An UltraWide Gaming Setup For YOU!!

The best gaming monitor from LG. 34″ UltraWide. G-Sync. 166 Hz. Epic.
Available Here –

LG UltraWide Festival Dream Quest: (August 14th~August 23rd)
LG UltraWide Monitor 34UC89G:

Music Credits:
Intro: Robotaki – Monkey Bars
Background: Fili – The Break

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FTC Disclosure: This video is sponsored by LG for their LG UltraWide Festival: Dream Quest


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  1. Dave2D

    Good luck 2d fam! HOPE YOU WIN THE 10k SETUP!

  2. Elliot Huang

    Could you please send me the wallpaper on the cover (the purple one), thank you!

  3. PolarVajra

    A lot of the siege pro league players I watch don't use ultrawides but rather use high in benq monitors or that other brand that starts with an a (not Asus)

  4. Just waiting on Asus's 34" 1440 p curved 200hz hdr/quantum dot g-synch and all those goodies later on this year

  5. N

    $1,000 for 1080p, deal-breaker.

  6. Plassma Gaming

    Can you run this bad boy on 1050ti and achieve its max potential?

  7. Yannick Luxi

    well, what will be interesting on this topic is to know is.
    Which 4k screens to see a moevi are also compatible full hd 120hz or more fps to win 🙂
    If that exists I want to know about it

  8. Harsh

    hi i wanted 2 know which is best laptop in india under budget

  9. Moody Motions

    i bet i cant win it because i wont get enough likes or shares because i am not a preferred person in social media. 😀

  10. I don't even have a gaming setup to participate, but why would i try to win the 10k gaming setup if i already have a gaming setup ?
    this should sound obvious for them, after all the prize would go for someone already rich.

  11. Viva

    RUN THIS ON PS4!!! =D

  12. Thekukills

    Shouldn't have shown over watch. Broken support for 21:9.

  13. Dan Evans

    I bought it and had to return it…. after an hour of gaming it got super hot and started blinking like crazy :/

  14. shilezi

    hey dave, where do you get those background images for your desktops? very nice!

  15. Anass Ahmed

    Your videos are at 24 FPS? You need to upgrade man! 🙂
    Cool kids does 60 FPS videos now.

  16. Sneaky Gaming

    i have gtx 1080, i7 7600k and 8 gb ddr 4 ram. And i have 2560 x 1080 screen 29 inch.. The problem is, so many games really doesnt support 2560 x 1080. My monitor is 75 hz but doesnt matter much cus if you max everything out in game like world of warcraft ( lol, cus its old af) you actually get your fps fucked so hard its not playable. I use my pc mostly on 4k tv and with joypad to avoid frustration i experienced with ultra wide screen. On other hand tho, i love it when it works. Like bf1 for example. It feels awesome. Still, I would recommend to anyone who isnt FPS player to go for 16:9. I also recorded few videos on my ultra wide screen and when i uploaded them on youtube they looked like shit.. :/ Ultra wide is beautiful but not supported enough

  17. Michel

    I saw an 32:9 42 inches montitor from Samsung on the ifa. That is huge.

  18. RatedPirate

    wow that monitor is just same price with my laptop

  19. Homework Radio

    this is £499 in the UK at the mo…do I get it. how is it as a daily driver?

  20. Yukue

    Please, someone reply to my comment with a link to the desktop wallpaper used?

  21. Ozarudin Azman

    Damn this was $1000 in 2017. 4 years later you could get the same size monitor but 3440×1440 & 144Hz for $400.

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