Funny enough I’ve been looking for a watch like this for so long. I was going to opt for the graham swordfish yellow dial but it’s pretty hard to get and not quite as subtle as this. This is almost the exact same look but more sophisticated.

    Never thought I’d ever consider a Breitling…well maybe the super ocean briefly but this is simply gorgeous!!! I’d go for a black strap though.

  4. Nemo Omen

    Wonderfully unexpected Pistachio Greene . I wonder how 3 or 4 Decades of wear might age that Dial ?

  5. Andrew Vaughan

    Hey Teddy can you please do a vid on Ulysse Nardin, preferably on their Freak range. I'm contemplating getting one and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks

  6. Bjoern Altmann

    It has lots of vintage vibes going on, especially the typography. If you look at 1960s Heuer or Omega you will also see these details. Very nice

  7. Orang Edan

    I would really recommend people to have personal look at the watch first in real life before pulling the trigger. This one, the duograph or even Datora. In real life they actually look more dull and subdued. I almost pull the trigger on either one. Unfortunately for some reasons I don't like the colours in real life. They look a lot better in medias to be honest. I would still pick datora though among the premier 👍

  8. jezulatko

    It's inspoired by vintage patek chronographs. It's seagul 1963 with large budget.

  9. law

    the salmon dial version is absolutely stunning

  10. Landmantx

    I love this watch as well as the Datora split seconds

  11. Christopher Moll

    I never likes their watches, but their mew design team is seriously great and I really love this watch

  12. Sam Mer

    I'd love the same but not in a chrono.

  13. Seung Han Choi

    Hi Teddy. Thanks for your coverage of the Breitling Premier B09 which is a great watch. As always, great content. Would be great if you could do one on their Premier Duograph split-seconds chronograph.

  14. Nikkolo Makaveli

    I like how teddy always lists other alternatives the Tissot is a good recommendation or a Hamilton

  15. Bill Reich

    Great review. I like the pistachio color
    …just not enough to buy it. Love your channel! I noticed a few times recently you use the word "ilk" and although probably properly used. Google say modern use of the word "ilk" has a "negative connotation". I don't think you intended it as a negative.
    Keep up the great work!

  16. Michael Zelaskey

    I believe I mentioned this on an Instagram post of yours in the past but I absolutely LOVE this watch. The whole premier line is incredible to me and I think really gives Breitling a ton of depth in their lineup. And the color is fantastic. Love this watch a lot!

  17. StevestonRC Guy

    Love the dial colour. I would love to see another version: same dial colour, without Chronograph and showing the full date👍

  18. azz710

    I think it's gorgeous, including the dial color.

  19. Jim Little

    Last year, this almost became my first Breitling. Not even sure how I didn't buckle to strong want for it. Did end up with my first Breitling this year, but man that pistachio B09 is gorgeous.

  20. Robert P

    Great review, Teddy. I have this timepiece in my collection. It is absolutely a stunning watch. Breitling really hit this one out of the park. I love wearing this watch. It really is an underrated timepiece.

  21. AT Enterprise

    At first instance I find this watch to be very attractive, however I’m not sure how long that novelty dial color will hold …

  22. Lee Aaron

    I have this piece and this is the only breitling I have. After owning it for almost 1 year now, it still takes my breath away. I have placed this higher up in my collection than the speedmaster professional.

  23. Chris McIntire

    I really like the Pistachio B09 a lot. So much I bought it after trying it on a few times.

  24. Erkang Chou

    Like it and since your introduction ! Your shopping video is very interesting

  25. Anthony Chan

    Please forgive me, I am a new subscriber, thanks for featuring a Panerai watch

  26. Anthony Chan

    Why don't you feature any Panerai watches in your videos? I would like to know what is your assessment of Panerai watches

  27. ATR-42

    really enjoyed this review and exhibition, awesome

  28. Teddy! thought you had already reviewed this amazing timepiece. was pleasantly surprised when you did. adore this watch although wish it was an auto but manual has its charm and we have to take care of it every couple of days. the dial color did it for me although it looks way sharper with a black leather strap (white stitching) Breitling has in 20mm. the clasp release pusher is so smooth. would've been interesting to have the numerals in a matt or gloss black instead of gloss silver for me. and the salmon auto is a great piece also. and i don't believe it tries to be a patek salmon 5270p in anyway. the exhibition casebacks are solid and highlight the beautiful bridges and jewels and all that good stuff. wonderful pieces. nice review and video.

  29. Kayone73

    This is the one current Breitling reference I have a strong interest in owning.

  30. David Gardner

    Everything about this design is perfect – except the price. I actually prefer the strap keepers on the opposite side. Wish I had the budget for this piece. At this point, it will be purely aspirational for me. But, wow! I don't think I've ever seen a watch I love more than this.

  31. I have 3 Breitlings but when I saw the episode you did with Kevin I was instantly blown away by this watch. Breitling's problem of late has been that they are a bit hemmed in by the iconic nature of their mainstay offerings. This watch is fresh and gorgeous and blazes a new and compelling path for the brand. Thx for bringing attention to it. Another great video.

  32. Ludovit Virag

    Great looking piece, I almost love it. Less busy dial then Navitimer, but I think a little bit pricey. Also the numerals did not have to be cut off by chrono subdials if the case was 42 mm or 44 mm

  33. Matt Shaffer

    The Breitling “B” looks like a cock n balls. Once you see it you can’t unsee it.

  34. lee martin

    I’d immediately exchange the strap for a tobacco coloured brushed suede one , rather than the glossy crocodile. It would immediately change the mood of it , much more casual .

  35. Sam Vimes

    it is a very beautiful and unique looking watch. If I could justify spending that much on a watch I would own one already. I am not even that much of a fan of a green dial but that shade is just so good with the brown strap. Also to add as it is manual you get unhindered view of the beautiful movement from the back too,

  36. Stuart Joseph

    Used to like Breitling more and even owned a J class Brietling two tone which was a very cool, bling watch. Would consider another but would like to see if Breitling first makes up their mind on a logo. There are three different logos at last count and their watches just seem to be all over the place. That being said, I really like the super ocean line and this one which features what I consider to be the best logo. The new logo that looks like a squashed parrot is just weird

  37. Dylan Mahoney

    Absolutely love this piece! It is practically the perfect watch for my tastes. Unfortunately, I do not think I can justify purchasing it for quite a long time.

  38. Andrea Iacolina

    If I should buy an expensive chronograph, this one would probably be my choice. The color of the dial is simply stunning and the movement is a work of art. Beautiful.

  39. Julien MR

    The Tissot telemeter is much more shiny in reality than on your video. And it's a shame from Tissot: I would have preferred a mat version.

  40. Particle

    Breitling has really gotten back to the high status brand they used to be 😊

  41. Maria

    It's a great looking watch. I love innovation through subtlety. That pistachio dial is just that a little different but doesn't scream. It also has manageable dimensions.

  42. FalconAnno75

    Saw it live. Odd as it may sound it’s very discreet for being a green dial. Very tasteful. Loved it.

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